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  1. Hey!

    SO. My name is Liza, and I've been roleplaying for a while now (2-3 years, somewhere around there). I'm very very new to this site ^//^. Dark/horror roleplays, perferably in small group settings (no more that 12 people please or ill become so very awkward), are my favourites, though i'm open for pretty much anything!One on one stuff is always great, tho.

    I guess im pretty hyper, most of the time.

    I swear I'm not this awkward in character
    I've read the majority of the FAQ's, but is there anything i should know that might not be in there?
    Thanks :*

    please be gentle
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  2. Hello Liza! Love the avatar.

    Dark horror's style rps? Sound terribly frightening. :p
    The site seemed to be filled dwith a ton of group rps, and the community seem to be willing to jump at any chance to test and play a good rp setting.
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  3. Gosh, your profile pic is grand xD. Welcome to Iwaku, Toast :D! Have some obligatory jam.

  4. :O
    Thank yoou!

    And thanks for the jam :D
  5. Dark roleplays? =) Just how dark are we talking about ...? -looks @Fox of Spades-

    A word of advice beware of my friend, Foxy. ;D She's a real dark one.
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  6. I'm a fan of roleplays set in abandoned cities, ruled by gang members and people with mental health issues.

    Something chaotic with a leader that is barely hanging on is my fav

    Murders and weapons and blood, oh my!

    Not a fan of ghosty stuff tho, unless its like Insidious
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  7. Murders .... blood ..... weapons! You are definitely someone after my own heart.

    I always think post-apocalyptic settings have so much potential. All that death and angst waiting to spill over.
  8. Yes! I know, right?


    I've been thinking of starting one up, where North Korea nukes the US in the year like 2178 or something, and everything is destroyed except for max-security prisons and asylums (they're going to be a lot more secluded in the future, im guessing. At least on this world they are).

    Fast forward 50-100 years (not sure yet), and the prisons/asylums have grown into their own communities, with new families teaching their children the ways of the trade. Some mental illnesses become more severe, thanks to the radiation in the air and soil. Eventually, they see that the place where they were being kept has degraded, and they venture out and meet the others.

    The RP would start after the fast forward part, where everyone is on the streets again.
    Still have some things to work out tho.
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  9. Shush, you, I'm a good person 8D //shot

    And :o that looks pretty interesting, Toast. If you're looking to start a group RP, you should defo put your idea up on Roleplay Advertising or Interest Checking :D
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  10. Will do C:

    Sometime after i work out the details ^^'
  11. :D Sounds good ... do let me know if and when this materialized. I'll try to drag Miss Evil Overlord along ... I mean you, @Fox of Spades
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  12. Welcome to Iwaku, I hope u enjoy your stay, and sorry about such a late post. ive been gone for a while, but i like to post on new arrivals if im not in mid rp. so, here i am ^_^ if you ever have any questions or would like to just chat or possibly discuss and rp, please feel free to message me anytime!
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