His Discovery

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  1. Josephine carefully raised the bucket of water from the ground, cringing a bit when it sloshed inside and onto the dirt. She had thought carrying the larger bucket would prevent her from having to go back later for water to wash herself tonight, but it seemed as though her idea had failed.
    The young woman, the ripe of twenty with hair as white as snow and eyes as blue as the sea, slowly began to carry the water back to her tiny cottage. After six years, she knew this forest like the back of her hand. She greeted the animals as she passed, and kept her eyes out for the cruel soldiers that patrolled this land. Luckily, her little home was nestled deep in thick brush, and had never been discovered.

    The door was hanging ajar, allowing the warm summer air to breeze through the little stone structure, as Josephine approached. Once inside, she dumped the water into a basin and smiled at her little place. Since her parent's death several years ago, she had made it entirely her own - little handsewn quilts on the wall, a beautiful red dress draping over the back of one chair. It was not overly extravagant but it was rare that Josephine got any supplies from the kingdom. It had been years since she had bought something there, and nearly six months since she had made the trek overnight, only to steal what she needed in the darkness. Still, the young lady was content with what she had. The food was meager and she had dropped a good thirty pounds since her parent's death, but at least she was content. She could only pray that no man discovered her, living tax free on the kingdom's valuable forest property. Surely they would kill her, if that were the case!
  2. One afternoon an order was set out for a soldier to head out in the forest with 3 new recruits. The object was to get them used to the invironment, and what to do if came across anyone living out in the wood, and not paying the depts to the kingdom. His 3 recruits all carried a rifle with 10x10 stock scopes attached to them. A battle knife strapped to his left theigh that held a hook point to the tip.
    "Alright everyone, were gonna be splitting up in 2 groups understand, you two go left, you and I will go right. We all meet back at this point, understood!" Slipping the battle knife from its holster, he threw the point down to stick up from the ground for a point to return to. "Let's move out!" The two went off to the left while me and the recruit took off in searching for anyone, we jogged in formation not caring to be silent because most of the time we never find anyone out here.

    The two men going left soon came across a river lake, that had foot prints leading out in the middle of the woods, not knowing what to do, that stood around cluelessly and began yelling out to there leader and other recruiter to grab their attention. Though not knowing, the footprints were only deer prints, so in responce boku had sent the other recruiter over to inspect it since he had the most experience in tracking.
    "Go check it out, i'll keep moving along till I find something."
  3. Josephine had not heard the heavy footsteps of the invading soldiers until they were almost nearly at her little cottage. She immediately darted into the interior, locking the door and hiding behind the basin she used to wash her clothing. She could hear them speaking outside, but their voices were muffled by the layers of wood and stone. Many soldiers had passed these lands, but most assumed that the small home had been abandoned many years ago. Judging by the fact that they seemed to be hanging around, though, Josephine imagined that this was not the case.

    She was eying a better hiding spot - her little body could probably fit into one of the cupboards - when the soft of the door crashing to the floor startled her. She jumped with a squeak and then clasped a hand over her mouth. She was shaking and she closed her eyes, listening to their footsteps as they inspected the home.

    "Someone has been living here," a deep voice bellowed.
    Another came soon after, "no, the question is who... and where they have gone."
  4. The man in armor that lead the other guys had kneeled down by a river to run his hand across the water, the flow of the water ran between his fingers so calm. The whether was nice out, birds chirping, nothing was out of order. He knew there wasn't anything out here due to that hes been searching these areas for years now. But he wanted to find something to get out of what he does. He had disagreed with the whole thing ever since he joined. He justed wanted to find someone he could love and and be with to start a family. But the day that happenes is they day he'll find someone leaving out in the woods. Which would be never. He signed just before standing up from the river to head back to the village. At the corner of his eye he had caught a glimps of footprints leading away from the river, it wasn't animals, but humans.
    "Wh-what the.. footprints? Out here?"
    The foot prints headed away from where his soldiers went, so following the footsteps he came to where they ended to a pile of bushes, behind the bushes seemed to be a small hole that apparently could be crawled in. Kneeling down to his hands, he slid his sword next to him so he could take a peek within the surprising hideout he had found.
  5. "Someone has definitely been living here."
    "There are berries in a box of ice over there, and it looks like utensils that have been used."

    Their footsteps were loud and booming on her wood floor, matching the heavy beating of Josephine's heart. She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing that she could just wake up from this horrible nightmare. After all of these years of living here, no one had ever dared to even enter the little cottage, much less raid it. From the outside it looked lonely and abandoned.

    "GOT HER!" someone screamed, loud enough for all to hear, and before the young woman had time to even open her eyes she was being roughly jerked from behind the stock and pushed against the floor. She cried out when she hit the wood planks and immediately looked up to see that she had been surrounded by a collection of men, all clad in silver shiny armour and their hands full of all sorts of sharp, angry weapons. Josephine began to sob, trying to get herself into a protective position, although the vulgar men grabbed her hands so that she had no choice but to submit to them. "Someone go get our leader!" one yelled, and one left.
  6. Not seeing anything within the little hut, he backed out and scratched the back of his head wondering how long this hiding spots been here for. Or if there has been anyone living here. He just shrugged his shoulders, ignoring the situation he had gotten himself into, which was really nothing. Hearing the loud scream not to far from him, one of his own mean came up telling him that him and his group have found someone hiding. His eyes shot open and ran behind him to the girl to figure out whats going on and to see who she was.
    Reaching where the men had her hands above her head, he saw how beautiful she was and thought for a moment. He looked to his men and handed them his weaponary.
    "Ya'll watch the front entrance, no matter what ya'll hear. Don't enter.. imma deal with her for a moment."

    Taking her hands, he moved up against her with both her hands high above her head. His free hand forcefully ripping her lower jeans apart to force them down to her knees. His hand was jerked in her panited to rub against her womanhood his lips biting against her neck, he was for sure going to take advantage of this since they were alone in her hut.
  7. It was all happening so fast that Josephine barely had enough time to realize what he was doing to her. She jerked when she realized where his hands were going, and her eyes widened, searching his eyes for any sort of indication as to who in the world he was. He had looked at her upon entry like she was so object of him, a possession he could easily claim.

    She cried out when his hands were suddenly at her most sensitive of areas, a place where no one, not even herself had touched. His fingers began to rotate in quick circles underneath her panties, feeling the tuft of curls down there and her plump lips. Josephine tried to writhe against him, telling him to stop, but he was very large and could easily subdue her against the wood flooring, not having to use much of his impressive strength.

    He had been barely even touching her for half a minute when Josephine realized that she was getting rather slippery down there, and she closed her eyes in mortification. As much as her mind did not want this man, it seemed her body was stating overwise, a thought that made her warm and embarrassed. "Oh, no...," she sobbed, feeling him beginning to test a finger inside of her warm slit.
  8. Staring in her eyes, he knew from this point he was going to claim her for his, from just to feel of her wettness he knew she wanted more. He slipped his endex finger within her wetness lips to easily curve his finger upwards agaisnt her inner wall, his finger forcefull slipped in an out from within her a few times before adding an extra finger. He wanted to make sure she was ready and already dripping wet before bringing out his already large member that was pressing from within his pants. He held both her arms with just one hand, allowing to his his free hand to now grip her shirt, with it being so old and weak material, he ripped it clean from her body along with her bra, thus making both her tits bounce back against her chest. His lips would curve into a sweet smile from the perfectness of them jiggling. He tilted down to endure her left nipple within his lips, his tongue flicking against the tip a few tips before sucking back on it.
  9. Josephine was mortified that her body was reacting that way; she certainly did not want this man and wanted him to get his hands and body off of her! She screamed against him, writhed and wiggled, trying to free herself. However her efforts were fruitless she knew; he was so much larger and stronger and they both knew that he could easily dominate and subdue her.
    Hot tears began to fall from Josephine's eyes when she realized that he had taken out his large erection. It as so large and she prayed that he would not try putting it... inside of her. There was no way he could even fit into her little body!

    "Please...," she sobbed as he began to take her hardened nipples into his mouth. Her body was certainly saying that she wanted him, but her words told a whole other story. She cried out as he began to pick up the pace with his finger inside of her, sending her into a flurry of moans and screams. The climax was building and she fought to push it away, jerking from his touch when his thumb rested on her little pink nub. "Stop, stop...," Josephine cried. She was bucking her hips trying to get him off of her, but it only added to the thrusting motion of her his fingers, pushing her further into sweet agony.
  10. The way she struggled just made him want to take her body in all so much more, he grinded his teeth over nipples with pleasure, his fingers getting rougher the more she struggled against his hold. He wanted to make his move so much more now after feeling her wetness crowding his finger. He pulled back off her nipple and forced his lips over hers to make her stop yelling and telling him to stop, cause no matter how much she screamed or told him to stop he was going to take her either way. Pulling his finger from her lower lips of her pussy, he placed both his hands under her knees and pressed her legs upwards so her knees touched her tits, laying her legs over his shoulders he quickly grabbed her hands to hold her down now. At this point her grabbed his harden and large member in his free hand and aimed the tip of it directly over her glory hole. With ease at first he slowly entered inside of. With such a tight hole, he had to force it in untill her lips were all the way to the bottom of his member.
  11. Pain ripped through Josephine and she sobbed out, pleading now for him to stop. The position that he had put her in allowed him to get even deeper than he would if he just entered her from between her legs, and it only allowed to the sensation of him slipping inside of her. She knew that she was wrong when she had thought he would not fit into her; he seemed good at forging himself deep down, his balls now pressing against her rounded bottom and his cock deep into her. She could feel his tip touching the very end of her canal and she sobbed, closing her eyes and succumbing to whatever he did.
    However, she screamed out again when he began to slowly thrust, taking her roughly. He showed her no mercy and Josephine imagined he was ripping her from the inside out. Her wetness only added so much lubrication, but it seemed she was getting more and more slippery as he began to thrust. Josephine bit her lip at that, embarrassed and upset that her body was acting this way. She did not want him, did not want his cock inside of her! So why was her body doing that?!
    The fact that she was nearly folded in half allowed the soldier to go far down inside of her, and his hands were rough and sturdy around her. One of his hands held her own hands against the floor while the other held her ankles together, pushing her lips together and making him a tight passage into her little body.
    "Please, please..." she began to sob, staring up at her raised feet and the ceiling, "please don't c-c-um inside of me..."
  12. Thrusting his hips back and forth against her perfectly outlined body, the tightness of her pussy around his cock amde him want to fuck her even harder then before. He couldn't help but to enjoy this moment so much. He breathed so heavy when he went harder inside her. The way her body folded and her body useless to fight back, all of it just pleased him. The way she couldnt not stop him excited him more. He took his hand down to slap her ass before picking up his pace of his cock slamming to the back of her pussy. His lips parted apart from each other when he felt that he was cumming. But he wasn't stopping, he kept pressing inside her even when he was unloading his cum within her pussy, before he finally finished, he pulled the tip of his cock out so a bit of his cum had splattered across her chest and face.
  13. Josephine screamed out when she felt him release his load inside of her body... she went it shoot deep up inside of her, nearly into her belly. She tried to writhe against his form and push his pelvis away from her bottom but she knew that her efforts were going to be fruitless. Despite her pleads for him not to cum in her body, he had done so and with a smile on his face.
    Josephine sobbed once more when he sprayed a bit of his seed on her body, allowing it to drip down her breasts and even down into her mouth. She then stopped fighting, realizing that it was over and that he was no longer inside of her. She could feel his climax beginning to seep out of her pussy and drip down her bottom, and she squeezed her eyes closed, willing that he would just leave her alone now.
    "Please... go...," she whimpered. He had had his fun; so couldn't he leave her to rest in peace once more... surely a fucking was all that he really wanted, as well as the young girl's virgin flower?
  14. Staring down at the naked female, his member still at large infront of her, he grinned and walked back to the door, telling his soldiers that everything is ok for them to leave him and her to be alone. The others smiled and took off back to the city leaving them alone.
    Returning back inside her home, he kneeled down in front of her to run his hand across her cheek. "Your my little whore now, I thought about taking you back.. but you have a beautiful body that I can't let the king have to abuse everyday. I'll take good care of you.." He tossed his shirt to her so she could put it on. Being shirtles now, he only pulled his pants up to tell her to follow him to his home.
    "You'll be staying with me to do whatever I say, I don't want any arguments or anything coming from your mouth except "Yes, sir You got that!"
  15. Josephine quickly threw on the shirt, trying to conceal her body and the remnants of what had happened.
    If he really thought that she was going to go with him, he was absolutely absurd! He was cruel and rough with her, and she would probably rather be dead than have him stick his cock inside of her again. She crossed the room, backing away from him as he advanced towards the door, searching for something that she could kill or at least knock him out with. Josephine was a small woman but if she caught him off guard she imagined that she could at least get him over the head.
    "I am not going with you!" she cried, hot tears stinging her eyes as she felt the back of the dining room table hit her bottom, "you are a monster!"
  16. I'm no Monster! Now you either come along with me, or i'll send my guards back in so they can also have some fun with you! Now you either follow directions or be killed! You understand!
    He was no longer being nice at this point, he walked up with agger to his eyes. With a quick grab of the back of her hair, he easily threw her out the front door, he wasn't about to let her run off after this cause he made sure he was right behind her with a tight hold to the back of her throat."Now move!"
  17. Once they got to the castle - the soldier lived in the chambers on the main floor as he was a direct soldier of the King - Josephine was thrown into his room and forced to clamber to the pet. He shut the door roughly behind her. She had tried to run a few times in the forest and it seemed to only throw him into a rage; his grip was gotten tighter on her and he was whispering threats in her ear.

    Josephine banged on the door, screaming and crying, hoping that someone out there would have mercy on her. Eventually her fists got sore and red though and sobbing, she went to sit on the end of the bed. She was still clad in only the soldier's shirt and she wished that she had her own clothing. She hated being close to anything that had to do with him...

    After several hours an older, stern looking woman entered. Josephine did not even try to beg for her help, knowing already that she was on the soldier's side. She had a small basket in her hand and Josephine eyed her curiously as she crossed the room to her.

    "Lay down," the woman muttered, her eyes glassy and emotionless. Josephine wondered if she too had been subject to this sort of treatment. Tears falling from her face, Josephine laid back but then abruptly sat up when the woman pulled up her shirt, revealing the dark brown patch of curls between her legs. Josephine tried to shoo her away by the woman just grabbed a hot cloth from her basket and pressed it up against Josephine's womanhood. Then she explained, "Jake has requested that you are waxed smooth for your next encounter. You are going to be red and sore for awhile after, but he said that he would not mind. Now lay back and stay still, or you will only cause yourself more pain."