Hip Bones & a Death Wish

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  1. Warning: Please do not proceed to reading the following paragraph if you are easily triggered or highly sensitive to the subject of death and suicide, along with other mental illnesses. I have taken the accurate estimate of deaths in a year caused by suicide, but the rest about HestonVille in Oregon is made up. Do not complain to me if you are offended or butthurt over the following paragraph. You were warned.

    Hip Bones & a Death Wish
    What if I told you that over one million people commit suicide every year worldwide, meaning one pull of a trigger, overdose on pills, slit wrists, a tipped over chair, one leap from a 200 foot tall building , or one last breath as someone sinks into a bath of warm water happens every 40 seconds. This means 3,000 people a day die due to self inflicted harm to oneself, resulting in one big word everyone seems to know nowadays. Suicide. 16 per 100,000 people are estimated to act on that one big word, adding one more body to the cemetery and one less beautiful person breathing. And what if I told you that over twenty million woman and ten million men starve themselves everyday, or have suffered from this eating disorder named Anorexia. Not such a perfect little society anymore, is it? In the town of HestonVille, Oregon, there are teens that suffer from these things, hiding it all with a smile. Who would've known? An estimated amount of deaths in this one town alone is around 20 a year, mostly from the ages ranging from 13 to 18. And what if I told you, that in a town of chaos and a raging death wish, there are teens jumping off a bridge as we speak.

    In a town known for its suicide rates a year and a growing list of doctor diagnoses of depression and/or other mental illnesses, you attend schooling here in the school named HestonVille High. The highschool is gloomy, and almost every week a new suicide is announced on the overhead in first period class. With a town so depressed and dull, will you be able to maintain yourself? Will you eventually find yourself standing on a ledge of a bridge, holding a handful of sleeping pills, a razor to your wrist, a rope around your neck, or a bath tub full of water as you slowly loose your last breath in the near future?

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