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  1. Joseph (open)

    He smiled cheerfully towards their guests and greeted them with a cloth on his arm and bowed so much he almost touched the floor.
    -"Aaah~, good evening Mrs. Gabriell Illous and William Hegrid." They both laughed over to see him again after all these years and Gabriell took her little fan and waved it around in her face.
    -"Oh, dear Joseph, it was sooo long since we met, how’s it going with your little pub here outside of town?” Joseph smiled and tweaked the cloth while William laughed so much that he finally coughed.
    -"Yes, Joseph. Hrrmmh… Tell us a bit more about your job, I see in all cases that your place has been greatly popular! Have you met any girl perhaps? Then you know, you’ve just turned 20 and received no result yet? One day it will happen?”Gabriell struck him lightly with her fan, and sighed with a laugh.
    -"William! You know he have it tough, he may take it at his own pace.” They both laughed and Joseph could not help laughing a little low too.
    -"Weell...." Said Joseph very uncertain.
    -"I've been so busy with work that I had not even thought about it at all... But yeah, sure girls at a young age trying to seduce me but easy it is not. " Joseph looked at them and Gabriell smiled broadly.
    -”Really? Well, that's what girls like! When a man plays hard to get!" William coughed a little bit to get attention.
    -"Gabriell please! It is you who are such a girl who likes those kinds of men; do not think that everyone is like that." Gabrielle sighed a bit annoyed and was just trying to be a little friendly, she knew that Joseph had a hard time now but he did not look so worried about it.
    -"Well... Joseph is a real girl magnet, I can tell! And even if you did not notice it Joseph, I'll tell you that BOY! They check on you like hawks, even I was a bit fond of you at the beginning.... But do not tell it to my husband.” Joseph laughed and William also.
    -"But you, Joseph... How is it that you know so many who are here, there will always be new people here and yet you know everyone’s names." William coughed a little and looked a little pensive while Joseph smiled and Gabriell sighed and shook her head.
    -"But William, I have already told you, he can see everyone's real names above their heads or somewhere around their body, and when they are born and...." She thought for a bit but did not remember on what the last one was, and she glared at Joseph to get help remembering.
    -"Well not quite, I can see everyone's name and when to die. It’s a very special gift I received from my dead father." William opened his mouth a little and took a sip of his wine, he did not want to look all too surprised and Gabriell waved the hand with the index finger outward and nodded with a grin.
    -"Yees~ Oh, yeah! That’s it! I remember now!" She drank from her glass.

    -"By the way, I do not have the best memory, but you should probably know that after all these years you've known me... But hey, have you seen my husband Calvin yet? He said he would go to the bathroom but is not back? Could he run a smoker or is he having a hard time going?" She grinned and tried to hold her laughter back and took her glass of wine in hand and touched the wine until she then drank from it altogether.
    -”Well... I can’t keep a look out of everyone when they go to the bathroom, even if they are guests. You know? There's a limit on how far one can go..." Joseph said and Gabrielle laughed and almost got her wine up the throat while William smiled broadly and raised his glass.
    -"Well, you're right in... But anyway, now that you can read people's real names, does it matter where they are? I mean...." William looked left and right before he leaned forward to whisper and Joseph leaned down to hear him out.
    -"Can you see vampires’ name too? Werewolves? Witches, sorcerers? Magicians.. You know… characters that are not normal people?" Joseph looked at him with eyes open but then nodded, William nodded too and grinned softly like if he was right for once.
    -"But hey... Joseph , then who is that young man?" William asked and pointed; Joseph turned a little and saw the man who drank from his glass.
    -"Ah, yes. He just came by and seemed to be totally confused so I took a glass of wine for him and let him get some rest." Joseph said and Gabrielle nodded and looked at the man and William pulled up as he always did when he got an idea, like he had a rocket in the butt and went up out of the chair or sofa, even.
    -"Why not prove us your talent! Then what’s that man’s name?" William smiled broadly and although he already believed his best friend already, he could not help to have some sort of evidence.
    -"Yeah ... What's his name?” Said Gabriell wondrous and wagged her fan, Joseph sighed but continued to smile kindly, he always had a welcoming smile that was always warm to anyone, from friends to strangers. His eyes would always sparkle for the customers, they had these green yellow eyes that were not as common, but they always showed kindness, no one had ever seen him as a cold fella, not even those who’ve tried to fight him.
    -"Yes, of course. His name is........"
  2. Blake. Blake Halverson. That is the name given to me by myself. I never had a name before that. No one knows who I am or where I cam from just that they are afraid of me. I'm not human and I know it. I don't remember anything before my 19th birthday. After that I woke in a park with unthinkable powers that were clearly not of this world. Sighing I took a drink from my glass as I viewed people from afar.
  3. After some moment of chat with Garbiell and William he then went to see how Blake was doing. He stod ready and with a smile he bent forward a little to see the mans face.
    -"How is Mr Blake doing? Feeling a little better now, or should I get you something?" Joseph asked and waited for an answer and thensaw more people come in as he saw their names. Bridget, Ellion, Andrew, yes the names was many but he had such a good memory that he would remember them all but... if he would forget, he just had their names up his nose.
    -"I recommend a very good whiskey for nights like these, it's called Aght' Endro and is said to be brewed in the Endro mountains up north. Why not give it a try?"
  4. Blake looked at Joseph in surprise, "How do you know my name?" he asked with suspicion as he nodded for the whiskey, "I'll take some whiskey but mind explaining how you know my name."
  5. Joseph looked at Blake with a smile as he poured thw whiskey into a clean glass.
    -"Oh, there are many things I know and don't know. It's just the law of nature but now..." He took the glass and put it right infront of him, his eyes shone and his smile was glued onto his face, it wasn't creepy but it would probably be a little... "off" for someone new.
    -"Drink your glass and enjoy." He then leaned against the table, looking around the view.
    -"So, how did you get here?" Joseph asked.
    -"You must have some story behinde all of this, no?"
  6. "Yes I do have a story however I am debating on whether I should tell you or not." he chuckled lightly and took a sip, "This does taste wonderful." he sets the glass on the table, "Mind telling me your name?"
  7. Darius entered the pub, feeling the warmth after the constant chilling breeze of the night oustside. The sensation was more than welcome, yet, he was not there to bask in the comfort, but for a very specific purpose.
    But he could try at least a bit of wine. He deserved it.

    He looked around, trying to find any hint of the man he was looking for, but he had nearly no information to guide him. That was the main reason for him to be there. He needed help.

    Darius approached the young man who seemed the place owner, who looked younger than he imagind at first. He was talking with another man, and the two formed a strange duo. Not that he could judge others by their oddities. The tired man sat nearby, his travel coat rustling behind him, and tried to politely get the attention of the owner.
  8. Joseph smiled gentle and then looked at Darius going through the door and then after one minute or so, another one came inside. It was Mr. Drew, an old man who came here quite often.
    -"Ah, sorry. My mind was away for a moment there. My name is Joseph and if you didn't know, I own this little pub out in this nowhere." He said and then his eyes turned over at Darius.
    -"Welcome, Mr Darius!" He said with his smile, it was welcoming yet something about it was mysterious just as his eyes. As he knew something or sensed something.
    -"Would you like a wine? Maybe White Rose from the south's heat? Or red whine perhaps? Or something with more... power?" He started to take out a glass and cleaned it with his white cloth that seemed to just have been washed.
    -"Cold outside, isn't it?"
  9. He nodded respectively to Joseph, "Do what you need to do." smiling he picked up his glass and took a sip of whiskey.
  10. Joseph kept cleaning a glass and looked around.
    -"Many have had their adventures, so that is why they need a place to get away from their troubles and adventure-filled world. That is why many came here to take a rest. I've heard a lot actually. One man have been out at the sea for many years and have catched fishes of the unknown, another man visited the king in Othour Kingdome and got welcomed there before he would get a task and go out in the search of a special place that had some very strange herbs. Some women have also been outside, exsploring and finding. It sure seems fun." He said and then put down the clean glass that could almost reflect oneself.
    -"Oh, I'm sorry. I just talk and talk without no end. I guess I also want to go back to the adventure again, though..." He gave a woman with a red hat and dress her drink as she walked away with a smile on her red lips.
    -"I like this place, I find it mine and it's my home."
  11. "Sounds like you get to hear about many adventures." he takes another sip, "I still don't know if I should tell you mine."
  12. Hearing his own name on the lips of a complete stranger made a smile crook Darius' lips. He was on the right place after all.
    "I'll accept the red wine, young Master Joseph. Though I usually prefer the 'powerful ones, as you say, tonight I'd prefer to keep my mind sharp." He looked into those deep eyes, holding many secrets, including the secrets of all people gathered in the pub. If what he heard was true, this man had a unusual power; and he was certain there was much more than what he heard.
    "If you allow me to mention, Master Joseph, you seem too young to have lived a life of adventures. So, I presume you've lived more than it seems."
    Darius showed his own smile, a tired and puzzling one. His face was outworn, but it was easy to guess the energy he held inside himself, especially coming from the silverish eyes.

    The other man, not very fond of long talks, also caught his attention. His inhuman condition too. But he wanted informations, and not more mysteries.
  13. Blake finished off his glass of whiskey, "Joseph. Once you have finished whatever you are gonna do I have decided that I will speak of my story."
  14. Mikail Srauss leaned back in his seat, silently reading his book with a drink on the table in front of him. He looked like he was too absorbed in his book to be paying attention to anyone, but he was taking in every word said within ear shot, listening for something interesting.
  15. Clarissa walked in, brushing her smooth satin dress as she looked around the pub. She ran her hands through her blonde hair, trying to smooth it down from the wind outside. She looked around, searching for someone she knew. She found no one and looked back down at her dress, making sure that it still looked good. She was wearing a tight black dress, corset included, that puffed out at her hips. She was a plain girl, long blonde hair and bright blue, curious eyes.
  16. Blake paused as he saw the woman enter and silently thought to himself, "Woah...she is pretty."
  17. Mikail looks up at the newcomer curiously. 'who is this now?' he thinks.
  18. Clarissa turned and looked at the two looking at her. She walked over to them and twirled a piece of hair in her fingers.

    "Hey." She said quietly, feeling awkward not knowing anyone.
  19. "Hello madam." Blake nodded respectively, "My name is Blake Halverson. May I ask who you are?"
  20. "My name is Clarissa. Nice to meet you." She looked around again, still wishing Zane would be here. She hadn't seen him in years and missed him. She let out a soft sigh and turned back to Blake. "So what else is going on? Just a party?"
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