highschool role play partner needed. :(

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  1. I need a role play partner a chick with a plot idea cause im bored
  2. I'm interested ^ however, I'd like to know your rp style, e.t.c..
  3. What do you mean by style?
  4. How long do you write, which POV do you write; first/third.
  5. First and 3 peragraphs sometimes one liner when trying to generate a good idea
  6. I'll be your partner, unless @Trasha Killevierra already is. Maybe we can do a three way? Or is that against the rules. I don't know all I know if that I am interested.
  7. Well if you like you and i can create our own role play
  8. That sounds good. What should it be about? My best topics right now are romance and survival. You pick.
  9. Romance seems nice
  10. Okay who shall start it you or I?
  11. You but lets do it in the chat
  12. What? Sorry I'm confused... Lol
  13. Oh my bad i ment like pm lol
  14. Oh haha okay msg me.
  15. Alright. And can I just jump in that rp you just posted xD
  16. Yesh ^.^
  17. Alright. I'll answer ASAP. It's night here so I'm going to sleep
  18. Ok good night
  19. It's morning here lol.
  20. Lol its 10 48 am over here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.