Highway 66.6: The Clan

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    HIGHWAY 66.6

    As far back as the 1800s, there have been reports of monsters, and those whom hunt them. According to the Book of Heaven, the first known monster attack was a pack of werewolves in a small town in the southern United States. Normal rifles couldn't seem to affect them; the only thing that wounded the lycans were pure silver. Soon, weapons and guns were crafted around this find, created specifically to fight off these packs. Soon, reports from all over the south mentioned packs hunting all around America, so posses of men would arm themselves with these weapons, and move out for the hunt. The slaughter of both sides painted the grass red, entrails hung from the trees, and bodies piled up. With the bloodbath that occupied most of these self proclaimed "hunters", other beings found the desire to attack the cities and towns. That was when the vampires came out from hiding.

    The vampires have been a threat for thousands of years, but have been scared away by how fast the humans were evolving technologically. The vampires came in the night and killed everything in sight, not being able to enter the houses of man without being invited due to an ancient curse acting as a set of rules. Word spread to the other mythological beasts in hiding that the human cities were left unattended, and they swept in for the kill. These hunters who made it home came home to nothing but bodies and ruins; thus began the purge. Hunters far and wide gathered to weed out these creatures and exterminate them. Of course, the church didn't approve of killing in the name of revenge. They rather that he hunter's killed in a holy name; the name of god. Most of these hunters just laughed in the faces of the highly religious, seeing that wanting their homes back was a good enough reason for them to want to fight. With the church fighting their holy war, the hunters turned over every rock and stone, and searched through every nook and cranny. After the hundred year war against the mythological creatures, all went into hiding, except for the vampires and the Lycans. They found themselves in their own little war. The leader of the hunters spoke the the supreme king of the vampires, Kraven, and they made a pact: the vampires would stay in line and worry about other mythical creatures, and the humans stopped hunting the Vampires. They agreed to these terms, so long as the humans were allowed to hunt down anybody who steps out of line and goes rogue. FOR YEARS, THE PACT WAS FOLLOWED. Since the early 80's, many hunters have been joining teams and performing exorcisms, on souls gone rogue. There are two sides of the coin: People who work for the church and are labeled as exorcists, and those who are considered "self employed". he self employed groups usually have ties with the supernatural, being composed of magicians, halfbreeds, and those gifted with magical abilities. The book of Heaven speaks of a clan of vampires who go completely rogue, and attempt to unleash a hidden plague on to the world, a plague to cause vampirism on to the world. Prophecy also speaks of a band of self employed hunters who are meant to find and put an end to the plot, causing every self employed group around to chase after the prophecy and causes extreme prejudice. This story focuses on said prophecy, and a team of a "chosen few", who have been on the road hunting the supernatural for a few years now. This story details their bloody adventures, come along for the ride.

    ~If you weren't the original few that I said could join, then please don't sign up~
    ~Don't be afraid to play as NPC characters, or just side characters~
    ~Don't play as a perfect character. We are all flawed~
    ~You can use your own skelly~
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  2. Do we post profiles here?

    If so ^.^ here is mine ^.^ -dansu dansu-
    For sake of my sanity and my pained neck though anything within this CS referencing VT should be simply changed over to this 'Group' Can't remember name right now ^.^ Though as I said our ideas being very similar I will not have to edit much in her history.

    Played By: Multiple Art?
    Name: Eshkell Lyte - Call me Esh and I'll fucking stomp your face in!​
    Age: Looks Early 20' || 213 EARTH YEARS
    Gender: Female
    Race: Saede Shade
    Sexuality: Bi - Sexual
    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: J-SA:A Class VT Agent. Strike Class of Team Dark-Lock.
    (( J-SA:A = Junior-Special Agent : Anomaly. Strike Class means she is the anomaly of the two man team in which the other half is a Special (from earth / born on earth original) a human who normally has abilities of some form. Or has attained them through VT's meddling. This Duo of Special Agents normally lead / have at their disposal when needed a team of 15 grunts / soldiers ))

    Appearance: Duality Has it's Charms
    Human Stage - Even though she is a petit little ole thing when in human form, looks can be VERY deceiving. She is not only nimble as a cat, flexible as a snake, and cunning as a fox, but she also has that side that walks the line between sweet and innocent and devilish demon slut. Standing barely 5'3" tall she has a short and slight hourglass shaped torso, and long and toned legs and arms. Long raven - blue hair sweeps to her belt line when left free down her back though is normally pulled into a loose braid, strands always slipping free to tickle her face. Her eyes during the day light hours become blood crimson, almost mistakable as Dark Chocolate Brown, then at night her eyes are a radiant turquoise blue, but the pupils of her eyes are always a foggy gray color that seem blind, yet see all to well. Her skin is not flawless, and her scars tell many a tale her lips refuse to whisper.
    Beastia Form #1 >>

      Standing 6'3" at the shoulder when fully shifted, her body is both corporeal and incorporeal simualtaneously; this does not mean she is untouchable, however this odd genetic adaptation comes in handy at times (see powers)Her full body length is roughly 5'3" and give an extra 4' for her long bladed tail. This tail is semi - prehensile and the blades actually can shift or tug back SLIGHTLY to allow for easier retraction one anchored into something. Her front paws still have a little bit of a grip / human styled thumb, but it's to far up the wrist to have any major grip. Hind legs are extremely powerful and have adapted for near flawless running structure. The long feather tipped ears normally lay back along the arch of the neck. Fur looks both spiked yet soft and moves freely with motion. Lighter fur is bioluminescent and glows brightest at night but still has a hazy affect to the light. Blades that protrude from elbow joints in for legs can retract Slightly, though normally kept extended for reasons unknown. Claws are retractable and vision is best at night day light hours she cannot shift to this form unless under Solar Eclipse, or a Blood Lunar Eclipse - in which You REALLY don't want to be around her the lack of complete darkness fuels this form and is pretty much her greatest strength and her greatest weakness.

      Clothing >>
      She wears mostly black clothes, things that may be tight but are also stretchy to, her clothes has to be, her body in many ways moves more like a snake or a cat's being able to angle about her body and move in much the same way contortionists perform. When she DOES decide to dress up though, look out she goes for knock out, but sometimes comes across as devious delights.​

    • [​IMG]
      : Cricket Bat From Hell! :
      - That's Right! Having phased into this dimension from her own realm she first arrived in Merry Ole London Town. So needless to say one of the first things she picked up was a hella ole school cricket bat made of fine ole black walnut, that shit don't break and she can wield it with a heft you wouldn't believe. Normally her weapon of choice in Human form. Over her time owning this beauty she has carved in the words bark and bite claiming often in fights that you really don't want her to use the Bite End of her Stick. She also claims that the BITE side is the only side she has performed killing blows with and that the BARK side is not stained with the blood of her enemies... Riiight <.<; -​


      : Twin Hornet :
      - No one Knows where in the hell she got these fucking things. Though the winning rumor is that she had these back on her home world. This of course however, is not true. For on her home Plain she did not have a humanoid form. N-E-ways . . .The Hornets are well shit just look at the chart up there do I need to further explain what two of these bay boy acidic - radioactive blasters can do? - But just where did she get them from?​

    • Fighting Styles: Hakke Sho mixed Hika Ken (see Ling Xiaoyu TEKKEN for more)

      ☆ Saede Latent Ability (means born with) : Complete control over the physical - demonic embodiment of shadow energy. She is most powerful at night due to this power, or when under ground / in really dark places. ( stay to the light ! ) She normally can wield up to four "tentacles" - even when at her weakest moments - that can can extend up to 10 feet from any direction of her body. This ability paired to the Phade ability below can be deadly so do not think you're ahead if you get distance from her. This ability also allows for full shadow take over in which they can remain incorporeal for up to a limited time (5 posts) .
      ☆ The Phade: Being a creature born of a world where Very Little light comes from her species has evolved to use the Shadow Verse as a means of escape from their predators. This ability is called the Phade and allows her kind to slip into a mirror shadow plain through any shadow large enough for them to slip through.
      ☆ Shadow Stitch: As seen in the picture just after this her shadows can absorb into material and can Absorb the energy from pretty much anything. Some say it is soul sucking but this ability has a nifty side effect of EMP like qualities. Meaning she can destroy mostly anything electrical and / or battery powered. The only light she CANNOT absorb/extinguish is natural sunlight. This being said using this ability to kill electrical shit also greatly weakens her.

      ✖ Light: It can be a bitch man! It weakens her, mostly natural sunlight, to a sluggish rate during the day time hours. If she uses her Shadow Stitch to extinguish light it also weakens her greatly. To much light and she loses all shadow bending abilities. It can also be an instant K.O. if she is to weak from battle. Normally won't KILL though unless in EXTREME situations.
      ✖ Physical Damage / Exertion: She can take a whoop'n more than a human anyways, but her limits when met, or when fully exhausted can kill her. Mostly due to shock like reasons. When she has over used /extended her abilities her body will start to tremor and shake until finally her whole form will lock in a fetal position and sleep it off or die it's normally a 50 - 50 % chance when she does this.
      ✖ Dual Mind: Some think it's a blessing but it's mostly a curse, having two complete persona's living together within the hull of one body can be very demanding and distracting. If one can 'Poke the Bear' so to speak then they can throw her gam off in battle completely. Though she appears human - coughsometimescough- others around her should remember she is first a beast and second a shifted camouflage.

    • [​IMG]

      Eshkell is not from this world, not from this galaxy or this verse, however you want to think of your world - she would tell you you are wrong. The Universe doesn't grow in singular shape, it takes on multitudes of forms, each form like a bubble, each dimension it's own space within space, while moved about and rubbing against this which Eshkell once called home. Think of a dull charcoal gray sky with demi-white clouds rolling with ash for days on end always raining ash, while the only true physical form is shadow - rock which shift and moves precariously in an ever changing crumble of itself. This desert like place exists in endless directions and is filled with the things nightmares are made of. Eshkell is one of those nightmares. Some call her the Hell Hound, but she prefers Esh or Eshkell, at least that is ever since she first took a human shape. Let's go back a year...

      London was experiencing a mass black out, as if someone had dropped an EMP dead in the center of it. Not even battery powered devices seemed to work. But during that first night everyone realized it Definitely wasn't a Human attack or bombing of any kind. Veritae Tueri was dispatched soon there after and upon arriving in London proper they found what some called the Hell Hound. Esh's beastly form was a sight to behold, and fear of course, upon first looks they thought her little more than a creature. They learned quickly that she learned way to fast for any animal.

      After about half a month they finally managed to Bag and Tag her while she tried to escape back into the sewers to ride out the day light hours, only to return the next night. This time they nailed her ass... quiet litterally to a wall in fact before finally being able to subdue her. When next she woke she was in a bright ass room with no way out and no darkness to hide in. Over the course of 6 months she watched them watch her through one way glass, idiots. She could sense the very darkness within, if she'd had the energy she'd slaughtered them easily by her latent ability alone. But she grew to understand the humans and one morning walking into the observation they found a girl nude as it were standing on the opposite side of the glass with a hand lifted to and her head following their every movement. "Let me the fuck out now..." Were her first words.

      Soon after that she was offered a deal, after many many negotiations with her and the company - namely her true freedom from them - she settled on upgrading from Lab Rat to Puppet a Chained Dog, and with a new and shiny collar to keep her flux form fixed... Fuckers.

      Now-A-Days Esh is partnered to ---- (pm to be her partner) who watches her every move and guides her like a rookie half the bloodeh time keeping her on a tight leash and all is a chore! But she deals with the leash for the partial freedom she gets from the lock and key of her 'Cell' quarters in the Company. Often being moved about from branch to branch when 'Need' arises for her 'Unique' skills. (slaughter mayhem and blood gore) SO she travels light and keeps all that she owns in a single rook sake.

      >> Esh has TWO personalities. Her human self and the Saede she truly is. She as an eidetic memory (means never forgets anything she has either seen, heard, or read.) She speed reads and functions as a genius level I.Q. but you wouldn't think it most times, she is either quiet like a cat stalking it's prey from a shadowy corner in whatever room she is in. Other times she is spurting obscenities and cursing or attacking anyone who gets on her nerves. The only person safe from her insane rampages is her partner honestly, and the big boss... sometimes. She's um... how do you say 'Hard to get along with'

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  3. Name: Alianne Lockwood

    Age: 20

    Outfit and Appearance:


    Aly may be short, standing at 5'2", but she is not to be taken lightly.

    Tattoo over heart:


    Other items in her arsenal include:
    •A knife with a blade of pure silver. Rare to find in a fight, best to have one on you.
    • A Rosary, because you never know how much Holy Water you'll need, so just make it.
    • An mid length, Iron pipe.
    • Salt. No Hunter should be without it.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Without Suit (open)

    John Dwyer​
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Weapon: The 4th Horseman- The 4th Horseman a four barrel shotgun. The shout gun can hold up 10 bullets in each clip. The 4th Horseman also has two modes to it. The first modes is semi-automatic, the second mode is fully automatic.

    The 4th Horseman (open)

    Personality: Serious, quiet, with loner tendencies. Enjoys solitude and tends to sit back and observe. Private, rarely talks about their feelings. Can be insensitive to the hardships of others. A planner. Well-organized and hard-working. Works steadily towards identified goals. Focused, with well-developed powers of concentration. Will usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it. A perfectionist. Clean, thorough, detail-oriented. Avoids mistakes. Logical and analytical. Not adventurous or spontaneous. Realistic. Doesn't appreciate strangeness. Conventional. Interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Dislikes countercultures. Dutiful, always follows the rules. Punctual. Finishes tasks. Responsible and dependable. Prepares for worst case scenarios, cautious. Interested in security and a peaceful life. Would rather be friendless than jobless. Holds people to high standards and does not accept apologies easily.
    Bio: WIP.

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  5. Grant McDaniels
    Aged 43
    Master of black magic, the dark arts, and expert in the occult.
    Born in Salem Massechusets, currently lives on the road with his crew hunting demons and creatures of the like.
    Human male
    Freelance Demon Hunter
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 220 pounds
    Hair: Shoulder length, dark brown
    Distinguishing marks
    ~Pentagrams carved into either shoulder~
    ~Blindness causes by a scar over his left eye~
    ~The word SLAY tattooed into his right hand~
    General appearance
    ~Wears a beige winter jacket with fur lining on the inside~
    ~Black short sleeve shirt and blue jeans~
    ~Wears a cross necklace, an inverted cross necklace, a pentacle necklace, an inverted pentacle necklace, a star of david necklace and multiple shrunken heads around his neck~
    Strengths: Hand to hand combat, mastery of the black magical arts.
    Major flaws: Blind in one eye, bad aim, bad people skills, hates almost everything.
    Minor flaws: Walks with a limp, has a stutter when angry, always chips his nail.
    General persobality: Grant is a very cranky person. He makes himself laugh and smile with his own hurtful jokes, and is only friendly when he is being sarcastic.
    Weapons: Two large custom Colt Peacemakers with silver bullets, a cantine of holy water, a spray bottle enchanted to spray fire, a bunch of stakes made from different materials and a slew of different spella, curses and hexes.


  6. Ren Alaric Pentlocke
    Male || 26 || Pansexual
    Human with demonic ancestry

    Appearance Standing just less than six feet tall, Ren is slim but fit, with lithe muscles that are toned rather than built. Handsome, but not unusually so, his sharp, straight nose, angular jaw and arched brows typically do not make him stick out in a crowd. What does is his skin, which is a true Nordic white- pale and porcelain-like, with a blueish tint where his veins are close to the surface. In cold light and especially in winter, his flesh appears to be nearly translucent. His hair, ebony-black in color, falls in slight, messy waves to just above his shoulder-blades. Combined with his almost unnatural pallor and stormy grey eyes, he quite resembles the spirits he is tied to. His only truly distinguishing marks are a pair of Latin script tattoos on the insides of his wrists. The left reads “Within all day there is night” and the right, “Within all darkness there is light”.

    His clothing is fairly typical- Worn-in jeans, leather boots, tee-shirts and long-sleeves, covered by either a cozy hoodie or flannel-lined leather jacket; all either black or a dark, subdued colour. He has a single pendant he wears at a constant- a carved black onyx Ankh.

    Original image by SirWendigo @ Deviantart
    Ren is what he likes to call a Spectromancer (clever, huh?). He not only has potent ESP, but can contact and possibly control the spirits of the dead, along with some other spectral creatures. He can summon them, make them tangible for short periods, banish them from a person/place, bind them to a person/place and even destroy low-leveled ones. The older and more powerful the spirit, the less sway he has over them. Also, where as Necromancers must spill blood to use their powers, Spectromancers sacrifice a small part of their spiritual life force to call upon their gifts, except for the passive ones (ESP, speaking to spirits, seeing spirits, ect).

    Weapons Holy water “hand gun” (It’s a supersoaker), blessed salt, silver in various forms (dust, wire, nails), cold iron in various forms (thin chain, 3ft length of plumbing pipe, nails), blessed steel nails, Nail gun.

    Personality Easy-going, mischievous, flirtatious and charismatic, Ren hardly has had trouble getting his way in life. However, he is still a fairly grounded and rather level-headed young man, not letting his persuasive charms become arrogance or vindictiveness- most of the time, anyway. His sarcasm and dark sense of humor have often gotten him into trouble, but his street wit usually provides a way out. He is typically unafraid, or at least, he does not show he is afraid, preferring to take a situation head on and face it than run. Due to this, he is often looked to as someone who knows what he is doing. Do not believe this. Really, don’t. He just makes shit up as he goes.
    Likes Music, snakes, Camel cigarettes, whiskey sours, coffee, bitter and spicy foods.
    Dislikes Overly sweet food, feeling trapped, pitch dark places, magic mushrooms (Yes, it was a bad trip. No, don’t ask)
    Hobbies Guitar, freerunning and parkour, barhopping, reading mystery and horror novels, video games.
    Flaws Sometimes too headstrong, prone to making rash decisions, can have anger issues; all wrapped up with a general lack of respect for authority.

    Bio/History The Pentlocke name is fairly well known to both believers and skeptics of the supernatural. Ren’s parents, Gregory and Olena, are ghost/ cryptid hunters and authors on the “unknown”. They are regarded to by some as the best when it comes to information on the things that go bump in the night. Conversely, they are also known as the biggest fakes in the so-called preternatural science field and lunatics. Since he was born, Ren has been surrounded with talk of ghosts, monsters and otherworldly creatures; until recently, he worked as a field researcher for his parents, investigating haunted places to record the disturbances there. This work is both helped and hindered by his gifts, which he inherited from his grandfather Hadrian, whom he is very close to.

    ~Ren has practiced freerunning for around ten years and due to this he is quite strong, fast and agile, capable of getting to places many other people cannot.
    ~He has basic medical training, along with basic survival training.
    ~He prefers to use automatic writing/drawing to contact spirits, and this skill has helped him many times in the past.
    ~He is an audiophile, meaning he is basically addicted to music. He always has an MP3 player or iPod on him, and keeps music playing practically everywhere he does.
    ~He knows his way around a brawl well enough to stay alive, but could really use some pointers- he comes out with more bruises than his opponent most of the time, but he wins. That's the important part, right?

    Ipod Sample (theme music) (open)

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  7. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/highway-66-6-the-clan.128236/

    Apologies that this took so long. I've had a busy and chaotic life. It's so short because I just wanted to get this shit started, but I have it all set up for you guys. Just start off with doing some investigating, alright? I have the place, scenario, and the issue ready. My character will join you in a bit.
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