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  1. It was 2012 march 11. Daniel been transferred to 6 different schools cause of family issues. But this time was different his family stayed to the state it was Michigan. They registered Daniel to the Michigan Hawkins highschool. Daniel sighed at his first day to this 7th school getting ready for anything. The school was only in the middle to end and alot of teens getting to shit together basically trying to survive from bullies and from failing. Too afraid to be who they're. There was no uniforms to wear so Daniel was wearing a beanie with a gray hoodie blue jeans and gray sneakers he looked at everyone and everyone was minding their own business Daniel went to his new locker and only put his binder since he barely have anything in his book bag. He then closed the door and left his locker bumping into a girl by accident. "Oh shit my bad here let me help you out " he helps her up and pick up her things neatly and gives it to her....

    (So yeah um any females are welcome just jump in and if anyone wants to do another one with me pm me and I'll do another thread )
  2. "Great I'm going to be late to my psychology class again," Jocelyn Ellis sighed as she glanced at the petite, red watch that she wore on her wrist.
    An incident towards the beginning of the year at Michigan Hawkins Highschool, involving a group of boys who had mistaken her locker for that of one of their friends, had left Jocelyn's previous locker all but obliterated. While she was thankful to at least have a locker, and not have to carry the hoards bricks that the school called textbooks for the rest of the year, her new locker was practically on the other side of the school, away from a majority of her classes.
    Picking up the pace, Jocelyn began to fumble through one of the binders that she had been carrying, in an attempt to out the latest assignment. She hadn't seen the person in front of her. Crashing into them, Jocelyn fell with a muffled thump, to the floor.
    "Oh shit my bad here let me help you out," the gray hooded boy said as he bent down and began to gather her things, which were now scattered upon the floor of the school.
    Jocelyn blinked in shock and surprise, as he handed her her supplies in a neat pile, barley able to believe what she was seeing. Boys at this school were never that nice, well at least not to her.
    "Th-thank you," Jocelyn stammered as she rose to her feet, clutching the pile closely to her chest.
    "Get a hold of yourself, Jocelyn," her mind scolded her.
    "I'm Jocelyn," she said, extending her slightly trembling hand towards the boy.
  3. Daniel smiled and shaked her trembling hand. "Sup the names daniel its nice to meet someone that isn't an ass for a change " he said normally as he pulled out his schedule and shows it to her. "Hey im new to the school mind showing me the class i need to go to first? " he asked politely as the first class he had was with jocelyn not knowing he gonna have class with her. A group of guys walked by them and surrounded them. "Well well well look what we have here " the black dude with the Jamaican beanie smirked as the white jockey with a blue tight t-shirt said. To Daniel. Daniel stayed quiet waiting for Jocelyn to reply his question knowing they're surrounded by three guys. "Fresh ain't so fresh when it rots in the douches teeth " Daniel smirked as he looked at the jock.
  4. Jocelyn smiled at the comment Daniel made as he shook her hand. Glancing over his shoulder, Jocelyn scanned his schedule, happy to see that they both had the same first class together. She opened her mouth, giddy with the thought of actually having someone she liked in her class for once, but shut it quickly when she heard, "Well well well, look what we have here."
    Glancing around, she soon saw that they were surrounded by a group of three jocks.
    "Perfect," she mumbled blowing a piece of auburn hair that had come loose from her pony tail.
    Out of all the stereotypical groups at this school, the jocks had to be the worst of them all, believing that they could use their brawn to push those weaker than them around.
    "Fresh ain't so fresh when it rots in the douches teeth," Daniel smirked.
    She gave Daniel a warning glance out of the corner of her eye, she wanted to avoid a fight as much as possible, and that comment certainly did not help.
    "Well, it has been lovely chatting with you boys, but me and my new friend really should be getting to our class," Jocelyn said with a sweet smile as she looped her arm through Daniel's.
    "Now if you'll excuse us. I bid you gentlemen a good day," she smiled, as she began to pull Daniel towards the direction of their first class.
  5. Daniel noticed how Jocelyn wanted him to avoid a fight. The black jock chuckled as the white one stared. 'Im gonna kick his ass' he thought as he and his passi walked away. Daniel looked at Jocelyn. "So im guessing they're the big dogs around here?" He asked as they walked in the class.
  6. Jocelyn nodded,"Sadly, in this school, the brawn has won out over brain for supremacy," she sighed.
    Stopping for a moment, she turned to face Daniel.
    "Hey, thanks for not picking a fight back there. I know it can be pretty tempting to want to give those guys a good knock on the head, but honestly, it would only cause you trouble," she smiled gently at him.
    "Now come on, we have a psychology class to get to," Jocelyn said, turning on her heels and began to walk down the hall.
  7. "Yeah i guess you're right " he nods and agrees as he walked down the hall with her he saw a piece of paper on the wall. It said that the talent show will began at next Friday he looks a Jocelyn. "Hey jocie are you gonna be at the talent show?" He asked smiling overwhelmed with confidence having a great idea for being known to the school.
  8. "Huh?" she said, stopping in her tracks.
    Walking over to Daniel she glanced down at the flyer for the school talent show that he was holding in his hands.
    "Not really," she shrugged,"I don't think I really have any talents worth showing."
    An excited smile had spread across Daniel's face. It was clear that he was planning something.
    "Why are you?" she asked, curious to see if her suspicions were correct.
  9. "Yeah im gonna do a good rap that every will remember me by " he replied smiling as he folded the flyer and puts it in his pocket he looked up at Jocelyn with a smile thinking how cute she looked. "So do you like this school?" He asked smiling. "And do you sing?"
  10. Jocelyn smirked at the notion of her liking this school.
    "Honestly, I hate it here. To me Michigan Hawkins Highschool is just a way of buying time until I am old enough to get into college. As far as singing goes," she paused for a moment, chewing slightly on her bottom lip as she thought," I don't know. I've never really tired before." she shrugged.
    "My parents had always believed that studies and piano lessons were more important than singing, especially if it wasn't a classical piece."
    "But," she paused for a moment as her mind turned the idea over in her head,"I suppose there is a first time for everything," a devious smile spreading across her face.
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  12. "Oh ,heh well your voice sounds cute normally im sure your voice in singing will sound like and angel " he complimented smiling at her
  13. The compliment had caught Jocelyn off guard. Leaving her only able to stare at the handsome, smiling boy with her hazel eyes wide. A heated blush rose to her cheeks as she silently cursed her pale skin, a factor that undoubtedly made the blush all the more noticeable.
    "Well either way," she coughed, trying to stabilize her shaking voice,"we'd better be getting to first period. If we're late Mr.Richards will give us detention for sure," she smiled, her heart racing as she stared up at Daniel.
  14. "Well what are we waiting for lets get going!" He chuckled and went to his first period class with her. The room was filled with kids he sat next to Jocelyn
  15. "Why is he sitting so close to me?" Jocelyn thought nervously to herself.
    She hated the way this boy was making her feel. The way he made her heart race, and her blood run hot. Pushing back a lock of hair, she glanced, in what she hoped, was an inconspicuous way towards him.
    "He's handsome, he's nice, he's brave, ugh," Jocelyn sighed as she laid her weary head on the desk in a huff of exhaustion and defeat, "let's face it he's perfect," was the last thought she had as she began to drift off into a mild slumber.
  16. Daniel grabbed a piece of paper and began to write a few things like rhymes not letting Jocelyn see whats he is writing. A boy from behind looked at Daniels paper of his rhymes. Soemthing about Jocelyn. He smirked and began to write something and passed it to her it saids. 'The boy next to you likes you'
  17. A soft thunk at the right, upper most corner of her desk snapped Jocelyn out of her slumber. Rubbing the grogginess from her eyes, attempted to focus her tired vision upon the white blur that had been the source of the disturbance. Upon closer inspecting, Jocelyn realized that it was a piece of paper.
    Pulling it closer to her, she glanced down, her mouth moving along as she read,"The boy next to you likes you," her eyes widening as she finished the sentence.
    She gave a silent thank you to the man upstairs that Mr. Richards had chosen to turn off the florescent lights, in order to show a bland, sleep inducing documentary about the industrial organizational psychology.
    Rustling through her pencil case, Jocelyn pulled out a bright, purple pen, and wrote,"Maybe the girl likes the boy as well," before she passed it tentatively to Daniel.
  18. Daniel looked at the paper and read it. After he read it he blushed a bit. 'The hell? Who wrote this....and wait...shes referring to me!?' He tought as he put the piece of paper that he was writing on in his pocket putinf his pen back aswell as he grabbed another piece of paper actinf normal and began to take notes
  19. Jocelyn rested her head on folded arms, glancing over at Daniel as she waited to see his reaction. Through the darkness, she could see him read the note, and then hastily putting the paper, and pen away, exchanging it instead for a new sheet of paper for, what she could surmise, to take the notes on the documentary that Mr. Richards had ordered just moments before starting the movie.
    "Maybe...it was a joke," she thought with a disappointed sigh. "Guess he is like all the other guys in this school."
    Angling her body away from his direction, she stared up at the screen, and followed his lead. School work had always been a kind of comfort to her, perhaps it would work this time as well. It could help her forget the embarrassing blunder that she had just made by confessing that she liked him, or at least, that was what she hoped would happen.
    With a silent determination, Jocelyn focused her attention on the emotionless words spoken by some college professor, and began to write.
  20. Daniel saw Jocelyn workin . He closed in on her and whisper in her ear. "I didn't write on that paper but, i like you to" he kissed her cheek as proof and went back to work it was easyfor him since he watched the movie alot of times
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