Hinterkind IC

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    Once, long ago, elves were at the top of the food chain, and they ruled mercifully. When humans began to develop the ability to think, they thought nothing of it, and figured the infant race would die off or remain small and stupid. How wrong they were. Within just a few short millennia, humankind grew to unmanageable, dangerous numbers, and elves and the rest of Hinterkind were forced to go into hiding, in the forests and caves and mountains. There, they remained for an uncountable number of years, until the Blight began to kill humans. After seven months, when the majority of humans died off, Hinterkind began reappearing.

    Now, five years after the Blight ended, Linair Kina, the elven prince, was running away. That morning, he had grabbed his weapons from Linca's--the new elven territory--armory, his pack filled with clothes and provisions, and ran away. Most elves now believed that they could be just as powerful as they were when the earth was new, and that they had the right to punish the remaining humans for what they did. Linair knew this was wrong. He had been born inside Seniael, the great mountain that the majority of elves had hidden themselves in, and hadn't known what the sun felt like on his skin. After the Blight, and the elven monarchy felt safe enough to lead their people into the world of light, Linair had cried.

    The world was so beautiful. The sun, the wind, the feeling of grass beneath his feet. He loved the world in its entirety, even the humans, who had hurt the world so much. Therefore, Linair couldn't stand to see his people call for the destruction of one of Mother Earth's children. So he ran away, deciding that he would find a kinder race to make his home with.

    As he raced onto an overgrown road, Linair gazed up at the once-great city in the distance. He was perhaps a mile from its outskirts, a distance he could run in no time. Taking a deep breath, he slowed to a walk, hoping that he looked ragamuffin enough to not be immediately seen as the elven prince. "Here goes," he breathed, deciding that he would take his time walking to the city.