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  1. The world is about to change forever. There will be fear....joy...excitement....doubt....malice...love...hope. But nothing, NOTHING will ever be the same for mankind again, as one ideal that will become more and more distant will start to become the most invaluable thing craved: Unity & Peace. There are a ton of things out here in this world, take them in. Feel them. Cherish them. Because once you step forth into this...whatever this is, you or anyone else will have no idea how to react. History has never been at face with a reality such as this. There are signs, the most subtle signals all around that will tell mankind the true message. But it's up to you to deliver it. Will you fight? Hide? Protect? Destroy? No matter what you do, there will always be a ripple that will return to you as a wave in which you must conquer the tides. No going back now.

    Now we move forward into a void which cannot be seen.


    Part One: Genesis

    I lay on a plain of grass in the rural serenity-driven parts of Omni City. I look up at a vividly azure blue sky with not a cloud in sight as the wind slightly pushed past my epidermis, making a tingling and chilling sensation course through my body. The sun beams down on my face as I mildly squint to it's radiance. I inhale deeply, exhale deeply. This was probably the only time I would get to truly relax and at ease for the rest of the week. I just moved into campus yesterday, and that was a hassle in itself. Freshmen could conveniently drive their first year which is a plus, but amongst the clutter of urban Omni City it would get hectic for sure.
    ???: "Whaddya look at out here Kat?"
    "Whatever's in the way, you?"
    ???: "Mostly I don't focus on what I see...but more on how I feel. Peace, tranquility, hunger."
    "Haha! Yeah that last one I understand."
    ???: "I'm proud of you sweetie, you know I am."
    "Thanks dad.."

    Dad (open)


    Dad: "So there'll be a bunch of boys there..."
    My face goes blank, as my crystal grey eyes get lost in the sky. I knew where this was going. All the jocks and the players and such, as if he didn't know I was smart and mature enough to make my own calls. I'm the daughter of a former military agent, I know how to make good judgement calls. Besides, I've already started dating, but he doesn't know that. The whole 5th degree thing is a little old fashion for this day and age anyways, and I'm afraid if he says he'll kill whoever I'm dating....he might actually mean it. BUT...it wasn't like I had anyone currently. I had someone in high school, my childhood friend Grant. The same boy who comes over for dinner on occasion and spanks dad in Call of Duty. A family friend. The same boy who waited until Senior year of high school to tell me he's in love with me, only for me to date and fall for someone I loved since I was 7. Senior prom, and after an amazing night of...everything, he dumps me.
    "Dad...I'm good on that speech okay?..."
    Dad: "You know I'm a detective right? AND you're my daughter. You basically just said you're going to date someone that doesn't go there, like an older guy."
    "...or younger."
    Dad: "HAH! Yeah sure...that would be like babysitting for you wouldn't it?"
    A smug smile pops up on my face but my dad can't see it because he's laying down adjacent to me looking up as well. This was the first time dad actually took me somewhere other than Cakewalk. I loved being at the bakery but I didn't want to see mom ALL the time, or any of the locals that knew me for that matter. Especially being spoiled by my family. Ugh.
    Dad: ".....Don't ever change ok? Grow, mature, learn, enhance....but don't change."
    I then turn my head over at my dad and whisper a simple "Okay". He smiles at the news and delivers a kiss to my forehead before rapidly jumping to his feet in full suit and tie. I hop up in my yellow sundress and throw on my yellow vans as we both equip our mirror tent shades at the same time. Dad opens the car door to his black sedan for me as I hop onto the cool crisp leather seats. He turns the ignition and makes his way for University Boulevard where the campus is. United Metro University, aka U Met.
    "Tell mom I love her, and to send me cupcakes. Red velvet. Pecans. White chocolate fudge in the center."
    Dad: "Damn girl, I might eat those myself."
    The sleek black sedan pulls up to the large campus of UMet in front of my dorm as I hug my dad and give him a peck on the cheek. He waves a farewell then pedals the car out of dodge. He was never good at mushy stuff or goodbyes. I walk into the building while pulling my phone put and grinning. A day before classes start? There was about to be the biggest college block party around. No way was I missing that, and neither was he. I shoot a text to my teammates about what's going on tonight.
    Text to: Volleyball Gals - 'Hey :) I'm back now....annnnd there's a party tonight so maybe you should come with me so I can show you all how to party with the big dogs ;) then we could have a team sleepover?'
    I hit send as the message shoots through and I zip up to my dorm room and into my suite. I instantly hop on the laptop and the attached hardware I have with it, an HDMI interface virtual intelligence I programmed. It still needed work, it could only take and process verbal commands but couldn't simulate a conscious that would allow it to store personality and interest patterns. After minutes of tweaking that I check my messages. Nothing yet. My roommate Kendra knocks as I open the door to her cutesy little face and smile. She also played sports, but she was a cross country runner instead of a volleyball player. She was a country girl in the big city. Very old fashioned like me, but not as wild.

    Kendra (open)


    Kendra: "Goin to that party tonight?"
    "Yupp! I guess we're going together! And I may be bringing friends, well team that ok?"
    Kendra: "No! That's not!!!.....totally kidding heehee. Are you drinking?"
    "Oh nooo I don't drink, but I got you if you decide to though."
    Kendra: "Kay thanks, you seen the news?"
    "No? What's going on?"
    Kendra: "Birds dropping out of the sky...worldwide."
    "What!? That's crazy what's causing it?"
    Kendra: "Analysts are saying that it's some type of radiation being spread across Earth, but there was no reports of missile launches, Geigher fields, polar shifts, nothing!"
    "My God that is so craaaazy..."
    Kendra: "I know right!!"
    I follow the news of the tv into the lounge where Kendra sits down on the sofa and watches. A news reporter going on about the hordes of dead birds and its increase over the last few weeks. What else is new? It's Earth, the harbringer of tragedy. There's always something. Though most of it happens in the dense parts, there have been some instances in small area. UMet lies in Downtown Omni where most of the political and commercial buildings are, sad to say but police would respond in seconds....and that's the problem. Why not the same for the world? Nations? Even Suburbs here and all the attractions and city life there has a slower rate of response. All the cops & figures of nobility and justice and it feels like they're not evenly dispatched. I hope it doesn't have to do with some covert war between USA and Russia, or like some cool secret thing being concealed that's only seen in movies. Only for the media and people to believe a lie that's held strong since who knows when in history. Then what kind of message would that be sending?
    TV: "--could be known as a string of violent acts from the people of a rival nation, or another belief is that some terrorist activity and its members are behind these eco-crimes over the past months. With the start of fall we're already seeing an 8% increase in instances tied to radiation, environmental dissolution, and also embargo fueds. The UN has yet to issue a statement as they are leading investigations from several precincts and nations to help quell this issue. The President has scheduled for a press release later tomorrow, but for now officials say to keep an eye out for our city, great nation, and it's people as we strive to protect it and protect the integrity of our planet."

    It Begins. (open)

    Somewhere in the USA:

    A body drops from a collapsing building as it smacks against the concrete below with a fury of certain termination. It explodes red upon impact as the head snaps from the spine and twists towards a horrific view. A small town lies in shambles. Broken and shattered brick buildings lay in waste as dust, smoke, and burnt sediment fills the air paths of the sky. Not a single sound can be heard through the town as mangled cars infest the streets with splatters of red and crushed metal. Blocks upon blocks an endless sea of debris and destruction. Glass litters the streets along with civilian items that once were. Briefcases, hats, keys, wallets...baby strollers. Coats of red are smuged atop every single object in the town. Death was present, his cold and voided touch a blanket over the dusk and dreary sky that was a lost area of hope and promise. Corpses lie concealed under the oblivion of the remnants without an ounce of motion.
    Screaming can be heard. Ghastly, fear inducing, masculine screaming. The screaming is followed by weeping of the most intense proportions. There were not many, only one. He kneels in the middle of the wasteland that was once a town, face splattered with red as his clothes were fully bathed in blood, but he had no wounds. His vision foggy and tainted from the endless streaming of tears from his eyes. He clenches the shattered glass on the pavement like an old friend, subconsciously welcoming the pain as he bawls severely. His body shakes from pure nerve and adrenaline alone, as saliva leaks from his mouth unbeknown to his dazed psyche. He didn't bother to look around, he didn't need to. He could see it in his head vividly. Fire and tar surrounds him and the town as destroyed vehicles all the way down to police cars burning as scrap metal. The screaming ceases as the man pants heavily in fear. His eyes widen as he sees the ground begins to vibrate. Again. The same thing that happened moments before this peaceful town was ruined. Before he destroyed an entire society.
    A boom can be heard followed by a shockwave. Then nothing.
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  2. Aidan
    Just Another Gig (open)

    "For my fallen stars,
    Bannermen ready for your call to arms.
    And for my broken hearts,
    It's time to take back what we thought we'd lost."

    It was just another day, another gig to feed my passions, relieve some stress, and of course, fill up our pockets a bit. The crowd was almost explosive, and the thrill of hearing them scream for you is greater than the strongest high you've ever experienced. I thanked the fine folks for coming to see us, even though we were still just a local band. "F.A.T.E." was still fairly young, but we were blowing up. Yeah, things were pretty good.

    Me and the guys stepped out the back, no small amount of sweat dripping from our heads as we did so. The heat was sweltering, and the performance was a blast. The promoter handed us our pay, a thick cigar clenched between his teeth as he congratulated us on a great show. We laughed and headed out, deciding to head our separate ways for the evening.

    I hadn't really been planning on doing anything. I would have liked to go out with the guys and hang for a while. Unfortunately, the others had their own shit to do. I didn't want to go home. I was riding the waves of my day so hard that going back to that misery was nearly forgotten. I hated being at home, around her. It was like diving into a swimming pool of despair that just ripped me down to the bottom and refused to let me surface.

    It didn't help that things had only been getting worse. I found myself having strange headaches a lot lately. Far more concerning was the information that accompanied them. Like, imagine that you are at your college campus, listening to your proffessor's lecture. You get a little bored and decide to scan the room for something more interesting to look at.

    You spy this really cute blond a few seats away, and decide to give her a once over about five or six times. Then, you suddenly start having glimpses of her earlier in the day, then the week, month, year, and further back. Its like watching some whacked out movie about her life, flashing in front of your eyes in only a few seconds.

    Right off your head you can name random things about her, you know every song she's memorized by heart. Every note she has learned playing her clarinet from when she was in her high schools band, even the exact way she folds her clothes. All of this, happening in the span of a minute, and just as easily you forget it. But, not all of it, oh no, certain pieces remain. Images and details.

    This had been happening to me a lot lately. I even took a few of my mom's pills in a vain hope to lessen it. I don't know what's going on with me, but, irs agitating me. I admit, if I'm understanding it right, it could be pretty damn handy. Of course, I've yet to encounter such a situation.

    My mind was racing when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I checked it, seeing that my buddy and fellow bandmate had just gotten word about some party that was expected to be out of this world. Of course, Benn thought every party these days was like that so long as a few tops came off and the booze didn't run out. I responded with a simple "Sweet, see you there." and headed on my way.

    I figured I may as well hit the place up, try to let out some bad vibes and blow off some steam. I was still pretty pumped from the show too. I had to go pick up Benn before we went, though. Dumbass wrecked his dad's Cadillac a few weeks ago. At least he's good for gas money.

    Benn (open)

    I pulled up in front of his apartment, my old sunfire putting to a stop. I honked the horn twice, not feeling like getting out of the car. After about thirty seconds he came out, throwing himself into my passenger seat before slamming the door shut.

    "Dude, you know this party is gonna be beast, right?"

    "Haha. Come on, Benny, I haven't had a "beast" party that hasn't involved me being on stage in like, six months."

    Benn just grinned and laughed, shaking his head.

    "Just give it a chance, man. We can have some pretty mean parties up here. Plenty of good looking women in this town."

    I gave another laugh, sparing him a quick glance.

    "Yeah, we'll see."

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  3. Combat boots thudded down the sidewalk, a distinct sound amongst the heels and sneakers of her friends she was headed towards a party with. It was the day all the freshman were moving into the local University and so of course there was going to be party after party. Faris had planned on enrolling this year, but after being unable to decide on a major, she hesitated to sign up. No one had ever forced her to think about her future after all, and so she hadn’t in depth at least. Some of the girls she lived with were attending school, others weren’t. She was the youngest in the house with 5 other chicks but they didn’t seem bothered by her age.

    The girl with long, brunette waves seemed to fit in for the most part among the mismatched crowd of femininity, with her curvy figure mostly hidden beneath the loose black dress she wore, while her comrades pulled and gasped for air fitting in theirs. The metal necklace laying on her jutted out collar bone felt like it was vibrating against her chest while she walked, warm brown eyes contrasting with the arrogant smirk that seemed ever present on her lips.

    And yet tonight the smirk was not as confident as it had been in the past. Earlier today, Faris had been in the kitchen trying to find some chocolate (which was like finding a turkey carcass on Thanksgiving day when you’re in a home with 5 girls), when she had heard the news from the other room. It wasn’t like the news was the usual thing her roommates turned to, so she had frowned a bit and moved towards the space. Leaning against the door frame, she had crossed her arms and listened while the newscaster spoke of radiation. Various female voices had spoken up from the room: ‘Turn the channel!’ ‘It’s our fault. We killed the planet. The environment guys…’ ‘It’s terrorists, like they said’ Faris had just made a ‘tsk’ sound from her perch and spoken up “They don’t know so neither do you. Just shut up,” she said flatly, thick eyebrows raising and body turning away. But her mind had not let the subject go so easily. College or not, Faris wasn’t an idiot, and while a party could easily turn her mood, the news had not completely been forgotten in her mind.
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  4. Aaron debated in his head if he should go to the party that was gathering locally. He hadn't gained many friends in the short time he had spent in Omni city, and had instead focused on his post secondary education. Now that it was covered, he had to look to getting a social life. Although maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be alone for the rest of his life, as his previous experiences with people had shown. He knew however that that couldn't be, and he would have to break out of his shell at some point.

    He opened his eyes, and lifted himself from his bed until he was sitting. He contorted his lips in thought, and let out a sigh. He looked back over his shoulder to his unpacked items laying strewn across the floor like bones in a lions lair. He stood up finally, walked to his unorganized closet and pulled a pair of baggy grey jeans, and a white tank top. He grabbed a black hoodie as he opened the door and left his room.

    "Where are you off to?" Aaron's uncle Robert said from the living room.

    Aaron froze, more from the startle than the prospect that his uncle was asking him a question. "I....I'm going out." Aaron said.

    Uncle Robert entered the room, dressed in sweatpants and wool sweater. He was a fairly short, round man with a wide hip, a gut that could rival Santa Claus and the jolliness to match. "Aaron is finally leaving the house, oh wondrous day." He said, raising his hands up to chest level. He gave a deep and course laugh as he waddled toward Aaron.

    Aaron chuckled and put the back of his right hand to her mouth. "I've-been busy." He said.

    "I'm just kidding ya." He said. He put patted Aaron on the shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "Have fun."

    "You don't even know where I'm going." Aaron questioned.

    "It doesn't matter. As long as you have a good time. You could use some time amongst other people." He said

    Aaron smiled, and after a few seconds stepped outside. He looked to his watch, and thought how he was going to be late. Better, he thought, more people will hide my entrance. He walked to the street-side bus stop, and sat on the vacant bench.
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  5. Before today, Baron Nettle had never seen Omni city firsthand, nor Missouri for that matter. Sluggishly everyone departed the Greyhound bus which Aaron used to reach Omni city. After obtaining his military-style bag & long-board from the baggage underneath the bus, Aaron stepped to the nearest street corner. Placing the E-cig mouth-piece to his lips, simultaneously a button is clicked while he inhaled. While the E-cig was placed into his coat pocket, smoke is released from his lungs. Eyes flicked back and forth while he studied street signs. The smoke dissipated as swift as it appeared, yet a scent of blueberry lingered.

    Seconds later the young man was on the move. Deciding to not yet travel by long-board, Aaron began to walk. Destination was a particular university which resided in Omni city's downtown. The goal in mind? walk around meet and possibly score cash off some locals, furthermore gain useful information and act from there.

    Walking about the streets of Omni city, Aaron hears people conversing over a recent news broadcast. No doubt the same broadcast Aaron heard on the greyhound bus drivers radio. However focus did not rest on a news broadcast which aired earlier today. Focus remained on the path ahead. Anyone walking behind Aaron could easily smell the blueberry scent which came from the E-cig vapor he exhaled every so often....
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  6. Smack! The sudden feeling of a hand connecting with my bare shoulder blade made me nearly jump out of my skin. I stumbled forward a step, grimacing from the pain that followed. A moment later, it ended and I opened my eyes to see the blue plaid shirt and unshaven face of my oldest brother standing before me with a look of intense excitement. He wasn't particularly fit at the age of 32 but, if anything, he exuded pleasantness.

    "Gee whiz Ben!" I rubbed my shoulder giving him a look of annoyance. He knew I hated that but it was a habitual thing, in our family, to greet people that way. I had hated it since it's creation but, per-usual, me being the tiniest, I hadn't a say in the matter. He shook his head apologetically reaching for a gentle hug, being sure to avoid the book in my hand.

    "Sorry, I just forget I'm not with one of the boys sometimes." I gave him a forgiving smile as he pulled back, again donning an excited grin.

    "Well, my little sister is in college now." He sighed dramatically as we both walked towards his 1970's blue chevrolet waiting for us in the apartment, my apartment, parking lot. I rolled my eyes at his drama and mis information.

    "I went to school last year, Ben. How can you not remember that? In fact," I turned to look him in the eye once we'd reached the truck. "Why did you volunteer to help me move in the first place?" It honestly surprised me that after 6 years he would up and call me asking if I needed help moving "that" couch in. I hadn't told him about the couch my parents had gotten me nor had I ever given him my number. We had barely talked since he was in high school.

    Ben's eyes immediately wandered from my face as he took on the expression I imagined a cornered lion cub would have when faced by bath time. "Uh, no, I didn't come to help you out, not exclusively as least...ya see I-" He then proceeded to weave a story, with both hand and mouth, about how he'd met this girl, how she reminded him of me then that they were going to get married. I just listened with my hands tucked in my grey hoody waiting for his story to finish. I really loved that he had taken the time to come and personally talk to me like this but today of all days I had so much to take care of. I started to begin a list in my head: get the printer setup, make flyers, find someplace to advertise-

    "-and so we want to have all the family go to washington." Ben leaned against his truck wreathed in smiles as he waited for my comment.

    I tried hard to keep my eyes from widening when I realized I hadn't been listening entirely, ending up biting my upper lip instead. What had he said? My eyes searched for cues in his expression. Damn it. Cheerful, always cheerful and never reable.

    "uhh..." I slid into a similar expression to his "Sounds good!" the last word didn't sound as convincing as I'd hopped.

    He righted himself from his leaning position, "Great! You be thinking about that" he continued moving over to the driver's side "and we can talk about it a bit more when I see you next.". The truck door screeched open then shut as he got in. I leaned through the outside of the open passenger window. "And when will that be?" The sassiness in my voice took his attention away from the truck's dashboard and up to my unconvinced face.

    "Leah," the weightiness of his voice showed determination "it won't be this long again. I promise. Now that I've got your number I hope we can have lunch sometime or something. Alright I gotta go. It's a long drive home ya know." He turned the key, starting the car.

    I nodded backing away, so as not to get my toes squished, then we exchanged small waves before he slowly drove away. The deep rumble of his truck vibrates the concrete around me sending me into the nostalgia of days past. He always was a great brother. Taking me, and three others, to school every day in that truck; I was always the last to be dropped off and we'd steal a few minutes to talk about boys. Yeah, even though he exaggerated, my big brother liked to talk about stuff like that with me. I smiled at the memory as I slowly walked up the path back to the apartments. Somehow mom had gotten me into the apartment complex right in the middle of U Met campus; the busiest area of the campus in my opinion. Mom was so excited for me to be going to school to Omni city that she and my father had given me quite a large allowance to start off my college life. I only felt slightly bad that I had no intention of going to school at all. I climbed the second floor flight of stairs and into apartment 22. The small living room was still bare, even with the new couch and coffee table filling up most of its space. I moved to sit at the kitchen's small island where I had set my computer and printer up; shrugging at the incomplete flier filling up my computer screen. I had tons to do before that day's end.

    Several hours later my fliers were complete, and I walked the campus stapling "Roommate wanted" fliers onto corkboards and other areas of display. The campus was crowded even though school hadn't started or perhaps it was because school hadn't started. The week before school was littered with loud, sometimes violent, parties. Someone bumped into my shoulder causing my to staple part of my finger. O_O "....." I just gapped at my index finger, now crudely attached to the board. "oh goodie.." should I just... pull it out?
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  7. Today was a big day for Maevah. She was to find out what part she received in the newest ballet to their company; sleeping beauty. Dance started at 3:45pm and she would stay at the studio until probably 10pm to practice. Currently, she was practicing the simple ballet moves such as quartet and en point. When she first moved in, her parents helped her set up a Ballet barre and mirrors along one wall in her living room, to allow her to practice from home as well. She appreciated everything they have done for her, and often went to visit them.

    She wore a black lace tutu and top, moving with grace and ease around her dance floor. She had her eyes closed for a moment, listening to the music playing from her T.V set, before it cut off and a news woman appeared on the screen. Maevah stood still now, her eyes focused on the screen, wondering what could be so important, as the news was usually broadcast hourly, rather than at a random time. The woman spoke of disasters and radiation, and what people might think it could be. Without a second thought, Maevah's eyes flickered to the clear french doors across from her and walked over to them, peering outside and taking in the view, as she often did. Though this time, her heart was heavy. Heavier than normal and she frowned, her usually neutral expression shifting.

    She wondered what would happen if things continued to go South. She shook her head, trying to forget about it for now, as she had other things to focus on. She walked silently into her bedroom and through it into the bathroom to wash her face and refocus. Everything about Maevah's life needed to be focused and perfect. You could tell so by the way she moved and spoke and her home and everything else about her. Were she to let herself relax though, you'd see she used to be fun and easy going. She gazed at herself in the mirror for a long moment, wondering if maybe she was too hard on herself, and quickly shook the thought away. She has more important things to do, after all.

    Gazing over to the clock in her bedroom, she noticed it was getting late, and swiftly changed into a pair of grey and blue leggings, slipping on a baggy red sweater over her head. She held the black tutu in her hand and went towards the door, tying up her converse around her feet before heading out the door for the studio.

    Getting into her car, she sent a quick text to her ballet partner, Gale, "I'm on my way, see you soon."
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  8. Show Spoiler

    It had been a pretty slow day in the tattoo parlor for Cara, which was to be expected. After all, from what she had heard, today was the day before classes started at U Met, so everyone that was going there was either finishing up moving in or resting up for the next days classes. The few people that did show up were taken care of by one of the three other artists there, or they were there to make an appointment.

    "Wow, what fun." Cara sighed, rolling her eyes. She sat in one of the chairs in the waiting area, as there wasn't really any customers there to worry about. She hadn't been a big fan of college in all honesty, but that didn't give her a right to be annoyed by the college students. They were probably going to get further in life than she was.

    "What?" Asked Kevin, her messy haired co-worker, looking over his shoulder at her. He had dark brown hair, and lively brown eyes, and was tall and lanky. He was sitting at the front desk, watching the news on an overhead TV.

    "Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about stuff." She stood up and joined Kevin behind the desk. "So what tragedies have happened in the world since yesterday?" Cara found the news to be very pessimistic, and it irritated her, so she usually didn't watch it, preferring to instead ask people she knew or find another source.

    Kevin shrugged. "Birds are dying. There's some kind of radiation in the air." He spun the chair around and flung his hands in the air. "End of days! We're all gonna die!" He half shouted. Then there was the small ringing of the bell that let them know when someone just walked in, and Kevin immediately sat back and and tried to look professional. The woman who just came in had made an appointment earlier, where she had talked to Kevin about her tattoo design, placement, price, and all that, so I took his place at the front desk.

    "Don't worry, I won't get lonely, I've got Yoda to talk to." I said as he walked to his station with the redheaded woman. She leaned back in the chair and folded her hands behind her head. She was grateful her shift was nearly over, she was ready to go home and rest and maybe practice with her flag.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Beautiful Omni City (open)


    I look into the mirror in my personal bathroom as I check myself for the party. My yellow sundress complementing my lush peach complexion as it conceals my large bust and stellar curves. However it shows off my bronzed and toned triceps and legs, as my calf muscles portray physical distinction, I equip my golden heart ankle bracelet as well as my gold G-Shock watch that dad spent a small fortune on. He had it custom made, there was a cat emoji where the G logo should be. That and a new car for graduation? I was certainly blessed. I look down at my sleek feet as the red paint on my toes were flawless, but did make the yellow seem a bit 'passive'.
    "Hope this don't mess up my Fung Shui..."
    What a funny word. It suddenly prompted me to randomly burst into ninja chants as I kick my leg up and hold out my arms in martial fashion. "Whataaah! Huah! Seeyaaahhh!" Underneath the goofiness was also stern discipline. Dad gave my Krav Maga lessons when I was 8 all the way until last year. Almost a decade worth of classes, and I've never fought. Which is good. Everyone knows fighting isn't the battle itself. Would be cool to be in a spy movie though...hmm. I pause in motion when I see Kendra with a face so red from laughing and holding it in that she resembled a tomato about to explode. I chuckle and slowly lower my leg as she tosses me my yellow low cut vans sneakers.
    Kendra: "Lookin good Bruce Leeana haha."
    "Oops...heheh. Sorry I'm random at times."
    I take my hair down out of my ponytail as it drops a little past my shoulders. Kendra's was nice and naturally curled, and she was a blonde so she would get instant play at the party. Brunettes have to work a tad bit harder however, as I begin straightening my hair with a hot comb. Kendra also brings my phone in and places it on the counter revealing about 13 new messages and some missed calls.
    Kendra: "Basically your teammates saying they're down to go. I can text them for you what time are we all leaving?"
    "Umm....hmm....let's go around 8:30? It starts at 8 so we'll probably get there when it's starting to fill up."
    Kendra: "Okee doke!"
    Kendra sends the messages as well as grabbing her own phone and hitting up her friends as well. She then takes a moment to stare at me from the doorway. I catch her stares from my peripheral view and I squint slightly at the weird gazing of my roommie.
    "...what is it?"
    Kendra: "You're gorgeous Harmony, like seriously."
    "Aww thanks you are too, and you're blonde so you'll do just fine here."
    Kendra: "Naw but you're like...glowing. You just have this...radiance about you."
    "Well, glad to know I have a suitemate that's sweet. See what I did there?"
    Kendra smiles and rolls her eyes as she wanders off to her room. She still had on her country style plaid shirt and short denim shorts on. I could picture her with a cowboy hat and boots on and still be fierce and sexy. I loved fashion and diversity, heck I might even try that look one day. After a bit my hair is fully straightened and I unplug the hot comb to hear my VI program go off, whom I named VIVI. Virtual Intelligence Viral Interface. Not only does it access and store commands, but it uses a small (safe) virus that ties thousands of different relative words and topics based on the command you gave it, leading to a generic version of "human conscience". Still needs work though. I enter my room while thowing on my vans to see I have a notification via Facebook about the party.
    "VIVI, select 'attend' and also send the invite to all my friends that go to UMet."
    VIVI: Sending......process complete.
    I take a moment to surf the web. I bring up the popular searching engine GooHoo and type in 'Radiation wordlwide'. A ton of articles and results come up. The same thing the news was saying, a bunch of theories and such but nothing solid. Congress was in meeting at this very moment about legislation on domestic and foregin sanctions on radiation and eco-crimes/factors crossing over into other nations. You ask me, this should've been done long ago, before it was a problem. I then search for 'United Metro Athletics'. I go to the athletic site and select women's volleyball. I just wanted to see my picture and stats. It seemed so conceited but I was proud of where I was. 5'10" and I was relatively the shortest on the team....yikes. Outside Hitter was a great position for me though.
    Kendra: "Omni City High School, Missouri All-State, Record holder most career assists in the nation (6,960), State, and County. Most Assists in a high school match...100!? Most assists in a season (2,468) , Most Assists per match all-time nation (88.1), National, State, and Country record for most kills in a match with 72 kills....Jesus!"
    I jumped mildly when Kendra showed up over my shoulder reading the computer screen. Most people don't follow a sport like women's volleyball unless they want to get a score of our bodies out there running around in short shorts and tight uniforms, so innately I was impressed when Kendra read and knew the stats well. I had to admit I didn't know much about cross country, it was just running right? I couldn't reciprocate. I blush a bit at the reading of the records I had worked so hard for. My dad practically took me to hell and back every summer getting in shape for the season. He mixed a training regiment from the olympic volleyball teams with a workout plan from the U.S. Special Forces. Needless to say...I dominated with physique and performance. I remember my body literally being unable to move after training, I'd just lay on top of an air vent for hours. I could smell Kendra's perfume lingering over me.
    Kendra: "You guys are ranked #7 in the nation in pre-season polls. You guys ready for the bigs like Texas and Stanford?"
    "Oh yeah we are."
    It was nice to have someone to talk to. Dad was always at work when I was home, mom was always at the bakery. Didn't have any siblings or anything, and our other family was half a state away. I had a ton of friends I graduated with and are still around Omni C, but I want a real close circle. People I know I can trust and come to for anything. My contemplation is snapped as our suite door knocks and I hear a barrage of female voices. Teammates. I skip to the door and open it as screams of festiveness fill my ears. About 4 of my teammates appear with alcohol in hand in short denim shorts and tube tops. The senior team captains Emily, Sarah, and Whitney, along with another freshman Alexa. I hug them as they enter in and sit on the stools in the kitchen. It seems a few already know Kendra as they speak and hug her as well.
    Whitney: "You're wearing the sundress to the party?"
    Emily: "So you're just asking boys to cop a feel under that dress. You need to change. Trust me when you see this party, you'll understand why."
    "Alrighty then."
    I prance back into my room and immediately open my drawers for attire more...appealing to the pary scene. Apparently there were about to be pedophiles and creeps about, and obviously I wasn't stupid about drugs and things being there as well...this must be one heck of a party cooking up. Emily and Alexa follows me in to see VIVI and more electronics around my laptop.
    Emily: "Whoa dude those are awesome. They said you were smart with these things..."
    "I've been tampering with things like that since I was a pre-teen. It just makes sense to me ya know?"
    I throw off my sundress and kick off my vans revelaing my black and red undergarments.
    Alexa: "Ayy nice figure! You're chisled up nice, oh yeah...you'll find someone tonight.."
    But that wasn't my motive. I just wanted to go and have a good time and see what all the fuss was about with these college parties. Maybe I meet some new people, maybe I meet my future husband. That wasn't the goal, I just wanted to have one night to completely unwind and let go before the start of classes. Who knows what the night has in store, but I was ready. I find some accessories and throw on my pink hybrid top with a knit woven skirt mom made for me. I reach into my endless arsenal of shoes and grab my pink Nike air max 90s and put them on. I exhale a breath and stand up before the girls as they give the thumbs up. We walk back out into the den where the others have already started shots.
    Whitney: "Damn girl you're glowing...okay! We can take this to go we need to go get the others and head to this PARTAAAYYYY!!"
    "Who are we getting?"
    Sarah: "The whole team. We're walking to their rooms so we can roll DEEP to this party. Most athletes are in this dorm but a few are over at Seacrest."

    We all gather our things as we begin to make way to the other side of campus. I grab my pocket book, ID, keys, and phone and lock the door behind me as I join the girls onto an epic night of wonder and adventure.

    ID (open)


    My first college party. I was excited. We used to throw massive functions in high school, but never in Omni. We'd travel a few miles out of town near the lake and have a blast, of course cops were the end result everytime. The campus was crawling with life, I swear it had to be about 2,000 roaming campus right now. A few whisltes from men and some shouts of random joy echoed through the campus all over. The time was nearing.
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  10. The bus was dirty, smelled like urine and was populated by many disgruntled people. Aaron didn't mind, despite being raised by incredibly wealthy parents, Aaron slightly enjoyed experiencing what he never could living with his parents.

    Aaron rocked as the bus came to its stops, knocking shoulders with the large man next to him. He glanced over to Aaron, who could feel himself being examined. Aaron attempted to break the ice with a smile, but the man looked down Aaron's figure and scowled before looking away. Aaron couldn't help but feel small by the mans obvious discrimination. The stranger seemed larger, more intimidating.

    Aaron made one last shift as the bus came to his stop. He stood up and walked to the automatic doors as fast as possible, trying to draw as little attention as possible. The other man got from his seat as well, moving slowly as Aaron exited.

    Aaron stepped onto the pavement, and on the cuff of his pants. Aaron tripped, fell forward, but caught himself just before hitting the pavement. His hands stung, he lowered himself onto his elbows, then shifted onto his side, raising his scraped hands up to his eyes and just beyond them the man who smiled and walked away.

    The bus drove away as Aaron stood up and wiped his hands briefly on his sweater. He watched the man as he walked away, trying his best to remain at least a little bit calm before he presents himself in front of his peers. He looked down to his pants, the cuffs of which seemed impossible to step on now, even revealing a bit of ankle unusual to his generally concealing attire.

    He simply shook his head, sighed with a bit of a catch and continued his journey putting his bloody hands into his sweater.
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  11. [BCOLOR=transparent]The gaggle of girls continued down the sidewalk, closing in on the University and party area. Other groups passed them every so often, usually girls but the occasional male or males that took the opportunity to cat call or simply wink and send a few of Faris’s roommates into fits of blushes and giggles. She would smile, but at the other girls’ reactions. She wasn’t the type to be impressed by something like brazen flirting, though she was sure she’d encounter plenty of it tonight unfortunately. She required seeing something deeper in another person. It’s why she never fit in with the rich kids she was supposed to be friends with. They didn’t have the depth the lower class had.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her thoughts on this were interrupted however as the faint scent of blueberry hit her nose. Her tan skin wrinkled, and they started to pass a guy blowing smoke into the night air. The other girls stood a few feet off, walking around the figure wielding a longboard, but Faris hung back. One of her friends turned around, giving a sneer as she looked between her roommate and the rather average appearing male. “Um… you coming?” she asked, looking confused.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yeah, see you there,” Faris said, hardly an emotion on her face. The blonde who had spoken rolled her eyes and continued on while Faris just walked next to tall man like she belonged there. After a moment of silence, she finally looked over at him with a smirk. “Lost?” she asked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]At first Baron made a nearly unnoticeable glance. Typically someone speaking to him meant quit smoking, don’t walk here. Yet this was not the case. second he takes a drag from his e-cig while contemplating. “The name is Aaron. Lost could be a good word for it.” Now noticeable attention was drawn to Faris. However he never skipped a beat while walking down the street.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Faris just continued looking over at the guy with eyebrow raised while they walked alongside each other, listening when he finally spoke. “I’m Faris,” she started, about the invite him to the party.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Pleasure to meet you, I would bet you know the perfect place for the new guy in town to burn some time?” Aaron interrupted with a smile on his face.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Faris hesitated, mouth parted when the guy interrupted her. She would have been angry normally but since he was polite about it, it was hard to fault him. So she smirked and gave a little shrug, looking ahead of her as they got closer to their destination. “Yeah, I do. Finding somewhere to crash after is all you though,” she said, pushing some hair back and turning a corner onto a street where houses and apartments were lit up and loud.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Focus wasn’t aimed at the houses surrounding them, more on the conversation and path ahead. “It took a little bit of travel to get to Missouri, I’ll be ok on finding somewhere to sleep. So what are we looking at here?” Another drag was taken from his e-cig, as he waited for her response.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Faris saw her group of friends up ahead entering a large, campus house that had the front door perpetually open for the night, welcoming all freshman and stragglers, jocks and wannabe playboy bunnies. The girl just kept her arrogant smirk and looked back to the guy beside her. “Well, it’s fresh meat day. All the new kids moving into their dorms… looking for a way to relax and… make friends before classes start,” she said, obviously meaning something more than making friends by her tone of voice. She nodded towards the row of buildings across the street, waving her hand towards them half heartedly. “Feel free to pick your poison,” she shrugged, her own eyes darting around, taking in the wild scene of young adults just starting their parties, honking cars, loud music, groups walking down the sidewalks and the first red cup tossed on a lawn.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aaron couldn’t help from smirking when she said “fresh meat day”. While entering the campus house property he places his e-cig into the nearest pocket of his military style backpack. Once Faris finished speaking, Aaron chuckled. “Sadly my poison is unlikely in a scene like this.” Despite saying this Aaron was still occasionally scanning the area. Examining all the people walking around for utter brief moments. Subconsciously picking out individuals who may be easy pickpocket/gambling targets later tonight. “However that’s never stopped me from adapting before. Which poison would you pursue? Also which college is this?” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Faris raised an eyebrow when Aaron said he couldn’t find his poison here. After all, if alcohol, drugs, and half naked girls weren’t his vice, what was? She made a soft ‘hmmm’ sound under her breath, thinking to herself before he spoke up again. She looked over to the guy and her smirk returned, kicking her boots against the pavement a little as she turned her pace towards a house across the street. “I guess I better warn you now. I have a problem with rage,” she admitted, very honestly, her necklace straightening and pressing its chain into the back of her neck and leaving a red mark while memories flashed in her mind, so that she never even noticed the metal’s movement. “So alcohol… I suppose is mine. Makes me not hate everyone so much,” she said with a little shrug, making her way into the yard and up the front steps with Aaron. “And welcome to Metro University’s campus,” she added on before the sound of thudding music pierced their ears. [/BCOLOR]
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  12. Isaac Ruiz entered the break room with a sigh, crossing the room to his locker and pulling out a water bottle and cellphone. One of his coworkers, Max, was also there and after waving for him to come over, Isaac pulled up a seat next to him.

    “How’s life?” Max asked.

    “Tiring, like normal,” Isaac shrugged, scrolling through his texts. “Hey you know that cat, Duchess? She’s been here for about two and a half weeks and her family was supposed to be gone for only one.”

    “Maybe she just slipped out of their minds.”

    Isaac shook his head. “We’ve called them twice already and no response.” He had even met Duchess’s owners and they didn’t seem like the kind of people who would abandon their pet. In fact the daughter spent a long time saying goodbye to Duchess before coming right to him and telling Isaac to take good care of her. Duchess wasn’t even a bad cat either; he never had any problems taking care of her. She was quiet but sweet and playful, especially if she gets used to you. So it puzzled him and made him a little sad if Duchess was really abandoned like that.

    “We’ll just have to wait and see. Anyways, got any plans for tonight?”

    “Sleep. I start a new semester tomorrow.” Plus he would officially start his clinicals, bringing him so much closer to graduation. No more generals or pointless classes thank goodness.

    “What? No before school parties? You could find yourself a hot babe you know!”

    “Been there, done that, didn’t enjoy it. I’ll pass.” He waved at Max, pulling up a game on his phone. It was unfortunate enough his apartment was next door to U Met living complexes and fraternity houses, so he was definitely going to be hearing music jams all night. Maybe he and his friends should stuff the cracks in their apartment with blankets to block out sound, or even better find a motel for the night. Max shook his shoulder and pointed to the TV before them.

    The local news station’s logo flashed on screen, interrupting the soap drama currently playing. The anchor started dictating a story about birds dropping out of the sky and radiation in the air. Terrorism was thrown as a possibility but the anchor didn't elaborate due to the ongoing U.N. investigation lacking any evidence before signing off with a warning to be safe.

    “That’s kinda scary,” said Max.

    Isaac agreed, but the story slipped out of his mind as he pocketed his phone and returned to work.
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  13. Bella Marie Johnson

    Bella was in her room, she was watching some horror movie. It was about teenagers; the basic "Run! He's Coming!" kind of movie. Bella thought it was funny the way they acted in the movie. If that was her, she would have just took the guy's head off. As simple as that. Then Bella's phone started to ring. "Hello?" "Bella! It's me." Bella rolled her eyes it was her friend, Marisa. You know the friend that always wants you to go out with them? The one that gets you into so much trouble? That was Marisa.

    "Hey Marisa. What's the news now?" Bella muted her TV, the girl in the movie was screaming her head off. Bella was feeling like doing the same thing right now. "Bella, OMG. There's this party tonight. You have to come with me!" Bella looked at her phone, if she could only shoot daggers through it right now. "I am not going to some party." Bella heard Marisa huff on the other side of the phone.

    "Come on it's a college party. College guys, college booze!" Bella did not think a college party was a good thing. Marisa of course she looked old enough to get in. Bella was sometimes mistaken to be a 10 year old by most people. "We can not get into a college party. They will smell us out right at the door." "Bella please! Come on, you wouldn't want me to go by myself would you?"

    There was that good ole guilt trip. Marisa was a pro at getting Bella to do things by guilting her into it. "...Fine! Give me an hour to get dressed." The screaming coming from Marisa was more torturing then anything the movies had. "OMG! You won't regret it. I'll come pick you up Bell." Bella hung up her phone. Now she was stuck going to a party, not a high school one but a college one. She would know only Marisa and that's it. Great!

    Bella stood up out of her bed. She was about to turn her TV off. She noticed that there was a news man on it. They must of interrupted the movie. When Bella turned the volume back on, she heard the news broadcast. "Birds?" Bella just shook her head, birds and terrorism? She turned off the TV. She had to find something nice to wear.

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  14. From Maevah's condo apartment to the studio was about a half an hour drive. She could go other ways, but the way she normally took was the quickest and easiest to get through. It was also passing the UMet Campus. She never paid much mind to the campus, as she hadn't had to attend any sort of University to become a professional dancer. Tonight was the first night before classes were to start, and so Maevah knew there would be many parties going on, if not hundreds all along the next few blocks. Sometimes she was into partying, but she didn't do much else besides dancing and yoga, which didn't leave much time for it.

    Maevah was extremely observant, her eyes constantly taking in her surroundings and it's details. As she drove, she slowed down to the posted limit as it was technically a "school zone", and gazed around silently before her eyes coming to rest on a girl seeming to struggle, holding a stapler in one hand, the other attached to the board she had been putting papers up on. Maevah's perfectly manicured brow went up, her expression shifting from neutral to surprised. She slowed the car to a stop on the side to parallel park a few feet away from the girl and got out to help, as other teens continued to walk by her.

    "Are you okay? Can I help you?" she called, pproaching the girl. She hoped the girl was okay, and figured she might like a hand.
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  15. About an hour later, Kevin had finished with the woman's tattoo, bandages and told her about caring for it and all that mandatory stuff, and she had paid and left. In that time, Cara had also managed to fidget with every little item on the front desk. Kevin soon joined her at the desk again.

    "That sounded like it went well." Cara said, setting down the paper airplane she had made.

    "Yeah, she didn't complain or anything. We managed to have a nice conversation." Kevin replied. He stood up and made his way to the front window. "And... It's closing time." He shut off the neon 'OPEN' light in the window.

    "Great," Cara says, and she opens the register. She pulled out a metal cash box, and started counting the day's earnings, setting the bills into their separate slots. When she was done she closed the box and started walking to the back of the room.

    "How much?" Kevin asked from his station. He was cleaning and sterilizing his equipment.

    "Not as much as yesterday, but still good." Cara replied before she walked into the manager's office. She gave the box to Mrs. Nelson, the manager/ owner, and they talked for a few minutes before they said their goodnights.

    "Are you about done, Kevin?" Cara asked as she passed his station. "If not, I'm leaving without you."

    "I'm almost done." He was putting away his needles and equipment. The other two workers had left by this point, so it was just the two of them. "I know you wouldn't leave without me."

    That was true enough. As much as she enjoyed being alone, she didn't like walking to the bus stop alone. Granted, she could drive to work, but she wasn't a big fan of that either. "Fine, I'll wait." She sighed dramatically as she grabbed her back pack out of her locker in the back and took a seat on one of the chairs in the waiting area. It wasn't long before he was done and got stuff and they left.

    They walked down the street and took a right, and the bus stop wasn't far from there. Kevin drove his car to work, unlike Cara, so he wouldn't be waiting for the bus with her. "Have a good evening, Finch."

    "There's no reason to call me by my last name, uh... Wimberley!" She retorted, trying to find his last name in the deepest recesses of her mind. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to hear it. She shoved her hands in her pocket and took a seat on one of the benches, allowing herself some time to think before the bus showed up.
  16. [​IMG]

    The night was already epic. On the way to the party which I now learned was at a frat house, we scooped up the volleyball team one by one. There was myself, Emily, Sarah, Whitney (the three senior captains), and another freshman like me, Alexa. In my dorm, which was the athletes dorms were most of the other team as well. It wasn't mandatory that athletes stayed in McCloud, but it was more convenient for us I suppose. A few of the other girls stayed in Seacrest Hall, which was an upperclass co-ed dorm. From McCloud we'd picked up Sydney, Ali, and Kasey, all freshman too. After all the newbies were rounded up we went to the 3rd floor to get Carly, Courtney, Linda, Emily T (as opposed to senior Emily W.), and Julia who were sophomores. We were on our way to Seacrest now, all of us being loud and hyper for tonight's events. They were passing the alcohol around as I skipped every time. Funny how we all had on short shorts and tube tops, and here I was ready to wear a sundress. We go up to Seacrest and wait at the front door where a few students are chatting and smoking. We sit along the rails as Carly and Alexa start to walk and balance on them. I chuckle and shake my head as Kendra and her cross country and Track & Field teammates conjoin with our group. There were now about 35 dressed out females ready to party. I knew for a fact as soon as we entered heads would turn at how deep we were.

    Whitney: "LYDIAAAAA!!!! REGANNNN!!!! Let's GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

    A few more shouts and chants followed from the team. Kendra and her girls talked silently as I walk up to join the conversation. They were talking about classes and courses and such, and I knew I would have a load this year, I heard that the 1st year is the best year, so I was definitely going to live it up...while obviously keeping ahead in my studies as well. I didn't know if I was going to start this year or not, I played Outside Hitter and Libero in high school, but college was a whole new ball game...literally. After moments the final two teammates come down and the volume of chatter increases as they all scream and hug each other. Of course I said my respects as well. Now it was go time, time to get the show on the road. PARTY TIME!!! The frat house from what they were saying was only about a 5 minute walk from where we were. Perfect. The humid night air runs through our skins as we welcome a not-too-hot dark sky. The arsenal of ladies and myself all walk arms locked down University Boulevard towards the frat house where the party was...and we all froze in our tracks after what we saw.

    Sarah: "Forgot to tell ya Freshmen...see these houses all having parties? It's called The Pride Circle. We make it look like we're having separate parties so when the campus police come the noise seems diluted, when in reality...we all come together and party.....like that."

    Sarah points ahead to the frat houses and greek buildings. The frat house was still blocks away, but cars were lined up all the way down Lion's Lane (alias for University Blvd.) Lights were flashing from the distance of the houses and we could hear roaring of a massive crowd as if there was a rivalry football game happening at this very instant. My jaw dropped. I could literally see people on top of the house from where we were, still blocks away. Bass from the music vibrates the streets even from this distance. I had to admit I was getting nervous and excited at the same time. I had been to parties, but THIS!? This was another level. All of the girls squeal and become giddy at the thrilled view of this massive party. 8:48PM, and this was already the best night ever. We couldn't even hear each other speak by the time we approached the front entrance. A couple of the frat boys instantly ID's us as the volleyball team and lets us through, followed by Kendra and the women's runners of UMet. One of the frat boys escorts us to the backyard, with every male in that place looking at all of us like we were prey to be pounced upon. It was thrilling, and a bit creepy. The smell of party smoke and a vision full of strobe lights and colored lights surround the vicinity. After a wave of heat and bodies from the inside, we step out to the crisp smell of pool water as the fratmate leads us up some stairs to the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the entire party poolside. Oh. My. God. I could do this forever.

    Fratmate: "Yoooooooo!!!! It seems that the lady athletes of UMet have came out to 'play' if ya know what I mean!!! MAKE SOME NOISEEEEE!!!"

    What followed seemed like an instant tsunami of overpowered decibels as the crowd tosses up drinks an rages on at the sight of all us ladies at the party. There were females here before, but everyone knows the more girls, the better the party. I look through the crowd at some of the boys looking back at us. Only one intent look in their eyes, and it wasn't for a high five if you catch my drift. Nevertheless, this party was only reserved for the gods. I knew the party would be a bit crazy, but I had No. I...dea.

    The Party:

    UMet Volleyball gals (open)

    The Team:

    Alexa -FR - 5'6"

    Sydney - FR - 6'1"

    Lydia -JR - 6'6"

    Carly - SO - 5'9"

    Ali - FR - 5'9"

    Whitney - SR - 6'3"

    Courtney - 5'5" - SO

    Sarah - SR - 5'9"

    Regan - JR - 6'2"

    Kasey - FR- 6'1"

    Linda - SO - 5'4"

    Emily T. - SO - 6'3"

    Julia - SO - 6'2"

    Emily W. - SR - 6'2"

    Kendra: "Come on girl let's see what you got!!"


    Kendra begins to dance to the music moving and swaying from side to side. I smile as I begin to sway with her, hands in the air matching the beat in a typical way females would dance. The volleyball team then surrounds me and starts to point and cheer as Kendra and I waste no time engaging in the festivities.

    "I got something for ya..."

    I began to stretch my arm out as I send a wave from my right hand to my chest. From my chest I roll my belly and begin to twist my hips and send the wave down my right leg. I immediately twist my left leg and bring it back up to my hips, twisting back to my chest where I pop out as far as I can. Finally, I finish by sending the wave out of my left arm and start to do house jacks to the beat. The surrounding crowd chants me up as I continue to step and move to the music. Kendra laughs in sheer joy as she twirls her hips and moves her shoulders. I look out at the starry night sky and the outer hills of Omni City as I spot a small star....wait. That's not a star...I wasn't looking in the sky. I was looking in the hills. What is that light? I squint to focus in on the source, before it suddenly disappears. I snap my focus back to the party as the entire balcony is dancing now, all hype as we go into the night untamed. I look around in the massive crowd of potential future friends, enemies, maybe even spouse? All I could think about was one thing, well two: What was that light? And where in the heck are the wings!?

    Elsewhere (open)

    A tired and weary man walks along a desolate street with beat clothing and dry coats of red on his face. His eyes were dry from expending all the fluids his body could muster. He panted heavily as he walked down a long dry road, with overcast and darkened skies overhead. There was no thought in his brain, no motive in his heart, no will in his spirit. He simply walked....and walked.....and walked. A police cruiser strides down the road and comes to a halt when it spots the man walking with a demeanor of a zombie.
    Officer: "Dispatch I got a man out here walking alone with a dirty face and clothes are there any units?"
    The officer turns his lights on and U-turns to the man's direction. He pulls up and parks in front of the man.
    Radio: Closest Unit 8 minutes out.
    Officer: "Alright go ahead and send him. Going to investigate now."
    The man continues to walk on as he doesn't acknowledge the officer or the lights.
    Officer: "Hey bud! Sir? You okay? It's pretty dark out here what're ya doing walking this time of night?"
    Man: "Get away from me."
    Officer: "I'm just trying to see what's wrong stop for a second.."
    Man: [walks]
    Officer: "RD this is 616-52 I need that unit asap...hey sir I need to see some ID."
    Man: [walks]
    Officer: [gets in the way] "Now sir I'm being nice man I'm trying to see what's wrong. Show me some ID and sit down on the ground for me. Now I have to ask do you have any warrants or a criminal past? Answer me truthfully."
    Man: "...no."
    Officer: "Where's your ID?"
    Man: "In my pocket"
    Officer: "Your face is a mess bud is that blood on your face? You been crying? What's going on man I'm here to help you."
    Man: "You can't help me....[sits]"
    Officer: "Show ID please sir."
    The man glares at the officer as he remains unmoved on the ground. The officer keeps his hand on a radio and other on his taser in suspiscion of any lude acts.
    Officer: "Listen I'll have to detain you if you have a lack of ID, I have a squad car incoming do you need medical assisstance?"
    Man: [shakes his head repeatedly]
    Officer: "You gotta tell me what's wrong, why is your face bloody and your clothes dirty?"
    Man: "Something happened to me.....[tears up]....I couldn't control it..."
    Officer: "Dispatch send an EMS unit as well...ok listen bud I'm going to detain you just until my partner comes okay? Stand up for me please sir."
    Man: "....they all.....just...."
    With a stalking and slow build up the immediate area around the man begins to vibrate as his eyes widens and he jumps from the ground. The cop unsnaps his side taser and reaches a hand out to the man.
    Officer: "Sir you need to relax! Hands up!"
    Officer: Dispatch we have a 10-66 and a possible code 30 the ground out here is shaking like some sort of earthquake...sir! Sir....calm down and get on the ground, hands on your head now."
    Man: "No please!!! Not again not again....."
    The man holds his head as if he's having a severe breakdown. He drops to his knees as the cop quickly takes advantage and uses the moment to attempt to cuff the man. The man jerks away and the cop begins into a struggle. The man jumps up and tries to run and the cop unsheaths his taser and aims at the man.
    Officer: "Please don't make me do this!!! Get down!"
    The man raises his arms in a false sense of a shield from the taser as the cop reiterates for him to get down. The area around the man starts to shake more violently, but nowhere else in the area is there any type of vibration. A faint siren can be heard in the distance as the 2nd car is arriving. The cop inches in on the man as he takes his cuffs out to arrest him. And then a loud boom, followed by a shockwave.
    The 2nd cruiser speeds down the desolate highway as the lights and sirens from the 1st car completely vanishes as a wave of smoke, metal, and glass fire up through the air. The second officer curses and pedals the gas in a rush to investigate the grisly scenario before him.
    2nd Officer: "Holy hell! Dispatch Unit 616-52 has just 11-83'd! 11-99 right now send that EMS!"
    The squad call pulls up and slams on brakes as his lights flash around the immediate vicinity to spot nothing but a totaled cop car and a bloody body of the 1st cop impaled through the windshield. the 2nd cop nearly stumbles and collapses in shock before running over to check the vital signs of his partner. He touches the blood-riddled flesh of his copmate and the pulse slowly fades out.
    2nd: "NOO!! Hang in there man.."
    He looks around using the flash from the cop lights to spot anyone. He draws his pistol and focuses out in the large sandy field on the side of the road where they were pulled over. He wanted to go so bad, but he couldn't leave his fellow officer.
    2nd cop: "11-99!!!! HURRY!"
    The man doesn't look back as he runs weak with all the energy and stamina his body could muster. His eyes fill with tears and extreme bawls once more, as he runs into the night sky in the direction of the Midlands.

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  17. "Dear Daisy,
    My husband and I have been going through a rough patch. Last summer he had an affair with this woman who was twenty years younger than him! I caught them together and he apologized and I accepted on the condition that he would never commit such an act again. But now one summer later I just can't trust him. He stays out late and he comes back really tired and I know it's not because of his job, because he's a librarian! I just don't know what to do. I think he's cheating on me again, hell, he might have never stopped! What should I do?
    From Jilted Lover"

    Darcy stared down at the letter in her hand, because, seriously? She always wondered how people got to be so damn stupid. The solution to this woman's dilemma should be clear, but she's still asking for guidance? "U-ugh." Darcy groaned, spinning in her chair and closing her eyes so she didn't get dizzy. Her coworker, Xiomara, the 'strange news' columnist glanced over. "Sup girl, dumb sender again?" Darcy rolled her eyes and nodded, her co-worker laughed, flipping her thick black locks behind her shoulder. She approached Darcy and made grabby hands at the letter, which Darcy handed her. Xiomara read the letter for a second before scoffing and tossing it on the desk. "Psh, you know what I'd tell her to do?" Darcy had a hunch, but she still asked "What?" Xiomara cracked her knuckles. "I'd tell 'jilted lover' to crack the mistresses' head against a brick wall, and then doubled back and stomp on her hubbies nuts, ya know?" Darcy burst into laughter, and some of their male coworkers began to not so subtly inch away from them.

    "Yeah, I'm supposed to provide non violent answers, remember?" Darcy drawled before setting up 'Word' on her computer and beginning type. Xiomara shrugged and returned to her own desk. "If women started sticking it to their men, the world would be a lot less sad, bro." Was the last thing she said before one of the 'Actual Article Assholes' from the upper level news floor burst into their office. Darcy and her co-workers immediately went on guard and sneered at the newcomer. It was no secret that the 'AAA's' were immensely disliked by Darcy and her kind. They thought that their news was more important because it was 'cold hard facts based on real life experiences and events' and Darcy's and her coworkers sections were just fluff nonsense. Xiomara had threatened to kick their asses many a time and they had stayed away because nearly everyone feared her, so Darcy wondered why they were here now.

    "Big news everybody!" The newcomer announced and Darcy recognized him as, Sam Terry, or as most people called him 'Sweaty Sam'. He had an atrocious gland disorder and you could always smell him before he arrived, so when he entered, a huge cloud of noxious gas accompanied him.

    "Really? What?" Darcy's coworker, Daniel the obituary page guy asked, with mock interest.

    "A small town was literally wiped off the face of the earth!" Sam exclaimed as if he had just found out gland surgery cost five bucks.

    "That is really freaking terrifying dude, do you mind not sounding so damn happy?" Darcy snapped, and Sam had the common sense to let his mile wide smile, drop a few inches at the corners.

    "Anyway, boss wants you guys to totally avoid any triggers and to not suggest traveling at any time. So, Darcy I know you're like the mother hen of all those poor women who send you their dirty laundry, but don't suggest them to be their own women and go out and take on the world! Kay?" Sam said, kicking his voice up a few octaves to mimic a woman's voice. He then thrust his fist into the air and struck a 'girlish' pose before skipping out of the room.

    "What a sexist douche." Daniel grumbled and the rest his coworkers agreed, before turning back to their work and editing out any triggers and travel suggestions.

    "Dear Jilted Lover,
    You know what? Don't even call yourself that because you're making it sound like you're the other woman. Your husband is an unfaithful bag of $%@ and you need to drop his sorry butt. Trust me, there are much better fish in the sea. And you know what? You don't even have to find another guy! You can do whatever you want! Listen, I know you forgave your husband last time because you didn't want to be alone. But single life is not as scary as it sounds, in fact it's liberating! In the end, it's up to you to decide what to do, but I know you'll do what's right.
    Yours Truly, Daisy"

    "I'm going on my break!" Darcy called as she finished typing the last of her responses and grabbed her stuff. "Be safe, girl! Don't piss anybody off!" Xiomara called as she left. Darcy didn't respond, she couldn't possibly promise that. Especially since she was going to get Sam back for being such a sexist sack of crap.
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  18. Aidan
    A Jam for my Friends (open)

    It didn't take long for Benn and I to arrive at our destination. The place wqs already packed, which was to be expected. Benn was just grinning like a madman, hyped off what he already knew about the parties here. We parked a good two blocks out and made our way into the thick of the party.

    There were so many people there already, it astounded me to no end. My eyes continued to catch glimpses of beautiful women from the University. Ine of them had just begun to dance, putting on a slight show by herself. I found myself watching her move for a couple minutes before I caught myself and diverted my attention.

    Suddenly Benn grabbed me and screamed over the music to me.

    "Dude! You wanna make a name for yourself?! We just got an offer to play here tonight! We just gotta call the boys and have them bring the gear!"

    I suppose the look I gave him was one of surprise, because he just laughed and patted my back.

    "I got you, bro! Meet at the main stage in the building next door and we'll set up in an hour!"

    With that he bailed. I would have to admit that this made me nervous. Performing for strangers who I'd likely never encounter. These people on the other hand I'd be attending University with. I would see many of them on a daily basis. If I screwed up somehow...

    No, thinking like that was pointless. I'd performed now dozens of times. We'd do great. In the mean time, I figured I may as well just hang out for a bit. I grabbed a drink, mingled a little with a few ladies. They were apparently all members of the school's volleyball team. Very attractive ladies to be sure.

    Now I just had to wait for Benn and the others. I was always far more comfortable with a microphone in my hands and a crowd in front of me.
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  19. Damien, sky blue

    I have always really, Really, hated goodbyes. I have said many as a child, thinking that it just meant that i would see them the next day, but as i have grown from the years, i realized that it was just a loud of crap. After saying goodbye to my brother in Toronto...And my grandfather dying a few months before that, i have learned not to say goodbyes...Well as my grandfather said, "The Moment When My Swan Song comes, Is when I Face My Sorrow." So i agree with the quote, so I'm not ready to face sorrow, not even sure if i have felt it yet.

    I didn't say goodbye to my parents, Since they know I don't say goodbye, so they had a party a few days back for more of a party for me going to college, they were really sad to see me go, their last child now an adult. I had my Headphones on listening to music while i waited for the time to pass, it was a long drive, but music always helped me kill time and lighten my mood. As the Grey Hound came to a stop, I quickly paused my music and slid my headphones onto my neck, then ran off the bus but suddenly came to a stop. The University looked huge, It was one of the best universities in the world, And I was ecstatic that i was one of the ones accepted, but I was still confused of why they chose me, other then my good grades, I still felt weird about my second year being here.

    I walked down the campus, My brown backpack obviously on my back, with also two black suitcases, i didn't need much so this will last for a bit. As i walked down campus, i watched as couples sat on the grass and students heading up and down the campus. I then spot someone familiar, giving a gentle smile, i fast walk down the grass as i see my best friend from high school, Connor.

    Connor (open)

    "Oh My Fucking God, it's that Nerd from High School" Connor had been the one who was the first friend to me, he showed me the rest of the group and from those four years we became close, we were like brothers, so I knew right away that he was kidding by his sadistic humor. "Can't believe were finally here, It's amazing?" Connor and I hugged, I still couldn't believe that i was approaching my last year.
    "It's fucking beautiful, Apparently this year is going to be even more epic and more wilder for the parties, they are celebrating the first day by hosting a huge party, are you up for it Nerd?" He tilted his head, As i quickly responded. "I am not passing up a party this year, I was spending all my time studying last years that i never went to one of those parties except the time you made me do it, I'm in!" Connor smiled before hugging md and quietly yelling "Hell yeah" before he added. "Yeah that's the Day Day i have been looking for, yeah here's your key" Connor tossed me my key and the both of us headed into the building.

    Connor unlocked our doom as he gave a deep breath then pushed open the door to see their dorm, I was shocked to see the whole the living room, it was awesome and I am happy that this is the place i will be staying for the year, I wonder if the rest of the apartment is as cool as the living room. Connor and I acted like we were little kids going to a hotel for the first time, I ran up the stairs while Connor explored the downstairs, the first door i opened, i stopped in shock when i saw this Bedroom, Right away i called out. "This ones mine!"

    Connor ran up to see the bedroom, then sighing. "Damn, fine then where is the other bedroom?" I shrugged which made Connor exhale then kept looking through the apartment. I also found that next to my bedroom is my own personal washroom, which is an extra bonus.

    A couple hours later Connor and I unpacked and was fully ready for the party tonight, but all we need to bring is an extra keg after Connor was text by a friend to bring one. "Come on Day, we have to go pick up the keg." Connor yelled to me. "I'll be there in a moment." After getting myself ready, i was now ready to have some fun. Connor honked the horn and i ran to the truck, running to the other side i opened the truck door and shut it behind me as i got in.

    When we finally got to the party, a bunch of friends of Connor's greeted him, but just like high school they didn't even notice me. I walked inside seeing the huge party being thrown, it was amazing, I was definitely happy that i came to the party. I then was standing outside when i noticed someone familiar, which i was completely blown when i saw who that was, Katrina? I was friends with her in high school, some of the only friends i had in that school. I then made my way over to her to greet myself. But then stopped when i saw a light in the sky, flashing. I was confused it didn't look like an airplane, or stars but just a weird light, but then walked over to Katrina. "Hey Katrina, Don't know if you remember me but It's Damien, we were good friends in high school"

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  20. Aaron forget about the bus, as he turned the corner and saw what was going on at his destination. The place looked like the embodiment chaos. He took very little time approaching the house, but began too feel claustrophobic very quickly, without the mass of people on every side of him. Nevertheless he entered.

    Aaron winced as the music quickly took over his aural sense. Aaron did his best to weave through the sea of people, keeping to the side of the room as much as possible. As he was crushed between a wall and two intimate lovers, he noticed one of the only people that he might be able to call a friend. Allen approached him with curious eyes.

    "Aaron? I'm absolutely shocked to see you here." Allen said.

    "Yep, it's me..." Aaron said awkwardly, still within the clutches of passion and architecture.

    Allen stepped toward him, and pushed the couple away. Aaron thanked him. "It was nice seeing you here. But now I believe the hot volleyball chicks have arrived."

    Allen motioned for Aaron, who somewhat reluctantly followed him into the yard.

    Aaron was blown away by the scene outside, as what seemed like hundreds of people were dancing, drinking and laughing. Allen quickly moved into the crowd, and Aaron knew what he was intent on finding. Aaron stumbled in front of the famed Volleyball girls, to which Allen immediately began making moves on the tallest.

    Aaron felt very uncomfortable in the crowd and he couldn't see over everyone moving in front of him. He quickly lost track of Allen, and began to panic. He was tossed into someone calling another named Katrina, in full force, nearly knocking both of them over.

    "Sorry!" Aaron said. Aaron pulled himself off the other person, and into a cautious don't hurt me position, with head pulled back and arms in front close to his chest.
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