Hikikomori Virtual Academy, come learn of the outside world!

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  1. It is the year 2076, and the realm of the virtual and the internet has drastically progressed the last fifty years, to the point where, in Japan, the first entirely digital academy has opened its digital door this year to the growing population of young hermits in the capital and the countryside. You are one of these social outcasts, dubbed hikikomori, and have been taking refuge in your room for quite some time. Will this be the key to getting out of your self imposed slump?

    The entry to this new institution is simple; have a working computer, an access to the internet, a virtual reality helmet and finally buy and download the file. Once there, you will be able to create your avatar and be placed in your first evaluation test to see where you stand in our premium education.

    This could be the chance of a lifetime, will you take it?


    A mix among an academy roleplay, a virtual reality rpg and a social simulation, this tale will be one with stats, lighthearted moment, dramatic ones and plenty of action, adventure and learning opportunities of all sorts for your character.

    You will have all the choice in how your tale unfolds, from the loner to the popular one, you will have time for the virtual reality and for your character development in the real world, make it as you will, as similar or different as you want, for this is YOUR tale!

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  2. Oooh - I like!

    How will the stats play in?
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  3. I'm interested too c:
  4. Excellent!
    The stats will be to unlock courses, events, gain prestige and virtual currency and sometimes just as a way to be proud of oneself and know how your character stands in their studies.

    Please feel free to ask about anything in this roleplay :)!
  5. So, the characters would be leading two lives then? The virtual and the real - and we'd be switching between those two?

    I'd like to play :}
  6. Yay!

    And yes, two lives will be had, one during the day in the 'Real World' and one during the night in the Academy, while the body sleep.
  7. Ok. Working on my CS :}
  8. I forgot to ask - "real" appearance/gender may be different from the virtual one?
  9. Absolutely!
    The Persona will have the ability to be completely different, it`s another life for your character, after all!

    Your character will have to specify if they want another gender, though.
  10. And - I'm assuming - "real" identity may be kept a secret from everyone else?
  11. Indeed, they will have a Persona, a new alias, everything :)!
  12. Ok :} Thanks!
    Off to make that CS now.
  13. I still need players, so everyone is welcome :)!
  14. Seeking yet more players!
  15. Perfect, come to the Signup and let's get started :)!
  16. Love this idea and want to apply, but I don't know much about Japanese culture. How much (or what specifically) should I know about Japanese culture to join?
  17. Basically, you only need to know what is a hikikomori, and that can be learned via wikipedia, that's all :)!
  18. Thank you! I'll get working on my character sheet now! :)
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