Hiii I'm new here

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SarahMuse006, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Hi I'm Sarah, I was wondering if anyone wanted to roleplay with me? X
  2. Welcome to the site!
  3. Thank you so much x
    Would you know where I could go to get started? I'm interested in fantasy, historical settings, modern too, open world games such as dragon age and the elder scroll series, etc x
  4. Hey I just got started myself. You can look around they have categories and stuff makes it easy to find some honestly. I joined one hopefully it goes well. I'm the meantime I can roleplay with ya.
  5. Hallo Sara, welcome to the site! 8D Nano had good advise. It's really easy to check around the categories and look for the perfect places. You can find roleplays to sign up with, or check out our One on One forum if you prefer those kinds of roleplays.
  6. Since you're into open world fantasy games, why not check out The Kingdom of Astaeron? That's one I'm on, and i've been having some fun with it.

    Sadly, I'm still new here as well, so I can't give too much advice, but there is sure to be something to your liking on this site.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll check it out x