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    Hikikomori Virtual Academy is:
    • Accepting Applications
    • A mix of social simulation, RPG and Academy roleplay.
    • Allowing a maximum of two character per players, with a maximum of ten characters in the game.
    • Set in 2076 and follow the lives of Hikikomori in Japan.
    • Mature, but that doesn't mean porn!
    • Accepting all kind of characters, from any background, sexual preferences, ages or genders.


    It is the year 2076, and the realm of the virtual and the internet has drastically progressed the last fifty years, to the point where, in Japan, the first entirely digital academy has opened its digital door this year to the growing population of young hermits in the capital and the countryside. You are one of these social outcasts, dubbed hikikomori, and have been taking refuge in your room for quite some time. Will this be the key to getting out of your self imposed slump?

    The entry to this new institution is simple; have a working computer, an access to the internet, a virtual reality helmet and finally buy and download the file. Once there, you will be able to create your avatar and be placed in your first evaluation test to see where you stand in our premium education.

    This could be the chance of a lifetime, will you take it?


    Hikikomori Virtual Academy, or HVA for short, is a brand new attempt at bringing education and socialization to the growing population of hikikomori in Japan and, hopefully, bring them back into the fold of society. A virtual construct made for the best technology could offer, it is so lifelike that the users are able to touch, hear, see and even taste this virtual reality as it was made of physical components instead of a clever manipulation of bodily chemicals. Even more remarkably, however, is the ability to temporarily bring back lost senses or limbs within the confines of this make-believe academy.

    Created by Kurozawa Enterprises and set upon the biggest server in the world, this marvel of technology is reachable with an access to internet and a Virtual Helmet, the latest in gaming controls. Half a game, half a formidable opportunity, the Academy is set to bring enlightenment of the mind and spirit by stimulating the fancy and training it's user into a healthy lifestyle, that it may be physical, mental or social.

    The landscape and campus ever changing to fit the whims and needs of its users, the entirety of possible areas has been designed by the best architects of the world, and possess over a thousands different rooms and area as well as lifelike weather, temperature control and soundtracks. Once can change the sounds to a soothing or even energetic music by merely stating so, the same going for the world seen from windows or in the distance and the weather.

    The courses, ranging from introductory to doctorate-level, are tailored for each student via a series of evaluation and questionnaire, providing each students with a challenging and stimulating experience, whatever path may it lead them to.


    From High School age to the Golden Years, each student is welcome as long as they provide effort in their studies and are not harmful to other students. Upon first login, each student will be provided with the choice of a Persona, complete with an alias to promote anonymity and a carefree experience for all. A series of Tutorial and Examinations will be given at either need or demand, and Physical, Mental or Social Points will be handed for each good or exceptional effort made. Those points will be used to reach a set quota of grades, access more complicated courses, unlock special events and even gain special ability through their sacrifice.

    While the general appearance of a student on the outside world is expected to be average or even bland, the Persona can take any humanoid form, from bright pink hair to pointed ears. Likewise, with enough practice, a student can far outperform their usual body in feats of athleticism, and thus should be careful when exiting the Academy as to not injure themselves in overconfidence.

    To start your journey, merely fill the following Character Sheet and post it bellow:



    Fashion Style:

    Prior History:
    Greatest Dream:
    Greatest Fear:

    What do they want to do and learn in the Academy?:


    Thou shall not harm others, both OOC and IC.
    Thou shall not use OOC knowledge for getting an edge for your character(s) OOC.
    Thou shall not disappear without proper notice of absence.
    Thou shall put in good effort in each post, and will advance the plot in the best of your abilities.
    Thou shall use a spellchecker and be careful not to post anything vulgar or upsetting for others.
    Thou shall have fun!


    Nils Maugin, played by dunruffle.
    Sable, played by Khaleesli.
    Inumaki Shugo, played my Mistearea
    Ryoichi "Ryo" Tsukino, played by Muffin.


    2014/02/01 - The IC is up!
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  2. Name: Nils Maupin
    Gender: male
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: straight
    Personality: While awkward at first around new people Nils is a loyal friend to those who befriend him. He has a dark side that manifests when he is really upset or angry. Almost to the point of having a split personality. He can be very creative in finding loopholes and ways to solve problems...or he can be very blunt...He can get very sadistic in the ways he gets information and is not afraid to get his hands dirty to get what he wants.
    Likes: guns, military history, death metal/speed metal music, people who are honest and non-judgmental, loyal friends that he can count on.
    Dislikes: trolls/hackers, people who act superior to others, basically anyone that purposefully acts mean to others.


    6'0" tall, blue hair, blue/grey eyes, has tattoos all over his body along with various battle scars.
    Fashion Style:
    his appearance usually consists of attire that has military origins. Whether it be combat boots, camo pants, or combat jackets.

    Prior History:
    Nils was heavily immersed in almost every kind of shooter game there was. But after becoming disgusted with how many undisciplined people were flooding the servers he decided to look elsewhere. He grew up as an orphan and to distract himself from his harsh reality he drowns himself in virtual reality. He is currently living in a ratty apartment in the inner city works at a local tech store to pay for his rent. Growing up as an orphan he learned the rules of survival of the fittest and follows that to this day. He tries to be competent at everything he participates in, whether it is school work or online gaming.
    Greatest Dream: To move out of the city and start his own orphanage for kids like him who never got adopted.
    Greatest Fear: That he will be stuck living in the city and will have to resort to a life of crime to survive

    What do they want to do and learn in the Academy?:

    Nils wants to meet new people and get good grades so he can get a well paying job. He also hopes to find like minded individuals who he can game with and not feel like an awkward outcast.
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  3. I like him, Nils is accepted :)!
  4. great! hopefully we get some more people. I really like the premise of this rp ^^
  5. Thank you! I got two people interested in the Interest Check, so at least we should have three students. I also give each of you the opportunity of making a total of two characters, if you are interested, to flesh the cast up a bit.
  6. are you making a character or just acting as the narrator/GM?
  7. Narrator/GM plus NPCs, how the stats are gained would make my having a character unfair to you all.
  8. stats? so is there going to be points and stuff?
  9. Yes, it`s mainly to unlock special events or opportunities, though.
    ...and to feel accomplished for a job (or lesson) well done.
  10. gotcha, it sounds intersting...now to just wait for more people...*sigh*
  11. Well, the first day and night is a solo experience, so I could start up the IC, if you want?
    Might want not to rush it, though, as after the initial purchase, setup and tutorial its multiplayer time :)!
  12. Yeah. hopefully we can get a good group together. Do you know how many people you want? because I can see a large number of people being almost unmanageable.
  13. Alright, I'll set it up, and I see my limit as ten characters and my comfort zone at four to six.
  14. Oh you dont have to start the IC thread right now. I was just agreeing with you abut waiting for more people D:
  15. Ah! I misunderstood DX!
    While I am making your first post anyway, mind telling me a bit more about Nils? The post seems awfully short right now.
  16. Name: Sable
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: She's quite shy especially around boys. Mostly quiet as she focuses on her drawings until they are finished or someone tears her away from them.
    Likes: She loves drawing and can perfectly replicate what she sees on paper. She is also a gamer.


    Fashion Style: Usually wears ripped skinny jeans and a white crop top with black wayfarer glasses and red converse shoes.

    Prior History: She was an orphan from birth, left in an alleyway to die. She was found and adopted although she saw it more as a curse then a miracle. Her adoptive parents were abusive alcoholics so drawing was her way of escaping her reality. Unable to afford useful classes she sold her drawings, saving every last dime to buy the supplies she needed to enrol in an upcoming virtual school she had heard rumours about. The school would be her miracle, her distraction, her getaway.
    Greatest Dream: She doesn't really know what she wants from life yet but definitely something that her creative talents can go to good use.
    Greatest Fear: Spiders.

    What do they want to do and learn in the Academy?
    Enhance her creativity and hopefully discover a future for when she graduates.
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  17. Just to be sure, is she a runaway? The Academy is not a thing of stone but in fact a virtual reality, so she would need at least a room outfitted with a computer.
  18. Already forgot the academy is virtual x3
    Sorry i'll edit.


    So she is not a runaway she lives at home still.
  19. It's okay, that's why I'm here, after all ;)!
  20. is my character good or do you need more info?
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