His Little Pet

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  1. Annabelle woke to the usual sounds she heard, moaning, whips cracking and cries of either pleasure or pain. She sat up in her bed and went to shower, drying off in the bathroom. She waited for the slaver who owned her to come and get her. She didn't resist at all, letting him put the gag in her mouth and tying her hands behind her back. She was ordered to walk around which she did, but no one looked at her, or motioned for to come over. She felt sad inside. Why doesn't anyone like me? I'm good aren't I? I'm a good girl right? She sighed to herself, tears wanting spill over onto her chest, which was bare for everyone to see. She had a small ragged and torn skirt on, that barely covered her bottom but did its job. She wasn't supposed to have clothes either way.
  2. Taven enters the brothel, he was a respectable buisness man and had no clue why he was here. He was wearing a expenisive suit his black hair combed stright flat, he had deep blue eyes that begin to scan the room until his eyes fell upoun a girl gaged and hand cuffed he thought to himself. This may be a brothel but is that how they treat these girls, such disrespect. Taven walks up to the girl he then leads her to a conor of the main room to look at her more closely.
  3. She follows without any resistence. She looked up at him with pleading yet beautiful blue eyes. All the other girls were allowed to walk around freely, she was the only one like this because she was being punished. She had been returned again and after the third time, her slaver didn't want to bother selling her again. She blushed lightly as she looked at the man. He looks so nice... will he want me.... will he be my new master? She thought to herself wanting the man to take the gag out of her mouth and let her talk to him.
  4. The first thing Taven notcied was her eyes. wow such beuaty. i wonder what she sounds like. Taven reachs for the gag and removes it from her mouth. Taven then speaks in a kind tone. "Hello my name is Taven and yours?"
  5. She relaxed her jaw slightly and smiled at him. She bowed a little and when she came back up she was still smiling. It was a cute child-like smile. "Hello master Taven. My name is Annabelle," she said softly. Her voice was child-like and sweet. She was smiling but it feel once she saw her owner coming over. She lowered her head and look at her feet. "I hope he was the one who took that off Annabelle," the slaver said. He was a burly man and his face made anyone fear him. "Are you interested in using her tonight sir?" he asked, his face relaxing slightly.
  6. Taven loved the sound of her voice he was as if a trance but was reuddly broken by the onwner.Taven looks at the man infornt of him thinking before replying This is not a life for this person to live i need to get her out of here."Actully sir, I was wonder if i could buy ownership of her." Taven looks at the man with a serouis face and as he spoke he pulled out a check book.
  7. The man raised a brow. "Are you sure? She's been returned three times now," he said to the man. He would only gain by being rid of her but he didn't want to pay the man back for her if he was disappointed in her. She stood there not talking and not looking up. She was scared that she might be punished and she was clearly scared of the man who owned her. "I'll sell her to you for $1,000 dollars," he said simply looking at the girl and then back at the man in the suit.
  8. Taven begins writing the check then hands it to him, "Heres 2,000$ dollors i was never here" Taven then gently grabs the hand of the girl and leads her to his car gently saying to her. "Your safe now you dont have to worry about that man anymore."
  9. The owner takes the check and un-cuffs her, handing her a blanket. She covers herself and goes with the man. She smiles once she's in the car and hugs her new master. "Thank you master Taven, I hope I can make you happy," she says so softly. She curls up into his side, holding her hand to her chest, and sighing cutely.
  10. At being called master taven cringes a bit. "dont call me master, how old are you if i may ask my dear?"
  11. "Oh.... I'm sorry.... I'm already being a bad girl..." she said softly, looking down and saddened. When he asked her how old she was she shrugged. "I don't know how old I am," she said softly. A knock came from the window and her old owner had a file in his hand. "Here, so you know what your getting yourself into with her," he said. In the file it said she was 23 but she had the mentality of a 12 year old girl. She kept her eyes down, not knowing how to address him. In her file it said that today, was her birthday.
  12. Taven nods to the pervouis owner takes the file and quickly reads it." Hmmm its your birthday, would you like daddy to take you shopping for new cloths?" with that the drive starts to drive downtown towards the shopping district.
  13. "But... daddy I have no clothes on," she said confused yet so cutely. She was still only wearing the rag skirt and a blanket around her shoulders. He smiled at the thought of today being her birthday. She never knew her birthday.
  14. "Im gonna go in and buy you an outfit then you can change into and get what you want. Stay here and wait until i return understood." with that Taven went into the store and then returns with a white dress the stops above her knees and red laced undergarments, Taven gets in and hand her the cloths. "here you go try it on."
  15. She smiled and put everything on, smiling at how it looked. The undergarments, made her skin glow and she looked radiant. "Thank you daddy," she said softly leaning over and kissing him gently. "Do I call you daddy outside?" she asked him.
  16. Taven smiles as he thinks to himself Ive never had my own kid."yes you can my sweet girl but outside if you are to kiss me do so on the cheek understood?" The driver opens the door for both Taven and Annabelle
  17. She nods her head and when they get out of the car she takes his hand and smiles happily. As they walk, she gets stared at by a bunch of men and some women. But she only paid attention to Taven smiling up at him. She paid no attention to anyone else but him.
  18. Taven leads the girl into a big clothing store he then looks at Annebelle and says "I want you to go pick out what ever you like and would think would please daddy the most ok dear."
  19. She smiled cutely and nodded her head. "Okay!" she said excitedly before she went off looking through the clothes. She picked out a few things, along with under garments. She was smiling as she came back to him, a cart with her and filled with clothing. "Can I try them on?" she asked softly smiling.
  20. "sure you can its your birthday." Taven shows her to a privet changing booth and waits for her to show what she had picked out.