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  1. well hello i am recrim and im just giving a greeting and throwin down a post :3 so here you are this is my bio

    basic stuffs
    Full Name: Recrim Shane Helios
    Name at Birth: Recrim Shane Helios
    Aliases/Nicknames: the man of the crimson flame,rec
    Title(s): admiral and emporer
    Preferred Name: Recrim
    Age/Date of Birth: 11 million but appears 28
    Sex: male
    Sexual Orientation: impossible to comprehend
    Race: bloodflame reaper
    Voice: a thick rough british accent when calm or happy and a dark raspy version full of hatred when angered
    Languages Spoken: english and a reapers tongue him and his father naito created

    recrims appearance:
    Eye Color: a fiery sort of color
    Hair Color: bloody red black
    Build: a tall thin type of buld a rather lanky form
    Height: a solid seven foot
    Weight: 90 pounds(his innerbody is hollowed of organs)
    Skin Tone: a pale grey
    scars:two across his face one across the bridge of his nose the other running straight down his face
    Style:a kind of victorian shirt with a leather trench coat a pair of black jeans and leather boots

    about recrim
    Hobbies: anything involving chaos or violence
    Interests: weapons and different forms of fire related beings
    Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:a distinctive love of tearing peoples organs out and burning the remains...along with another of
    skullfucking as well as smoking
    family line"
    brothers:diablo ragnar hiru and ren(twin)
    father:naito the thirteenth grim reaper
    daughters:alice octavia
    nephew:keros husband omega

    arsenal:weapons ranging from ancient weapons to his signature pair of long barreled 50 caliber resembeling pistols with a crimson flame etched into them as
    well as a pair of twin stingers and a crimson scythe that shifts into three blades
    a long sword that he uses in conjunction with a broad sword a pair of khopesh and a pair of scimitars as well as several hidden blades and throwing knives
    ((too many others to name if youd like more ill be happy to tell))

    abilities:bloodflame conjuring peak physical condition and a distinct speed and stealth level and accuracy with his weaponry

    attitude:more sadistic in combat and silent in most other situations aside from once hes felt comfortable with a place hes got kind of a smartass type of
    thought process and thats essentially all i got for you

    past:recrim spent along time in the dracul family with his father but eventually moved on with him as they betrayed him he had considered slaughtering all
    of them but decided against it as his skills hand tquite been honed
    he had spent long periods of time fighting against low ranking demons to build himself up to where he could and once he had gotten to the point he could he
    decided they werent worth the time

    at one point he began forging several weapons such as the ones listed above(yes this parts kind of short i apologize but not much to this point in his timeline)

    he had eventually married kasta of the white rose kingdom which he had his own daughter he spent along time where he had eventually split with her as he had
    not seen her in so long he moved on(again short sorry)

    he had at one point spent a night with a vampyric nun ....she had run off the same night after realizing what he was and what he was capable of
    (i know i gotta stop this but not much to what i remember xD))

    current:recrim now resides in both shadow rose as emporer and the draonlein family as there admiral after defeating the ruler skadi in front of a group
    of people unarmed and without his flames he gaurds and protects them and his friends and family with his life
  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. a vampyric nun? Sounds like a story I gotta hear sometime XD Anyways welcome!
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