Hiiiii ~! ^____^ ♥

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  1. Hi ! I came across your site in an idle web search for a role playing place :D
    I want to branch out and dabble back into more creative outlets ^_^
    You can call me any variation of my username !
    Take care of me ♥
    Teach me what you know !
    I'm open to advice ^____^
    Thanks for your time !
    I'll be around *salutes*
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, from a madman.


    But if you need anything, message me ^.^
  3. Thhankkkkss! Cx

    I figured I'd try some Jump-In RPs for now :D
  4. Jump-Ins are great! :D
    You'll meet lots of cool members, and things usually move nice and fast! It's also a good way to improve your writing, if you're afraid of some of the more in-depth stories you'll see in other sections. Plus, it's tons of fun!

    Now remember, if you need any help or information, just holler ^^
    Enjoy! *returns the salute*
  5. <3 ! Thanks :D