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  1. I'm Hikari, and like everyone else on this forum, I'm looking for a few partners to RP with. Before going further, I must say that our RP will have romance as one of the main genres (doesn't have to be the only one!!! Mix and match!!!) and I dislike medieval settings. Anything before the current time irks me; I dislike the past. Also, most of the plots are taken from plot idea lists on Tumblr.

    • Activity
      I will do my best to reply at least once a day. It can be more if the replies are short, or less if they're longer. Regardless, I will try my best to inform you when I won't be able to reply for more than two days.
    • Friendship
      Nah, I'm not looking for friendship or anything, but... Let's not be very serious and stuff while talking with each other, okay? Serious people make me nervous.
    • Length
      I usually go for replies ranging from 2-5 paragraphs. I can definitely go lower than that and will try my best to increase that length if that's what you want. Really depends on the RP and what you're comfortable with.
    • Faceclaims
      I can use both anime and realistic ones. Please don't forget to let me know which ones you prefer. If you also use both, let's just use anime 'cuz they're easier to find (in my opinion).
    • English stuff
      I'm open to RPing with anyone, as long as your replies are readable. I understand that some people might not have the best grammar or punctuation or capitalization and that's okay! Just try to make sure I can understand what you're trying to say, okay? And I am very informal during OOC talk. Just a warning.
    • Sexual content
      As the blue star indicates, my age is less than 18. I'm open to doing sexual content with anyone less than 18. If it happens in the roleplay, woohoo, but I'm not going to do a liberteen RP. Keep in mind I haven't roleplayed smut before and might be very nervous and shy.
    • Orientations
      I've only roleplayed straight pairings before but I really do think it's time I tried something else. So I'm just going to try doing FxF but not MxM now. I'd still be more comfortable with MxF. I'm willing to play any gender.

    | insp.|
    Note: haven't decided who will play the characters yet​
    • I work at a tattoo shop and your cat's been hanging around there lately, comforting all the people getting tattoos and I just want to ask you not to take it away because we're all attached to it now.​
    • I like buying books at this one bookstore in particular because you work here and I think you're cute.​
    • You know that I’m the one who set the teachers ringtone to boys moaning and called them during class now you’re using this against me.​
    • You’re singing my favorite song but you’re singing it wrong.
    • You’re a hot surfer and I'm an awkward person working at an ice cream stand on the beach.​
    • You’re the drummer for my brothers band and I find you really hot.​
    • I audition to model in your music video and we end up hitting it off.​
    • Two depressed patients at a mental hospital who have both tried committing suicide multiple times. When they talk, they inspire each other to live again.​
    • Fame has gotten to your head so you were sent off to live with country relatives.​
    • Muse A kidnaps Muse B, promising to give them back for a ransom, but on the way to Muse A's super secret lair, the car/whatever breaks down in the middle of nowhere (forest? Desert? Island? idk). Now they have to rely on each other to survive.​
    | dialogue insp. |
    • "That's the cheesiest pickup line I've ever heard."​
    • "You've chosen your way, and I—I've chosen mine."​
    • “So, kill me. Tell the others I attacked you so you killed me.”​
    • “I don’t mind. Your mess is my mess.”​
    • "Anything for my best customer."​
    • "Sometimes life gets tough, I don’t know why."​
    • "You look like someone who's given up on everything."​

    | fandoms |
    The only non-anime fandom I'm willing to do is Marvel. The pairing for all of these fandoms will be either OCxOC or OCxCanon (I lean more towards OCxCanon though because I am trash). Bolded means I'm more interested in that one. I can play either the canon or the OC, whatever you want.

    • Death Note
    • Death Parade
    • Diabolik Lovers (note: I hate this anime but love the potential it had. If we're going to do this, it'll be somewhere along the lines of rewriting everything. PM me for more details.)
    • Durarara!!
    • Free!
    • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
    • Haikyuu!!
    • Kuroko no Basuke
    • Kuroshitsuji
    • Noragami
    • Psycho-Pass
    • Tokyo Ghoul
    You're always free to ask me for an anime that isn't listed here. Who knows, maybe I forgot to list it.

    PM me if you're interested or if you have your own ideas that you'd like to do with me (^v^)
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  2. This has been updated with more plots/inspiration~
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