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  1. This is where you create and or claim your character, I myself am playing as Rei Miyamoto.

    The character sheet should be set up like this.




    Year in school:

    Preferred weapons: ( i.e Blunt objects, bladed edges, fire arms, e.t.c. )

    Short Bio:
  2. I'll write up Saeko as soon as I can! =D
  3. Ok but you don't have to put a CS for canon characters.
  4. Ah, okay! :3 That works for me.
  5. Just waiting for more people to join. >.>
  6. are we playing roles from the Anime or making them up..by what i see i think we are using the roles :p
  7. Both to be exact. If you want a canon role then you can but if you want to make your own i got the CS up there and everything.
  8. Ill make my own thanks :P
  9. allright. n.n i only need a couple of more people one more to start though.
  10. Name: Akuma Kagutsuchi

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Year in school: 1

    Preferred weapons: Knuckle dusters, Baseball bat, Or Pistol

    Short Bio: Akuma was one of those kids who remained quiet in class and did his work, He had recently began speaking up before the whole world went to shit. He was an average kid, He stayed with his Brother Kosen who lived across the bridge. Akuma came to school early in the morning or atleast the earliest he could get so he could be on time, When he signed up and got here for his first year he got into a fight. He beat the kid to a pulp but that was because Akuma was a combat specialist, He trained in different arts so it was just Mixed Martial Arts to him. But when the opportunity came to rise up and fight he took the chance and would help only the people he found fit to help.

    Picture: [​IMG]
  11. Oooo i like it. n.n
  12. Are you still looking for people for your roleplay?
  13. Yes i am.
  14. Alright, give me a few minutes :P
  15. allrighty then.
  16. And done...

    Name: Kenji Kagawa

    Age: 19

    Year in School: 2

    Preferred Weapons: Swords and Knives

    Bio: Kenji was an average guy living under the same roof as his parents. He believed that everyone should live their life to the fullest. Not very long ago, his father made him join the kendo club to make friends. Although Kenji did not have much fun at first for being the only person in the club who doesn't know how to use a kendo sword, he decided to train every day to become better. Day after day of endless training, he became much better and even impressed his club mates. During mid-year however, hes forced to quit kendo because of his grades. Staying in the school library most of the time, he studies to bring his grades up higher so he could try to get back to kendo club. By the time it came to exams, he scored just under average. His parents believing that he's not studying hard enough, decides that he should move to a different high school that can teach him better. After enrolling into the new high school, he's placed into classes with the underclassmen. Knowing that he has a lot of studying to do, he stays in the school library keeping his head in the books. However, without friends surrounding him, he stays secluded in the library to avoid trouble.

  17. I think I took too much time on that one :P
  18. nah theres no time on how fast you can post something lol
  19. Well, I'm still pretty new to role playing
  20. Well your pretty damned good at it then.