Hiruzen Chronicles

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  1. Hiruzen had just arrived to where Hiroshi-sensei had told them to meet. Naturally, he was the first to arrive. Even if he lived with his brother Jiraiya, he was prone to waking up early. He wasn't no goodie-two shoe, but he had always woken up at the crack of dawn. He figured it was the two-tailed beast inside him. Matatabi was nice, a great warrior, and always polite. She would talk to him sometimes and had great conversations. I'm glad you think so highly of me, Hiruzen-san. You are the sweetest vessel I've had in a long time. She purred inside him.


    Hiroshi was late. He had been sidetracked along the way. Helping an old lady across the street who wouldn't accept picking her up slowed him down. I hope they don't do anything without me. Especially the twins. Always getting in trouble.

    When he arrived, he noticed only Hiruzen was there. "Hiruzen-san, your early. That is good. I hope you are ready for a days worth of training. But before we do that, I have a test for you three. But we have to wait for the others."
  2. Jiraiya was wandering down the dirt path aimlessly on his way to Hiroshi-Sensei's meeting place. He knew the man would be late as usual, so Jiraiya didn't bother rushing as his twin Hiruzen did. Hiruzen was the slightly more uptight of the twins and liked to be early for things, whereas Jiraiya took his time and managed to get there right on time. He saw his brother under the tree up ahead and he waved kindly.
  3. Just in time Amizu Yamiyo as she saw three figures ahead on the distance. Due to her being responsible and hard working, she always showed up early for almost everything. This was the time to prove to her clan what a valiant ninja she was. There was no time for mess ups or let downs, there was only time for success and reachable goals. Her outer appearance might give the first impression of a 'innocent weak girl' but little did they know. When in time seriousness, she was all business. And her strength surpass most of the males of her clan which to say, was a lot, even for a mere genin. Oh well, what could she do? To gain these people's trust she had to work for it even if it meant starting at the bottom of the food chain.

    The team she was in consisted of a pair of twin males and a male Sensei. Amizu was, sadly, the only female in the group. Not that she didn't mind. "I am here as well." she said to the group as she stopped in front of it. Strangers, that is what they were to her which made her feel a bit uneasy. Maybe the get-to-know-each-other-better will come out of training and missions.
  4. Hiruzen had saw Jiraiya-san and Amizu-san walk up right after Hiroshi-sensei. "Jiraiya-san! Amizu-san!" He shouted it out in greetings. "Hiroshi-sensei has a test for us. Hurry." When the all got there,he gave a polite bow to Amizu-san and a smile for Jiraiya-san. "Now that we're all here Hiroshi-sensei, could you explain the test?" Hiruzen said, giddy with excitement. "And why'd you tell us not to ear?"


    Hiroshi had noticed the excitement in Hiruzen-san's voice and realized he shouldn't wait any longer. Just like his father. My father told me all about the Uzumaki. "The reason why I told you not to eat is because in order to get lunch, you have to grab one of these two bells. If you succeed, you get lunch. If you don't, you starve and you will be tied up to a post. Any questions?"
  5. Jiraiya bit his lip when he remembered the instructions not to eat. Oops, my bad, he thought as Hiroshi-Sensei. explained the task. Jiraiya smiled and eyes his brother, younger by only two minutes. Such passion for learning, and so eager to please. He'll make an... interesting student to Hiroshi-Sensei.
  6. Miru yawned, her red hair messy as she leaned up, looking out the window of her apartment. Morning. She smiled, rolling over to see her best friend Shotogun, whoo was sprawled on the other side of her bed, feet up.

    "Good morning Shotogun!" she greeted, and he whined in return, turning his head over to her and giving her a smile. "Come on, we have students to mentor!" she exclaimed, throwing the blankets off her and jumping out of bed.

    After she was decent enough to be seen by her students, she grabbed an apple and called for Shotogun to follow her. She wandered down the streets, holding the plump apple in her mouth as she tied her ling red hair in a ponytail. Her dark eyes scanned the people around her, waving to the ones she recognized and began to jog towards the area she told her students to meet her. She stopped jogging right outside the gate and began to walk to a clear area.

    "Okay Shotogun, now we wait!" she said, looking down to him and finishing her apple with a smile, her dog barked in approval.
  7. As the last screams died away the lights in the room went on with a sigh coming from the masked figure wearing a surgical jacket. Looking down on the dead body yellow eyes narrowed in impatience before turning and walking away through a doorway slamming it. Two ninja's in black outfits stood tall letting the figure walk past before moving into the room to clean up the mess left behind. Walking down the hall the figure took off the blood stained labcoat throwing it to the ground revealing a slim full figuered body wrapped in a white kimono, a thick dark purple braided rope wrapped around the waist. The figure, now revealed as a female walked out of a secret doorway into the night air taking off the surgical mask, parting her lips she inhaled the early morning air her sigh sounded like the hiss of a snake,looking to the sky her yellow eyes shone brightly as she licked her lips with a long purple tongue.

    A few hours later......

    Nyx Nevermore had never been one to stall, but today was different, she was on a scouting mission trying to see what the pathetic leaf village had to offer her in the way of a fight, the last one of they're scouts she had captured had told her nothing and had put up no fight whatsoever and it annoyed her. As she leaned back in a tree she looked out over the forest her ears listening for the sounds of anything coming. Her fingers moved through her bright red hair before falling on the headband on her forehead, it was the headband from the village hidden in the sound, her home. She took out a thin needle smiling as the saw the thin coating of poison that coated the needle hoping to test out her servants latest concotion.
  8. Kiro woke up early in the morning, as he was accustom to so that he could start with some morning training. He got dressed and nodded to his family as he went into the forest outside their ranch. In this forest, Hidan remained. The killer of his father's mentor, hidden away in the dirt. It was for this reason that he chose this area to train. He pulled out his trench knives and charged them with wind chakra. He had improved on Asuma's old techniques and any time he slashed the air, the wind chakra would extend several feet, giving him a much longer reach. His power, was not quite that of his father's mentor though. He slashed at the tree several times, causing deep cuts. "Still not powerful enough," he said to himself. Asuma was able to cut straight through stone. He concentrated his chakra more heavily into the knives. One cut and a thick branch fell to the ground. "That will have to do for now."

    He couldn't spend too much time training today, though. he had to meet up with his mentor. He hadn't met Miru yet, and wondered what kind of mentor she would be. He let out a sigh and said, "This is going to be troublesome." It was not that he necessarily thought she was going to be a bad mentor, but more that he was worried about his team. He didn't always get along well with others and always chose to go by his own plan than anyone else's plan. This was because the vast majority of the time, his plan would be correct. He had learned from one of Konoha's best tacticians, his father, after all.

    Kiro finished his morning training and decided it was probably about time for him to meet up with his mentor. He put his trench knives away and began heading towards the place they were supposed to meet. ~I wonder what she will make us do~ Kiro thought as he began to see his mentor in the meeting area. The first thing he noticed was her dog. ~A member of the Inuzuka clan, interesting.~ He waved to her and took up a light jog to get over to her faster. "Good morning," he said as he approached her, slowing down to a walk and eventually halting a couple of yards from her. "Where's everyone else?"
  9. "Hiroshi-sensei, how cone there are only two bells and three of us? Does that mean one of us wont get to eat?" Hiruzen was confused. That means they would have to fight over who gets to eat. Also, it makes it
    harder for us to get one since we'll be fighting over them.


    "That's a good observation, Hiruzen-san. There are only two because one of you will be tied to the post while the others eat. Now, seeing as that answers your question, lets begin."


    After Hiroshi-sensei said to start, Hiruzen disappeared into the bushes waiting for an opening.
  10. Amizu sighed as her Sensei said vanished from the space in front of her team. "This is going to be troubleso-" before she finished the sentence Hiruzen was gone. Idiot she thought and chased after him finally finding him behind a bush. "Have you heard of teamwork?" she asked annoyed as she stood behind him while poking his back with a tense finger. If they just hid and try to find him, he would be expecting that. What they needed was a plan, a strategy. Hopefully the other teammate had followed them instead of staying behind.
  11. Miru hummed softly as the breeze blew through the surrounding trees and her long hair, making it flow gently as she waited. She didn't mind waiting most days, in fact she was pretty relaxed for the most part, unlike some of her fellow mentors. Even though she was in her 20s, she didn't act like she was, preferring to keep her relationships with her students on an equal level, until the time came where she would have to adjust their attitudes. She leaned against a tree, placing her arms behind her head as she did so, letting the sun absorb into her skin as she smiled. She was pretty excited to teach these students, one was Shikamaru-sama's son, another was Sakura-sama's daughter. She wasn't too sure of her final student, she had heard of him, but she didn't have much information on her students background.

    Shotogun sat up, wagging his tail happily as he saw Kiro jogging up and waving, coaxing Miru out of her day dream and returning the gesture as she smiled kindly at him. "Good morning!" she greeted as he stopped, "I'm not sure, I would hope they would be here soon though." she said as she grinned at him.


    Teru was brushing out her dark pink hair. She had gotten most of her looks from her mother, Sakura Haruno, which she enjoyed because she loved how her mother looked. The only difference between the two was that Teru had deep brown eyes from her father. She looked herself over once again, turning her body around to make sure she looked okay.

    "Teru! You're going to be late!" her mother called down from the hall, "Hurry up!"

    "Kay!" she called back, running her fingers through her hair before grabbing her weapons and tying them around her waist as she ran out the door, "Bye!" she called back, trotting down the dirt path that led to the gates. She passed the gates and turned, seeing Miru and her teammate, who she had learned was Kiro, the genius's son. She had learned from school that he too was a pretty smart guy, just like his father. This made her a bit uneasy because she hated being seen as a stupid person. She gave a smile and waved as she approached the two.

    "Hello!" she said, tilting her head slightly as she greeted them.
  12. Gisai walked towards the clearing spot specified to meet with his new team. As he strolled casually through the gates, he waved at one of the stationary guards. Gisai walked until he seen two women standing about. He remembered the girls going crazy when he was put on team seven, just as his father told him in his early days. That Haruno girl. Her mother was in love with my father, I take it. She was actually cute. maybe he would stary away from his fathers steps and date her, if it came to that.

    "Enough daydreaming, Gisai," he whispered to himself. He set his hand behind his head, looking bored "I take it you're the leader of Team Seven?" His head shot up casually and he smirked.
  13. Miru looked over to the boy as he spoke, "Yes, I am." she replied, smiling at him, "Great, so now that we are all here, I would like you guys to take the time to get to know each other a little more before we proceed with todays training. You are going to be in this squad and with each other for a while so you need to learn to trust each other." she said, "After you are done, I'll get started explaining what to do for training." she added with a wink.

    She turned her back to them, kneeling down to Shotogun, "You ready boy?" she whispered, he responded with a bark as he wagged his tail.


    Teru looked over to her teammates, deciding she would start the introductions. "Hey, I'm Haruno Teru, pleased to meet you guys." she said with a small bow out of politeness, her long pink hair falling past her shoulders as she did.

    She had recognized these two from the Academy and she had known some of their background, but only from who their parents were and from what she had seen from the Academy. She had decided that these two would make a pretty good team, but she was placed with two well known family backgrounds, she could only hope she would be able to bring some honor to the Haruno name.

    "Um...a little about me?" she pondered, wondering exactly what to say, "Well, I guess I could say that I'm hoping to become a great medical ninja." she said, placing her hand on her hip, "That's...pretty much it I think." she finished, looking to the other two and shrugging, she hadn't really expected to introduce herself, but now that she thought about it, it would have been expected.
  14. "A bit about myself, hmm?" he said briskly, "My name, is Gisai Uchiha. Do not confuse my name with my father, Sasuke, the traitor...." Gisai closed his eyes, "I have one goal in particular...." he paused for a moment, opening his eyes calmly, "To kill my father..." His Sharingan activated unintentionally.

    "Other than that, I'd like to get this training done, its a bit of a drag..."
    he turned around, pulling kunai from the pouch at his waste and throwing them at a nearby tree, hitting each target with incredible skill. Maybe he could test the jutsu he was developing here? He was eager to fight...
  15. Kiro looked over to Teru and waved to her. "Nice to meet you as well," he said. ~She's the daughter of Haruno Sakura. She's wants to become a medical ninja. She should make a good addition to our team~ he though to himself. As Gisai approached and made his first appearance, Kiro sighed and thought ~This guy is going to be troublesome...~ He didn't think too much on it and instead focused on trying to think of plans for whenever they started going on missions. He was taking into account what little he knew about his allies. ~Gisai is an Uchiha, thus most likely of the fire nature element persuasion. Sakura is a medical ninja, meaning we'll be able to wear down our opponents if they do not have a medical ninja.~

    He listened as the other two introduced themselves and couldn't help but roll his eyes whenever the Uchiha did his little display. ~And we have a showoff~ he thought. He decided to move on and decided he would introduce himself. "I am Nara Kira, son of Nara Shikamaru and Temari. I am a wind nature element user. I can also use my father's basic shadow binding technique. My weapon of choice is trench knives. I enjoy coming up with plans, and I hope we can all work well together," he said, glancing between all of the team members. He realized that the other two had mentioned something about their goals in life, something he had completely neglected because he was more worried about giving information he deemed useful. "Oh, and I guess my goal is to become Konoha's top tactician," he added.
  16. Hiruzen looked over at Amizu-san. "I know. I figured it out. He wants us to fight over the bells so we don't stand a chance alone. I hope Jiraiya-san figured it out. The reason why I took cover was to make him think we're not working as a team. Catch him off guard, we'll have an advantage."


    Hiroshi had decided to take it easy. He knew none of them would get the bell. He knew he shouldn't use his byakugan, it would be an unfair advantage. He then squatted and began reading his favorite book, Icha Icha. It was pretty funny. He was sure he didn't have to do much work.
  17. "You are actually using your brain? Alright smart boy. Anything else you have planned?" she asked while crouching next to him keeping her eyes in alert of any movement. "Do you think Jiraiya will helps us or not?" she asked since they were brothers and Hiruzen will know what was going on better than she did. Amizu had the feeling that her sensei was not anywhere close to them but then again she could be wrong. She wondered if this was the same test the other team faced. Shaking her head from the distraction she decided to make a plan in her head in case her teammate didn't have one.
  18. Miru looked up at her students, seeing that they were done introducing themselves she jumped up, a grin on her face. "Alrighty then. My name is Inuzuka Miru and I am the mentor for Team 7. I, like all other Inuzukas, have a faithful dog companion, as you see, his name is Shotogun, be nice to him and he'll gladly protect you in the battles to come." she introduced, hands on her hips as she looked at them.

    "Now," she said, looking down to the shiba inu, "Time for training." She slipped her hand in her pocket and pulled out 3 pieces of paper, "I have here 3 paper slips, each with a different length. The person who picks the shortest length battles me last, the person with the longest length, battles me first." she said, a playful smile dancing on her face, "But, I'm not just one person, when I say battle me, I also mean Shoto as well. You must each take a turn to fight me, having ten minutes to take both of us out. If you succeed, I will treat you to diner after, if you fail, you must spend the night out in the forest training for the entire night and be ready for training tomorrow morning." she explained, looking at her students.


    Teru gave Gisai a strange look, taking that even though he apparently hated his father, from what her mother had explained he seemed to be almost like him. She turned her attention to Kiro, listening to him introduce himself. He was definitely a smart guy, but she wondered if he was good at actually fighting. She then looked over to Miru, listening to the explaination of what they had to do, widening her eyes in a disbelief as she mentioned the consequences.

    "A-All night? Why such a harsh punishment?" she asked, blinking at her mentor.

    "If you can't defeat your enemy within 10 minutes, you will have avery long battle ahead of you, so therefore you must train and get better." she had replied in a sing-song kind of tone, causing Teru to bite her lip, wondering what kind of teacher Miru was.
  19. Gisai closed his eyes and spun around, opening them to deactivate a weaker, 1st stage Sharingan. "Heh, Heh" he giggled from the looks on his teammates faces. "You didn't really think I was going to be one of those Ninja, did you?" he laughed He hoped he didn't give a bad first impression, especially since not many of the Uchiha are motivated and gippy, other than Obito, but he was kid...

    "Just give me the long piece of paper, so maybe I can have some time to train seriously afterwards." he smirked at his leader. Though it was not exactly clear to many, except for maybe Kiro, Gisai's real goal was to obtain the 3rd tomoe and Mangekyou. No need to speak about that now. "So are we fighting, or not, Sensei?" he said, as he activated his 2nd tomoe.
  20. Jiraiya had snuck around to where his twin was hiding with Amizu-san. "Hey guys. What's the plan?" He asked, knowing his brother was the one with the plan. Even if he himself was lazy, he'd still do what his brother asked.


    Hiruzen had felt Jiraiya pop up next him. He was already formulating a plan. "Like the great Shikamaru sensei says, plan. That is what I'm doing." He began to think. He knew of him and his brothers strengths and weaknesses. But Amiza-san was a different story. He has heard of the Yamiyo clan and of their kekkei genkai ability to perfectly control water and wind elements to make ice. But to what extent, he did not know. ""Amiza-san, could you use your kekkei genkai to build a surrounding wall around Hiroshi-sensei? Brother, me and you will combine elements to catch him off guard to allow Amizu-san to do that. We'll have to quick. Once we get him surrounded, we'll use the legendary uzumaki seal technique to trap him in the ice to get the bells. Got it?" As he saw his brother nod, he looked to Amiza-san to see if she approved.


    "I wonder what they're planning? Normally, they charge at me head on." Hiroshi thought out loud. He shrugged it off to allow himself to read. Then let out a deep sigh, realizing he was almost done with the first book. "I still have a few more pages."