HIMYM/F.R.I.E.N.D.S roleplay? (One spots left)

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  1. So I've been wanting to do this for awhile and I was hoping that this role play would go on for a long time. It would be about five friends who meet each other through various circumstances and/or events and they become closer than ever.

    It would be a regular, modern role play about everyday life between the friends and there would be a bit of comedy in it and of course drama and angst at some points.

    The rules would be quite short:
    - No Godmodding/Special Snowflakes/Gary Stues/Mary Sues
    - Active people only
    - Able to post at least a paragraph (ten sentences min.)
    - Good spelling and grammar. [Not like George R.R Martin but not riddle with spelling errors)
    - No extreme topics (rape, abuse etc)

    The roleplay would take place in either New York or Canada and the groups usual hangout would be either a bar or coffee shop (or something suggested by potential players)

    RP Name potentials;

    B.F.F (Seems majorly juvenile xD)
    Unbroken Bonds (Seems too heavy >.<)
    Pals (Also seems juvenile--
    I'll be there for you

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  2. I love it! Just let me know if you start with this because I'd really like to participate :)

    As for the name thing, what about "I'll be there for you"?
  3. Hello! I love this idea! Slice-of-life apartment/twenty-something RPs are some of my favorite. :)

    What exactly do you consider active? I shoot for once a day, but sometimes I drop to once every other day. Part of my sluggish pace is due to my editing process (I type in a word document, spellcheck and revise). The other part is just creative tinkering.

    If my level of activity is all right, I'd like to apply too!
  4. @Zaira
    Great idea! I'll add that to the list. And will do. :3

    That's fine!
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  5. <<<<<<Loved Friends growing up.

    Count me in, if you will have me.
  6. @Cerulean

    Counted. ^^


    I'm actually working on this now, and the OOC/Sign up thread should be up by Friday.
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  7. Sounds good! Looking forward to it! :)
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