Hip Bones & a Death Wish

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  1. Warning: Please do not proceed to reading the following paragraph if you are easily triggered or highly sensitive to the subject of death and suicide, along with other mental illnesses. I have taken the accurate estimate of deaths in a year caused by suicide, but the rest about HestonVille in Oregon is made up. Do not complain to me if you are offended or butthurt over the following paragraph. You were warned.

    Hip Bones & a Death Wish
    What if I told you that over one million people commit suicide every year worldwide, meaning one pull of a trigger, overdose on pills, slit wrists, a tipped over chair, one leap from a 200 foot tall building , or one last breath as someone sinks into a bath of warm water happens every 40 seconds. This means 3,000 people a day die due to self inflicted harm to oneself, resulting in one big word everyone seems to know nowadays. Suicide. 16 per 100,000 people are estimated to act on that one big word, adding one more body to the cemetery and one less beautiful person breathing. And what if I told you that over twenty million woman and ten million men starve themselves everyday, or have suffered from this eating disorder named Anorexia. Not such a perfect little society anymore, is it? In the town of HestonVille, Oregon, there are teens that suffer from these things, hiding it all with a smile. Who would've known? An estimated amount of deaths in this one town alone is around 20 a year, mostly from the ages ranging from 13 to 18. And what if I told you, that in a town of chaos and a raging death wish, there are teens jumping off a bridge as we speak.

    In a town known for its suicide rates a year and a growing list of doctor diagnoses of depression and/or other mental illnesses, you attend schooling here in the school named HestonVille High. The highschool is gloomy, and almost every week a new suicide is announced on the overhead in first period class. With a town so depressed and dull, will you be able to maintain yourself? Will you eventually find yourself standing on a ledge of a bridge, holding a handful of sleeping pills, a razor to your wrist, a rope around your neck, or a bath tub full of water as you slowly loose your last breath in the near future?

    1) Don't control someone's character.
    2) No text talk.
    3) A minimum of 3 sentences.
    4) Reply at least 3 times a day (If unable to, inbox me!)
    5) Have fun!

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  2. Introduction
    Clive woke up to the sound of his oh so annoying alarm clock, the ringing filling his ears and causing him to slam his fist down and tossing it off his nightstand. Clive was not a morning person. He sat up and placed his bare feet on the wooden floorboards of his home, standing up as they creaked and groaned under his weight. It was a rather gloomy day outside, the grey clouds overhead seeming to warn others of a possible down pour of rain. Clive pulled off his sweatpants and replaced them with dark washed jeans, then pulled on a black v-neck. He grabbed his combat boots and leather jacket from a wooden chair in the dark corner of his medium sized bedroom, and walked out into the hallway. He flipped on lights as he went, adjusting his sleepy eyes to the now bright house. Clive tossed his boots and jacket onto his dusty couch, and went to make himself some toast.
    A small droplet of rain hit the window in front of the kitchen sink, rolling down and cascading to the bottom of the slightly yellowed glass. A few more followed suit, leaving a wet stream down the glass's dusty exterior. The toast popped out of the toaster as the warmed bread's scent filled the air, Clive walking over and grabbing them with a white paper towel. The stove's clock read 5:45, so he still had some time to sit around and wake up a bit till he had to start walking to school and make it there before the bell rung at 6:30. He made his way into the dull living room and slumped onto the couch, grabbing the grey remote control and flipping on the TV as it buzzed to life with a electric whizzing sound. He went to the guide and clicked onto the new's channel, the TV screen soon being filled with colors and a broadcast of today's weather. Clive was just about to switch the channel after he'd checked the weather--though it totally obvious it was raining today--when another incident of a teenage suicide flashed across the screen. Clive didn't even bother watching the broadcast of the teen's suicide, already knowing it was yet another student from HestonVille High.
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  3. [​IMG]
    The rain was pitter-pattering against the window panes but Dimka really didn't care all that much. It rained quite a bit in this town, strangely so but weather was weather. It had been raining on his side of town for almost an hour, since 4am when he had woken up, groaning as he had dragged himself out of bed and into the kitchen to prepare lunches and food for his siblings. Despite being only a few years older than them, he'd been forced to grow once his mother had committed suicide- and all of the events that followed. Today was the 8th anniversary of his mother's death- and the start of the abuse that his father had laid onto his children. The reason woke up 6 nights out of 7 to comfort his siblings after dreams that were actually memories. Though, it had given him 'useful' life skills he supposed: cooking, cleaning, sex and a whole range of 'useful' things that he now excelled at. He was mildly musing away as he made rice and pasta dished for Dominika and Vasili's lunches, knowing that Alisa and Alezvandra were becoming more fond of salads and snacks for lunch. So continued his daily routine of making food for his younger siblings but leaving only a small portion for himself, just how he liked it.

    It was 6am by the time he had finished making the food and he quickly poured bowls of cereal for the girls and toast for his brother. He hastily showered and pulled on black galaxy pattern skinny jeans, a tight navy blue long sleeve shirt and chucked a dark tinted leather jacket over the top, before grabbing a black beanie and settling it over his head, letting his hair spike out messily. He made sure his arms were bound securely, not really wanting anyone to see the bandages and have a freak out. He was out the door in minutes, walking slowly to school and arriving at about 6:15 am, just hanging out the front and listening to a few songs on his Ipod as he waited. It was his first day afterall and he had no idea exactly what he was up for here. He was coming in as an assistant teacher but also as a student, to make up for the time he had spent in court with his father and missing his final year of school in the process.
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  4. Trinity Bosch
    Trinity woke up and flipped over. 5:29. Huh. She laid there staring at the traitorous clock willing it to move a bit faster and the second it went off, her hand moved away from her mouth and she had the remote in her hand and turned the damned thing off. Getting out of bed, she pulled on her pale pink unicorn robe, pushed her feet into her pink bunny slippers, and then stood still for a moment shooting a longing gaze under her bed to the black bin. She shook her head, and shuffled downstairs as she heard the strains of crappy country music. She gave an annoyed sigh, tightened her robe, and went to the kitchen giving her mom a hug. "Morning," she said in a cheery voice, "How are you mom? Good I hope?". "Lovely dear, remember your umbrella, it's raining" her mom said giving a light tap to her head, as Trinity grabbed her lunch bag and a bagel from the counter and went back up to her room. Throwing on a pair of jeggings and a large, soft, light reddish orange hoodie, she out on light makeup, snatched up her backpack and umbrella, shoved on her black rain boots, and jogged out the door, "Bye mom!" She called, "say hi to dad for me!" she said.
    Jogging down the path to school, she pulled out headphones and began to play Hotel California by the Eagles, and suddenly stopped at a hollow tree stump. Taking off her hated pink back pack and putting down her umbrella, she pulled a black and white checked bag from the stump, and quickly transferred all her things into it, hid her pink bag and umbrella, and resumed her trip to school. Ready for her day, she began to sprint, with a big huge smile on her face, liking the way the rain felt on her face. It was chilly, and raining, but rain was the best sort of weather. Most people hated rain, but not Trinity. Her friends thought that it contrasted with her happy go lucky kind of attitude, but in her opinion it made perfect sense. Rain was the reason for life, without there wouldn't be any life. Rain was life giving to the plants, to the animals, and to her. She trooped up the path covered in leaves and puddles, splashing in them and laughing as her music changed to the Beatles.
  5. [​IMG]
    It was 5:21 in the morning. Kisha groaned inwardly and sat up to rub her head. She got up slowly, almost reluctantly and headed over to the bathroom down the long hallway. The bathroom was a pretty teal blue, with the theme of the beach. Turning on the water, she washed her hands, staring down at her fresh cuts from the pervious night. She dried of her hands and headed back to her room to get dressed. A red shirt with ruffles? No. A black shirt with her favorite blue jacket? Yes! She changed and also put on some plain black skinny jeans. By the time she was done, it was already 6:00 and time for the bus to come. Heading out the door, she grabbed a banana and headed to the bus stop.
  6. "He's out again?"

    Clear glanced up from his plate, tilting his head a little at his mothers words before nodding his head in response. "Hm." While she had indeed asked a question, it was closer to a statement. By then both his parents were used to his older brother disappearing- sometimes even for as long a period of time as a week. Sure, his parents were worried, but they had long since lost control of their sons actions. Without Takumi there, the breakfast table itself was usually more lively. His parents chatted happily away about their work, or their hope's and dreams about Clear's future. Having long since given up on Takumi, Clear was the only hope they had left. This in turn put an awful lot of pressure on him, which he of course never complained about, but sometimes wished he could go without.

    Clear didn't really want to become the successor of the respectable Akiyama family. He didn't really wish to inherit his parents business, nor did he feel that he could always live up to their expectations. Sometimes when he didn't get good enough grades, he was frightened to go home and how it to his parents. Since their first son had been such a failure, they were dead set on making the younger boy a success. Sadly, this sort of mind set seemed to be doing more damage than good. Takumi hadn't wanted to inherit the business either, but unlike his brother Clear had neither strength nor courage to revolt. Instead he simply nodded his head like a good boy, and did as he was told.

    In actuality, he dreamt of becoming a fashion designer.

    The tall but slender youth finished his toast before standing up and putting away his dishes in the kitchen. "I'll be heading to school now," he informed, grabbing his jacket before heading outside.

    The Akiyama family lived in a small mansion on a hill. On the outside and inside both, it looked quite fancy- but just as dull as the rest of the town. It wasn't located particularly far away from school either, so Clear could walk there in about twenty minutes. Plugging in his earphones and starting a tune by Loreena McKennit, that was exactly what he did.
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  7. Iline awoke five minutes before her iPhone started ringing her alarm tone, the sound of rain dropping on a roof. She checked the time, it was 5:00! She kicked the purple sheets off of her bony body, revealing her pink tank top and loose, yellow, skirt. She hopped off the bed, and stopped the alarm. She walked over to the kitchen, and made herself some bread with Nutella on it. She ate quickly, happily skipping over to the bathroom. She stared out the window, portraying the gloomy sky. She smiled, for this meant rain. She stared at the rain drops creating their own paths as they glided down her window, abruptly stopping at the end of her visibility. She brushed her teeth, and danced to her room, where she changed into a black tee with the words 'Watch me!' on it, and jeans. She quickly slipped on her aqua sneakers and knapsack, of which was made of leather painted royal purple. She slipped on the survival bracelet, and carefully placed the locket. She jammed her phone into her left front pocket, and plugged her ear plugs in and started listening to Domino, one of her top faves. As she pushed through the door, fiddling with her phone, the rain let a drop hit the screen. She wiped it off, throwing one leg over her bike as she took off for school.
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  8. (( Oh my gosh, totally loving you guys right now lol! Nice writing <3 I'll post again once everyone has had their chance to make an opening. :) ))
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  9. (Okay, I didn't know I wrote THAT much until I finished. I tried to be descriptive, and I think it worked)
  10. (( It's a good thing to be more descriptive, it gives the other roleplayers a feel and image of the scene you're portraying. :) )) @Madeline
  11. 4:39 ticked the clock next to the bed as John laid on his back... the quiet sleep slowly began to fade away as his hands began twitching and horrific images began to cloud his mind. The gunfire rang through the halls of his mind and people, friends fell to the ground. He stood there covered in blood holding a gun in his hands... he did not move or falter, he did not speak, he did not smile, he did not cry; like stoned he stood there, stone hard on the outside and empty on the inside, hollow. As the clock ticked to 5:16 he awoke from his dreadful dream in a sudden motion, he opened his eyes slowly then looked around, he looked at the time then placed his face in his hands. Rising from his bed he walked to the bathroom and opened the little cabinet on the wall taking out a small orange bottle with a label on it which had Prazosin written on it. He turned the cap and took one little pill, he looked at the pill then looked at his face in the mirror. He closed his eyes and placed the pill back in the little orange bottle... returning the bottle to the medicine cabinet, he turned on the water and washed his face then returned to his bed and sat on it... he looked at his forearm and sighed deeply, he returned to lying in his bed and then shortly fell asleep.

    5:30 only 14 minutes later the alarm rang and John rose from the bed, he quickly put on his black cargo pants, black plaid shirt and grey hoodie, he put on his black mechanix gloves and packed his black backpack; 15 minutes later he was downstairs and tying his black boots. His mother looked at him as she stood in the hallway dressed in her business suit "Good luck at school today." she said to which John only replied with a nod as he finished tying his shoes, she looked at him with a flustered look and walked over and embraced him, to which John replied the same way "I'm just glad your home John, please don't go do the same thing again, please." she said and then let go of him "Bye mother." said John and walked out the front door.

    6:00 showed the time on his phone as he walked down to the bus station, just ways away he could see a girl on the bus station waiting. He walked up to the station and stood next to the girl looking at the ground waiting for the bus to come, he didn't look at her 'nor tried to initiate conversation. Everyone in the school was ways younger than him so he decided keeping to himself was probably the best thing, but he wasn't the one who would ignore if someone would talk to him.
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  12. ((Hello loves, I'm That0nePasta's younger sibling I'm gonna take over Zaki for him if it's okay))

    It was pointless, looking at the clock that is. He never slept anymore, his body refused to let him get the essential eight hours that it needed.

    He looked at the clock to humor himself the bright glowing green light burned its numbers into his eyes in the dark room 6:00. He knew he had to get up and he knew he had to get ready but nothing in him wanted to follow out the tasks.

    With a sigh the short male sits up his eyes fixed on the floor
    "What are you doing? Why get up? Everyone hates you...EVERYONE!!"
    Zaki gripped his head shaking it, that voice, that voice beat him down. He lets out a shuddering breath as he grips his sheets before growling under his breath and storms to his bathroom where he goes about his dairy routine.

    When he finishes its nearly seven and he makes no effort to hurry. He drags himself to the closest and pulls out his kimono and dressed
    "Who dresses like this? People will stare at you, pathetic...useless, useless!"

    Shaking his head Zaki heads out the door, his gold and black eyes squinting against the rain, he was glad that he has yet to hear thunder for he knew he was deathly afraid of the sound.

    He didn't say anything when he approached the bus station, he noticed two others but said nothing to them he frowns slightly as he keeps his distance from the two.
  13. A girl on a bike whizzed past her as Trinity jumped in puddles, danced around to her music, and slowly made her way towards the school, and in the process, getting soaked. When she finally arrived at the front entrance, her hair hung in long strands all over her face, opposite of the little style it had been in earlier. Shaking her hair, she pulled it into little buns on either side of her head, while heading towards her locker. Once there she pulled it open to reveal it had a small flowery mirror and a few small posters featuring Nural, Fall Out Boy, ACDC, and Aerosmith. She reached into the bottom of her locker she pulled out a clean and dry outfit and a tiny make up bag, placed a few things inside of the locker, and then shut it and made her way to the closest bathroom to change. She peeled her clothes off, wrung them out to the toilet, hung them on the stall, and stuffed her underwear into a small plastic bag. After pulling on a totally new set of clothes and replacing her make up and wet clothes into her locker, she wandered about the school listening to an odd mix of music, watching the people about her and making up wild romantic stories about them. The couple by the locker was a forbidden match that snuck around certain guards just to see each other, the cute guy next to the water fountain was really the long lost prince of a small forgotten nation. She continued down the hall searching for a familiar face, and making up stories about the unfamiliar ones.
  14. Having grown bored of waiting for the bus, Zaki decided to just walk to school. He growls under his breath as he hears thunder rumble over head and he tries to not flinch out of fear.

    He takes a short cut through the forested area thats behind the houses in the neighborhood of thebus stop. He enjoyed the quiet at the isolation that the forest brought on. He could actually think clearly, the many voices that the Schizophrenia brought on were silenced and he was at peace.

    The school slowly came into view and he frowned "Great..." he thought his gold and black eyes narrow at the build with students entering and exiting the building "Look at you, why even bother no one likes you...they all hate you, look he's looking at you weird, that conversation their having...its about you...."

    Zaki forced the thoughts down and entered the school.

    He shook his dark blue and blonde hair to help him clear his head. He walked down the hall avoiding eye contact with others.

    He continues to walk ignoring others until a young girl listening to music caught his attention, she looked familiar, he knows her face but not her name.

    He knows that she is in at least two of his classes.
  15. (( Sorry, I've been a bit busy these couple of days helping out with Thanksgiving cooking duties. And I was also waiting for everyone to have their share on replying, but I guess I'll just jump on in. ))

    Clive eventually clicked off the TV and grudgingly pulled on his black leather combat boots, tying the laces neatly and tucking them into the sides so they wouldn't get wet from puddles. He stuffed the rest of his toast into his mouth and made his way to the bathroom down the hallway, flipping the light on as it gave a whir of electric buzzing while he grabbed his toothbrush and wet it, squeezing the minty toothpaste onto it and brushing his teeth. Clive took a look in the old mirror after finishing with his toothbrush, his eyes lowering down to the bags under his eyes from late nights of thinking. They gazed upon his cold grey eyes like stone, dull and seemingly empty. Clive stared at his reflection for what seemed like forever, taking in every single detail of flaw it seemed to portray, not quite being able to comprehend why he couldn't think like a normal teenager for the first time in his life. Eventually Clive broke out of this slow and tedious trance, pushing the little thoughts into the back of his mind where they'll likely eat away at him later as they always seem to do.

    6:10 Clive cursed under his breath and pulled on his black leather jacket, slinging his plain black backpack over his shoulder and walking to the door. Black, black, black. It seemed to occupy almost everything he wore. Clive chuckled at this statement he thought to himself, pocketing his pack of cigarettes and lighter in his coat; he'd smoke one on the way to school. He walked down the hallway and opened the front door and stepped out into the drizzling rain, the clouds low and making things a bit foggy. His breath came out in a white cloud as he exhaled, floating upwards smoothly like the smoke of a cigarette. He began his walk to the hellhole everyone calls school, his boots scuffing against the dampened sidewalk as he reached into his coat pocket and brought out the pack of smokes. Clive pulled one out and flicked on his lighter, catching aflame the end of the cigarette as he took a small inhale of the poisonous stick. He let it out slowly and sighed in satisfaction, the smooth smoke seemingly oh so addictive. He continued this process all the way to school, breathing in, and breathing out the deadly smoke he came to love.
  16. Standing at the bus station the bus seemed to be far from arriving and the girl standing next to John seemed to be silent. He turned right and began pacing back to his home, as he arrived his mother looked at him with confusion "The bus didn't come. I am taking my car." he said and his mother nodded; he walked to the garage and sat down in the Ford Mustang RTR tossed his backpack on the sideseat, buckled in his seat and turned on the engine... as he did he sat there, there was not much things he enjoyed in life but he had to say that he enjoyed the sound of an V8 engine, even when the car idled it sounded strong and furious. The garage door opened and he pulled out to the street from where he continued along the road and passed the bus stop, seemed like the girl was still standing there, as he hit the main road he increased on the throttle and soon arrived at the school.

    He knew he was going to get odd looks from some of the students as he drove into the parking lot and parked the car, some were staring, some were ignoring him but nevertheless he was noticed. He turned off the car and got out of it taking his backpack and placing it on his back, he locked the car and placed the keys on the inside of his pocket as he continued inside of the main school building, he hadn't got a clue to where he was supposed to go or what he was supposed to do. Out of all the people two seemed to stand out the most, one was a little girl and one was a dude that seemed to have more issues than fixes to his problems, he decided it was probably best to avoid anyone until further notice but that didn't go well as he bumped into the small girl and knocked her over "Oh... I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there.""he said as he knelt down and offered her a hand.

    (((I'm going to tag anyone I interact with just in case someone get's confused. So in this case it's @April))
  17. Iline hopped off her royal purple bike and opened the school's doors, unnoticably rushing to her locker. When she opened it, she revealed her Maroon 5 poster that was inside, a purple chandelier, and a neon green mini trash can. She felt a little spoiled because of this, but it didn't affect her too much. Grabbing her books and shoving them into her knapsack, she shut the locker, and decided to sit down on a bench and fiddle with her phone. When she saw the time, she got a little nervous. (Just guessing from Tart's post) 6:10 on my first day of school here. she nervously thought, sighing and leaning against the wall whilst listening to music.
  18. (( I couldn't tag you back because I'm mobile so and your username uses the trademark symbol >.<... This works))

    As she strolled about the school, Trinity was tugging at her hair and clothes. Her clothes were now a pale rose color overall dress with a greenish top underneath. She was also wearing shorts under the skirt as she always did. Suddenly Trinity was hit with a much bigger force than her. A boy rushing down the halls, as he apologized she giggled and pulled herself off the ground, "I'm fine, I've had worse," she said with a smile on her face, and stuck out her hand, "I'm Trinity. You?" She bit her lip a bit and once she shook his hand, her thumbnail immediately went to her lip.
  19. John stood up and took the girls hand which seemed so tiny compared to his, he shook it lightly and looked at her "John..." he said as he let go of her hand "How old are you April? I know it's an awkward question to ask, but I was merely interested as you see I am not really in the target age when it comes to going to high-school." he said and smirked while letting out a slight chuckle escape his mouth. He turned his head slightly his eyes focusing on a girl behind April, she was leaning on a wall and listening to some music... he didn't notice her before although being himself quite observant of a type, after all that's what keeps him alive most of the times he returned his gaze down towards April as he waited for her reply.
  20. "The names Trinity, John" she said in a joking tone, "I'm 15 thank you very much," she defensively stated. She was pretty tiny sure but she was 15 and sure proud of it. Kicking the floor a bit, she looked at him sideways for a moment before her eyes widened a bit, "oh your not a teacher are you," and then she blushed realizing she had said that out loud, "not that there's anything wrong with that," she stumbled. Damn, sometimes she just sucked at talking she thought with a sigh.
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