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  1. Mystical humanoids were always thought as myths or old folk tales to many humans. The idea of humanoids living in the mighty seven seas struck an interests among scientists and archeologist. Where many explorers would try to piece the puzzle of a world known as 'Atlantis' together and other odd findings dating back to the Roman gods, Greek Mythology, Nessie, to the mysterious formations of lakes within lakes. Science quickly swallowed all doubts of these supernatural beings when the first mermaid was discovered. The first of several years were filled with documentaries about her. It wasn't until, they found out more about them and how they were not so different from the human race. She was friendly, but firm and would not allow the humans to trespass into her home.

    As more mermaids and other humanoid sea creatures were discovered, their population started to decrease significantly for many were killed and used in experiments then their scales became of value to the public. They all feared what would occur if they swam above the surface. So they remained down in the deepest depths of the ocean, where no one could see or reach them. Though there were some who weren't afraid of humans, and were rather curious about the land creatures.

    After a light storm and an ambush from some sailors, along with the low tides, a figure was unconscious and dragged along the shore before settling still in the sand. The figure was beaten badly as though it was fighting for its life. The merman was larger than the average male with. His fin was a crystal clear blue like the ocean, and his scales gleamed, and glowed against the sun's powerful rays. His hair was long and dark brown. He was faced down in the sand.
  2. "What do you mean no? Jamison-"

    There was the soft click as the small phone flipped closed, a soft sigh slipping past his lips as he let his head fall forward to hit the steering wheel. His mind was reeling from what he had just done, playing scenarios two at a time over what his father would have said if he hadn't hung up. He had sounded more surprised than anything, but that might have been because he hadn't stuck around to hear the man actual become mad. God, he was such a coward, afraid to even hear his dad's answer. "...This is so stupid." He mumbled, pushing open his door. A cool breeze met his face, filled with the sweet smell of salt and water. He always found himself heading out to this spot when he was upset, which seemed to be happening a lot these days.

    But there was just something calming about the sound of ocean waves lapping at the shore, feeling the sand beneath your feet. Jamison could feel the start of a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Ahh, the ocean, able to make him forget everything, if just for a moment. A moment... blissful and sweet. And so very, very short. His almost smile was quickly soured into a scowl, twisting his face into one of pensive worry. He had to go home some time, and having hung up on his father, it was likely he was going to be even angrier. "Maybe I should call before hand." He kicked his foot, sending a pebble skittering into the water. Well, he didn't have to go home right away. Maybe letting it sit would help when he got back. Jamison shook his head, trying to empty it of all thoughts about what would happen. "A short walk. That should help."

    He seemed to be talking to himself an awful lot lately as well. Perhaps the stress was beginning to make him crack. With soft steps, the young man began his walk along the sea shore, head down and eyes turned towards the water. There were an assortment of small shells, and skittering creatures, as the low tide waters rolled in and then sank away, as if the ocean were trying to crawl forward, out of the water, and reach the land. It was beautiful, yet somehow very sad. Jamison scowled. Everything just seemed sad today. A heavy sigh pushed its way out again, lifting his gaze from the water. There was a glint, an odd glistening in the water, leading up to someone sunning themselves on the beach. Or, at least that's what he first thought, but the closer he got, the odder it seemed. The way he was laying didn't seem comfortable, and.. he couldn't see the man's legs. Just the odd glistening in the water.

    His realization was slow. This wasn't a sunbather, this man seemed in need of help. As that thought clicked, Jamison's slow walk became a short run, coming up beside the man, kneeling down into the sand. "Hey! Sir, can you hear me? Are you alright?" He asked, voice tight with trying to keep the pit of panic in his stomach under control. He wasn't entirely sure how to help the man if he was injured, which he definitely looked to be. Reaching out, he took hold of the man's shoulders, gently turning him over so he was lying on his back. There was an odd movement in the water, drawing away his attention from the man's face. The glistening he had seen earlier, the odd light. It was caused by this man's lower body, his... fins, and the scales covering them. There was a pause, eyes wide as the full realization, and the implications, of what was happening dawned on him.

    This was a merman, the first he had ever seen so close.

    Close enough to touch.

    He was touching him, his hands resting gently on cooling skin, smooth and strange, yet eerily similar. So similar that it was easy to forget that this man before him was, indeed, very different. His eyes moved away from the fins and scales that called and tugged at his curiosity. He wanted to know more, understand more about this man. But there was something pressing at the back of his mind, an anxiety built up in his chest that threatened to suffocate him moments ago. He was worried. For him.

    Worried that he was hurt.

    Brought back from his short revere of finding a creature so alien and fascinating, Jamison began to focus on the wounds the merman showed, quite clearly now that he was close, and trying so desperately to call back on all the knowledge of mermen he knew. The bits and pieces he had learned from books, and all the science, half proven and tested. His teeth bit down gently on his lip, that anxiety making itself painfully known again. Was it right to move him? Get him help? No, that was certainly not the thing to do. Getting "help" was more likely to condemn the man to an agonizing life of painful experimentation and scale harvesting and lonely captivity. No, he needed to keep him out of the public eye. Could the merman even be moved from the water? They had held them in labs before, but in very controlled settings, and anywhere Jamison might take him to would require him being out of water for some period of time.

    He just didn't know. He would need to do what he could for the man here, without moving him. At least until he could get the answers that he needed. The young male turned his head to the merman's face, wondering if he could hear him or not. "I'll be right back. I have a first aid kit in my car that might help." Moving quickly, Jamison was up on his feet, running as best he could on the sandy ground to reach his car, nearly falling a few times as the shifting ground slid underfoot. The passenger door was flung open, rummaging through the glove compartment until his fingers brushed against smooth plastic. The white box in hand, he left the car door open in his race to return to the injured male, dropping down on his knees again. He set the box to the side, open to reveal the meagre medical contents they had inside. He might not have been able to do much, but would do as much as he could.
  3. The merman felt a presence, though he was too weak to respond. Flashes of the incident went though his mind in bits and pieces. He remembered swimming above the surface after his father warned him about those humans. But Caspian was an adult now, the merman continued do as he pleased unlike his people. He wasn't scared, just curious about the human nature. As selfish as it seemed, Caspian didn't like to dwell on that thought too much. He didn't like the idea of being constricted, mainly if their 'enemy' freely surfed along their territory. It wasn't as if the sea creatures walked all over the human's land.

    It was rare for a merman to appear above the surface. It was normal for a mermaid to be found perched on a rock, tormenting the sailors with screeches, and seduction. And that mermaid was his older sister. She threw pebbles, and sharp sea shells at the men while swearing. She was angry, and tired of the sailors who hovered their oil leaking boat over their people daily. The sailors had enough of her too, and tossed a net over her. Caspian remembered her screams, and being hit, and stabbed with forked rods as he fought to save his sister. But he was too late, one of the metal rods was pressed tightly against his neck as one of the sailors started to reel in the mermaid.

    Caspian opened his eyes, the sun's glare made him squinted. For a minute the merman thought he was floating along the sea current until he felt the dry sand between his fingers. He then took note of the young man. Caspian didn't freak. His presence didn't alarm the merman. Forgetting that the boy was human, he simply greeted him in his native tongue. He then tried to move around, his dry fin swished and flapped all about, and flexed his toned arms then chest to make sure his joints were alright. The gills on his cheeks inhaled the sea breeze, and so did the ones on his neck. The color of his skin was pale though its hue changed to a sea green down to his torso, and his fully developed fin. Then to the gills on his neck, and the sharp fins on his forearms and fin-like ears.

    "Hello," Caspian smiled at Jamison even though he was in pain, the dry sand burned against the small cuts. He grimaced as he tried once more to sit up then gave up, "Thanks for not turning me in, and tending to my wounds." he thanked casually. Caspian assumed he must of been unconscious for a couple of hours, "I'm Caspian." the merman spoke, he waited for a high tide. The sea water would quickly heal and better tend his wounds.

    He then frowned a bit. His sister was somewhere with those humans while he was stuck here.