HighSchool For The Unknown

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  1. "Principal Higoshima, can you please tell us why you made Yokai High." Asked a news lady. She put the microphone in front of principal Higoshima. "I made Yokai High for those who are a humanoid. They may be a reaper, a neko, are maybe even a demon. Here they can learn and live like any other normal human high school student. But here we have dorms so they can feel safe from those who want them dead." The principal told her then looked out her window with her hands behind her back. "A place where they can be free." She added.

    The School


    Dorm Rules

    -No more visits after 9 pm
    -Lights out at 10
    -Leave your dorms at 7 am to head to class

    Class Rules
    -Don't disturb the class
    -Pay attention
    -Listen to the teacher

    Form (open)

    Power/Abilities (5 max):


    My Form (open)

    Name: Riko Nurugami
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Neko
    Personality: Meet Her And See
    Looks: Above
    Power/Abilities (5 max): She can shoot fire and ice from her hands, Teleportation, She can make anything appear, She can heal anyone instantly, She can fly
    Family?: No
    Pets?: A black cat named Shadow
    Crush: Open
    BF/GF: Open
    History: She doesn't talk about it
    Other?: No

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  2. The little Neko was glad to hear what the principal had to say.She flew up to get a good view of the school.Everybody there seemed to almost look like an actual human! The little Neko whispered to herself,"Wow,so this is what highschool is like!" She was new there so she was planning on making some friends.But there,it was a boy just sitting there.He didn't have wings,a halo,ears, horns,shark teeth,nothing!Was he really a human?The curious little Neko just had to get a better look. "Umm...what's your name?I'm Riko and I'm a Neko!What are you?"
  3. After the principal speech, Zack let his wing spread and flew to the rooftop. "this is suck. why did this happen?" on the way to up he saw some girl flew without wing and somehow his dragon blood want him to chase her..
    "calm down... just like my father did. *inhale *exhale" he tried to calm down his predator blood in his vein. "this is another person land, i mustn't make scene here". his throat begin to burn. "this is not good" he tried to hold his flame but failed. with a thundering roar he let his flame flew to the sky.
  4. Name: Smile
    Age: Unknown but appears to be 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demonic Dog
    Personality: He comes off as friendly and sweet, but when in his other form he is vicious and a brute.

    'Human form' 332dcf57847b64c17712e234f856bd48.jpg

    Beast form untitled_1_by_snook_8-d613biy-1.jpg

    Power/Abilities: Transformation, Manipulation, Insomnia, Seizures, eventually Death
    Family: The Creepypastas
    Pets: He is the pet
    Crush: Open
    BF/GF: Open
    History: Long ago before the Internet was born roamed the Smile Dog, he was originally a happy go luck husky with the ability to turn into a human. He one day was attacked by humans who hated his master, he ultimately died. One day one of the men who killed the dog saw the dog they killed and snapped a picture of it, to his surprise the animal looked like it was smiling. He hadn't thought much of it after that not until the dog came to him in his dreams telling him to spears the word. He did, it eventually became a chain and everyone sent the email Smile.jpg must send the letter! Smile had met a 13 year old boy once covered in blood and instantly befriend him, he was Jeff! The two later met the other Creepypastas.
    Other: Smile doesn't have any friends except for one, Jeff. He is often ran from causing him to isolate himself from others and close himself off.

    Smile stepped up to the school yard and looked around, his eyes flicked to the others around him and he sighs. He sighed knowing that he was most likely will be ignored or avoided.

    He was going to head inside when he notices a roar, he spins and watches as a flame blasts into the sky!

    "Whoa...!" He said breathlessly.
  5. Name: Linc Hunter
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire/Shifter
    Personality: once he gets use to people he's friendly, funny, brave, adventurous and a 'badass' oh and he's mostly a tsundere when you first meet him
    Looks: teal hair more of a sea-green actually, chocolate eyes

    omg yes you work.jpg
    Power/Abilities (5 max): enhanced speed and endurance, can shift into a wolf, can control ice
    Family?: Father (vampire), Mother (shape-shifter)
    Pets?: A black cat named Corporal

    Crush: Open
    BF/GF: Open
    History: Doesn't talk about it unless he trusts someone
    Other?: He's bisexual and since he's a half-breed he can stay out in the sun

    Linc looked up at the school with anxiety in his chest as he put on a glare and walked to the main doors. He wasn't looking forward to school, he never had since he was different, Hopefully this isn't like all those other schools.....With a sigh he let his gaze trail up to the cloudless sky, the beautiful blue calming his nerves. Suddenly a jet of flame marred the beauty and a roar rang out, Linc's chocolate eyes following the orange flames to a dragon half-breed. What is that? The vampire half-breed wondered before seeing that the other male was chasing something else in the sky.

    "Godamn...Not one moment of peace." He huffed as he snapped his fingers and encased the Dragon boy in ice, a smirk spreading across his features at the easiness at it all. He knew that the other guy would thaw out with that fire so he didn't see any harm in it.
  6. For a moment his movement is stopped when ice engulfed his body. however for a person with boiling dragon's blood in it's vein ice is only a temporary aid. just for a few seconds later the ice began to melting and his head emerged from it. "ups, that was close! i almost burned down the school. Whoaa! where is this ice come from?!" he surprised when suddenly his body covered in a solid block of ice. there stood a young boy with teal hair looking to him smirked. "is it your doing?" with curious face he asked the boy.
  7. Linc chuckled as the boy began to thaw out, his smirk remaining as he answered the stranger.

    "Yeah, I did since you couldn't stop yourself," He answered with a slight glare, his tone coming out colder than ice as his eyes trailed from the other male's to the poor girl that had gotten chased, "You should at least apologize to that poor girl." As soon as the words left his mouth he switched his eyes from the dragon boy to the entrance of the school and walked away with a snap that made the rest of the ice melt, his voice carrying over his shoulder. "If you don't stop yourself then I will, someone has to." And with that, he left, entering the building and glancing at his phone. "Ah, damn, I have a feeling this won't be like any of the other schools..."
  8. My Form (open)

    Name: Lavender Tanaka
    Age: Technically doesn't age, but looks 18.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Android Fae. A robot that contains the DNA of a human girl (and her brain + memories) and Lavandula stoechas.
    Personality: Can't sit still, finds everything funny and a bit violent. Her definition of 'fun' is destroying everything. Likes to play games with everyone, never seems to be sad (might not even be capable of being sad) and greets everyone with a smile. She has an obsession with lamps.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Power/Abilities (5 max): The ability to fly for a short time, can generate small amounts of electricity. She has mastered the art of harnessing the energy of the earth with her wooden staff which means she can fire lasers made up of energy. Ouch. Also, she can control her pet lamp. She must regenerate through water.
    Family?: Her 'sisters' from the same Android project, Blossom, Willow and Mahogany.

    Pet (open)
    [​IMG]Can hover, connected to Lavender through a plug that goes in at the back of her head. Hidden inside are two spinning saw like blades. The Lamp can transform into a huge bus sized lamp equipped with machine guns, rockets and helicopter choppers. It uses a lot of Lavender's energy, so she tends to avoid using this.

    Crush: Open
    BF/GF: Open
    History: Freshly dead female girl + mad scientist + enough equipment to create robots + DNA = Lavender.

    Finally, the speech was over. Lavender needed some precious precious space. With a light hop she started to hover, and floated towards the school rooftops. With a bit of effort she managed to pull out her pet lamp from under her school uniform, it squeaked adorably and smiled. "I've never been to a school before, I hope this'll be fun!" she said to herself. Lavender lays on her back and looks at the bright sky, and spots a large ice cube - with a head sticking out of it. "I like this school already, hehe," she floats down to investigate.
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  9. Smile was surprised by all that was happening, that's when he noticed the half vampire and half dragon go at one another, followed by a very pretty girl.

    Smile wagged his tail and approached the others hoping to make friends since it was his first time attending a school.
  10. he only tilted his head when the teal headed guy walking toward the entrance. after his body has been freed from the ice, he landed on the school ground then scratched his head "what's wrong with those guy?" when his focused his attention toward the girl, she already disappeared from his sight. "aaah... i am hungry. how about you Igneel?" "pyuu" a little red dragon landed on his shoulder, rubbing his head to Zack cheek. "i know.. i know... let's eat, shall we?" with his pet Zack walked toward the Canteen looking for food.
  11. Smile sighed, wishing he had a small buddy but, pets don't really get pets do they? He decided to stay out a little longer before going inside.
  12. "oh a dog showed up, no it's a half-dog" he turned his head after sensing someone or something approached behind him. "who are you?" a simple question asked yet his stomach still grumbling. then he signaled the half-dog to follow him to the canteen.
  13. Smile quickly follows as he grins happily "Hi, I'm called Smile." He said with a wag of his tail "Its nice to meet you, uh...sorry I never caught your name."
  14. "Zack... Zack Alsein. what did you want?" his stomach still grumbling, with his little Ignell still chewing it's meat on his shoulder. a ton of food laying in the dining table, but no matter how many food passed on his throat his stomach didn't stop grumbling. "oy oy.. this is a Canteen not a classroom, eat first talk later. here eat some meat, you are carnivore are you?" he took a big chunk of meat from the table and offered it to Smile.
  15. Smile thanked him as he held the tasty slab, and bit onto the meat with the same ferocity and viciousness of a starved wolf. "This is tasty! But, I love Master Jeff's more." He said.
  16. Linc walked around the new school in an attempt to find the dorms, huffing in irritation and ,though he wouldn't admit it, embarrassment as he stepped back outside and caught sight of the dragon half-breed walking with a boy to the canteen. He squinted his eyes against the sun and noticed that it wasn't just a boy, ears and a tail adorned his body.

    "Maybe a demonic dog? Well in that case we have to steer clear, right Corporal?" The teal haired boy asked his cat, the black feline peeking his head out of Linc's bag and looking around. The vampire half breed chuckled and looked around for the dorms, his chocolate eyes finding them finally. Finally....I felt like an idiot! The teen admitted before walking off in the dorms direction with his cat, whom had jumped out noiselessly after peeking his head out, walking beside him.
  17. still chewing his food Zack heard Smile talking "aww... i know i know.. here" then he handed another big chunk of meat to Ignell which started to chewing his cheek. after all of his food disappeared from the table Zack touched his belly and let out a deep breath "ah... it was delicious. then... who is this Jeff never heard him before?"
  18. Smile licked his lips satisfied he grinned "Jeff is my Master he doesnt come here though, he is a super cool guy who, has a habit of killing people he doesnt like. He dresses in a white hoodie and he has black hair and a carved smile on his face." Smile said wagging his tail, he was about to say something else when he caught scent of a certain furry friend. His ears fold back and he growls slightly.

    "There's a cat here..." he grumbled. He hopped off the seat at the table as he quietly followed the smell, unbeknownst to the fact he was headed straight towards Linc's room.
  19. By the time she had floated down to investigate, the fight was already ago. She watched sadly as the creature inside the ice block was thawed, and left for the school, followed by another humanoid like figure. Lavender was curious, on her many adventures she has met all kinds of creatures; half-breeds, demons, angels and the natural Fae, perhaps it'll be interesting if she looked at them closely and tried to be friendly with them? Lavender shook her head 'stop thinking about it, to learn you gotta do it yourself'
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  20. Smile happened to look out the window, his eyes light up when he sees the pretty girl again, his tail wags as he walks up to the window and knocks on it hoping to catch her attention.
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