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Pendulum Ghost

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Hello reader your curious that's good. (^_^) I am looking for someone who enjoys horror and mystery.

I will say that this r.p will be like a book. You probably want an explanation. Well keep reading (~_^)

The title of my thread seems sort of subtle or mute, the gray words below it you guessed it is a simple hint of things to come. I have taken a great deal of thought to the back history and the plot. But this is a r.p, the plot is not even finished, the ending isn't decided. That is left open, and if your wary that this r.p will short, I assure you I have planned to make this a long engaging one. If your interested let me know. I do have a request (yes yes I'm sorry but it's for the plot.) A human male is needed, this may seem dull and boring but not to worry. You'll be the "spotlight"

"We do not speak of it, not to strangers, nor friends or family. But here in this place we know, we are aware."

It has begun, over a half a century in the making. A boy enters a community dead set to keep it's secrets quiet. A relatively unknown community to outsiders, only a few suspect.

This seemly average boy becomes a target, after encountering what everyone whispers about. As he begins to uncover the horror of the situation, he'll have to decide wither to stop the nightmare from spreading or take it's side and watch the world burn.