Highschool Je t'aime

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  1. Alistair loosened his tie a little bit, tugging on it slightly with one hand as his other one spun a pen around and around with absent-minded skill. The teacher gave him a little annoyed look, which he ignored. Another day, another boring eight hours of his life wasted at this god-forsaken school. He'd rather be downtown somewhere, maybe at the park feeding the ducks, maybe at the arcade breaking his last highscore on Space Invaders, or simply at home, on the internet.

    A new student was coming in today. Well, supposedly, since they were running rather late. He rolled his almost ice-blue eyes as the teacher called their names in attendance, blowing a little of his slightly spiky, black hair out of his face.


    Alistair turned his head to the right a little, "Hm?"

    "They said the new kid's a girl." Carter whispered, grinning a little, his own dark caramel eyes shining a little excitedly.

    Of course, the red-head of the class Carter would be the eager one, Alistair thought. "And?"

    "Well, she could be really cute!" he said, in a louder whispers.

    "CARTER BENTON!" the teacher scolded, making the class laugh and Carter blush a little at being caught.

    To Alistair's left, his other friend Nairne who had blonde hair and green eyes huffedin amusement, smirking at Carter. "Idiot."

    Just as the class was settling down, the door came sliding open with a loud THWAP!
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    Skyler Rose was so excited. A new school, a new start to a new life. Her mother died a year ago which made her make some pretty bad decisions like to do dirty things with boys and cut herself. But her father Aiden gave her a talk and she was happing to be turning her life around.

    She wore a short,mini skirt with a shirt and tie. She straightened her long strawberry blonde hair with straightners and she put mascara on her sapphire coloured eyes. She wore black pumps with a black cardigan.

    Skyler drove her yellow mini to her new school and went to the administrators office for about an hour. Then she went to her first period class and her hands were full so she had to open the door with her backside and she fell and dropped everything. Skyler said,"sorry,"quickly before picking everything up.
  3. Alistair blinked and scoffed, turning his head to the window. Wonderful, another bimbo.

    "Are you okay?" Carter jumped at her almost at once, getting to the floor and picking up her things with her, smiling all the while.

    "Here we go again." Nairne sighed, chuckling. "Oi, no way someone that cute'll fall for an idiot like you, Carter." he joked.
  4. "Yeah,I am such a clutz,"she said and continued picking up her things. She then smiled at the boy and said,"Thank you,"she went up to the teacher and introduced herself. Then the teacher seated her beside the boy who helped her and she smiled and walked and sat down beside him. She pushed her glasses up and she put her stuff in her bag and what she needed out in front of. Skyler was so grateful for him helping her but from the remarks he got from everyone, she shouldn't speak to him from now on.
  5. Class went as it always did, the usual boring stuff. Alistair drew boredly on his page until the bell rang. As soon as it did, he shot up, wiped everything off his desk into his bag before zipping it up and slinging it over his shoulder.

    "Hey, wanna go to the roof?" he asked the other two, not needing to mention names.

    "Oh! Oh! Another story?!" Carter asked, getting up and spilling his pencil case all over the floor. "Ah-...ehehe..."

    Alistair grunted and shook his head. "Ah, now we've got two clumsy-ass people in our class."

    "Oh come now, he's just being Carter, and..." Nairne said, picking up a few pens and pencils off the floor before handing them to Carter who grinned and took them. "...cut the little lady some slack, Alistair. Beautiful things are always more beautiful when they're dainty."
  6. Skyler hated all the things they were saying about her when the bell went. She couldn't help being clumsy. She smiled at the one who was sticking up for her and she walked out of the classroom wondering where the cafeteria was. Skyler firstly went to her locker and placed some stuff in it and she grabbed her purse and took out a tenner. Then she reapplied her lips with her strawberry lipgloss and she shut it.

    Skyler took of her cardigan and carried it but she needed someone, she saw the boy who helped her and walked up to him and asked,"Could you please point me in the direction of the cafeteria please?"with a smile on her face.
  7. Carter nearly stumbled on his way to the roof, blinking and grinning that wild, but friendly cheshire grin. "Yeah. You head down the stairs and go left, it's all the way down the hall, you can't miss it!"

    Alistair blinked and turned his head back to see what was taking Carter so long. "...." he stared at the girl for a little bit. What was her name again? Hmh...well, he couldn't quiet remember. "Oi, you. Who're you again?"

    Carter frowned and looked up at Alistair, who was already halfway up the flight of stairs to the third floor. "Skyler Rose, man! Jeez...do you always have to be such an ass?"

    Alistair shrugged. "Hmh."

    "Now, now, kids don't fight. Mommy's busy reading." Nairne said as he walked past Skyler, Carter and soon Alistair, eyes on a book he really was reading as he went, managing not to trip on anything.
  8. "Thank you,"Skyler smiled and turned around and walked in that direction.

    But she heard one of them ask her name and she turned around and said,"Skyler,"and smiled.

    Skyler wondered those boys were called and she kept wondering as she ate alone in the cafeteria.

    Then after she put her earphones in and listening to cannonball by little mix and she walked around and she looked up and saw those boys on a roof, she sang the words softly. When you fall like a cannonball.
  9. "Woah! You're not serious?!" Carter said yelling at the top of his lungs.

    Alistair ignored him, climbing the fence all the way to the top, the one thing keeping him from the very edge of the five story building. Narine read his beek, only flickering his eyes up once to amuse himself at the sight before continuing to read.

    "Al! Al, come on!" Carter pleaded. "What if you break your neck?!"

    Alistair by now flung himself over the fence, now climbing back down on the other side, smirking. "Calm down, I'm not a clutz like you."
  10. Skyler continued to walk around.

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  11. Alistair soon stood on the edge of the building, peering down and smiling like the happiest kid in the world. The wind felt so nice as it tousled his hair up and out of his bright, bright blue eyes which only glinted all the more in the sunlight. The world looked so small from up here...

    "Al! Al, come on! This isn't funny!" Carter only yelled louder.
  12. Skyler went to one of the benches and sat down and began humming the song she was listening. She thought maybe she would make some friends, it seemed unlikely because nobody talked to her.
  13. Alaister stood at the edge, breathing slowly, the wind was picking up, and he was ready.

    "Al! Come on, ma-AL!!"

    And down he went, off the sideof the roof. This time, even Naine looked up from his novel and stood, walking briskly--but not too briskly, next to Carter.

    "Al! AL! AL!" Carter yelled frantically.

    Alistair caught the edge of the roof, his foot going to the window and pushing off of it just enough for him to backflip onto the eldge that was a couple of floors below. He landed on it and turned, dropping off of it and catching the pipe on the side of the building, sliding down and finally, just as he was one story off the ground, he jumped, landing in a tree just above a bench. The bench Skyler was sitting in. Without noticing the girl, he jumped down from the tree, landing almost directly on top of her.
  14. Skyler was giving quite a fright when she found someone drop next to her. She had a surprised look on her face, and she noticed him. It was the guy who helped her first period, her face quickly changed from frightful to a smile, and she said,"Hi,"she might as well try to make a friend with someone. She thought,he seems nice, I'll talk to him but what if he doesn't speak back, what if he ignores or hates me, I will just have to wait,she just smiled and turned off her phone.
  15. (Whoops. it was meant to be Alistair, not Carter that was doing all the parkour stuff and landing almost on top of her. My bad.)
  16. Alistair almost gasped when he nearly landed on top of the girl. It took him a second to steal himself before his usual blank expression returned and he nodded.

    "....Hi..." he said, with a little hesitation.

    It wasn't the usual for him to talk to a lot of people other than Carter and Nairne. So...admittedly, this was a little strange.

    "Sorry." he said, referring to his less-than-safe-for-either-of-them landing.
  17. She noticed his blank expression and smiled, she replied,"it's okay, I guess it happens all the time."

    Skyler was happy she was talking to someone finally.
  18. Alistair looked up at Carter and Nairne on the roof. "Look at those idiots. I told them I took lessons for this."

    Carter hen seemed to hear towards the staircase to go down the building, followed by Nairne shortly after. Alistair looked back at Sky.

    "So...where're you from?"
  19. "I'm from Arizona, you? She asked smiling,