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  1. My Character (open)
    Name: Zack Alsein
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Dragon
    Personality: Hot Blooded
    Look (open)

    Power : Dragon like power
    Family : Gold Dragon Albion (Dragon Father) x Aleesa Alsein (Human Mother)
    Pets : Igneel the Red Dragonling
    Look (open)


    Crush: Open

    BF/GF: Open
    History: Restricted
    Other?: no
  2. (Is a blood colored WOLF not tiger)
  3. I hope it isn't to late to join! ^_^

    Name: Neon
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Furry {Feline}
    Personality: Is kind of a very peaceful person who makes friends and listens to all EDM and Rock!
    Looks: Looks like furry in picture below but with black stripe on forehead.
    Power/Abilities (5 max): Can shrink{can't control}, Can see into future when asleep{need to roll die}, can switch into normal human form.{ Just imagine the furry below as a human with mark on exact spot, Stripe on forehead can glow a Bright Red hence the name Neon.
    Family?: Died.
    Pets?: N/A

    Crush: Open
    BF/GF: Open
    History: Classified. { He really lived an ordiary life untill he unknowingly combined blood with a diying furry.
    Other?: Can make EDM music 100% alike. Favorite one: Snowblind by AU5
    Link to song: https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/au5-snowblind-feat-tasha-baxter

  4. (How can I even enter? Entering a roleplay when you're late is usually my specialty, but now I'm stuck.)

    Name: Joseph
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon/God (I know, it's weird)
    Personality: Always looking for new friends, always happy, never cried a day in his life.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Power/Abilities (5 max): Phase through walls (Molecules find holes in the wall and reappear on the other side), shapeshifter (Demon's power), stopping time (God's power), Telekinesis. (All of these are supernatural powers that people are proven to have.)
    Family: They all died in a terrible flood on a family trip, and he only survived by shapeshifting into a bass when he was in the water (This was where he first learned of his shapeshifting powers)
    Pet(s): A little box person that comes to life when Joseph says the secret code, "Lemon Cherry Pie."

    Crush: His next door neighbor, Kyoko

    Name: Kyoko
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human/Neko (Cat)
    Personality: Happy to be alive, Kind, Shy.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Power/Abilities (5 max): Telepathy, Levitation (Of herself)
    Family: (None)
    Crush: Her next door neighbor, Joseph
    History: As she was born, her mother died. She's lived on her own since she was eight, finally quitting school as she was a genius anyway.
    Using a character creation is fine by me in this case, just used it to pass time.
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  6. (Can I have some help? Not really sure where everyone is.)
  7. ((My character is on the cafeteria with the girl above me, the red wolf girl sleeping in her room, and i don't know where is the another))
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Vex (Unknown Lastname)
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown
    He is a big trouble maker. Because of his deceptive skills of manipulation he likes to cause drama out of nowhere.
    Power/Abilities (5 max):
    Ability to freeze time (Anyone he touches while in this ability is able to move with him)
    Shapeshift into any form he wants
    Can turn invisible
    Can teleport
    Family?: None
    Pets?: Hawk named Huntress

    Crush: Open
    BF/GF: Open
    Vex has been roaming the country, searching for a way to kill time in what he thinks could be an imortal life.

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  10. (i sensed that i was writing it but i mean i wanted a little mayhem... its just who i am *grinning bigger* if you want me to change i can change sense you seem to have taken control)
  11. (God modding)
  12. ((why not you tearing open the time space in this school ground and the monsters start pouring in. rather than kidnapping my little harmless dragon that only make mayhem in the dining room it will make mayhem in entire school))

    ((edit : it's okay... people often make mistakes, so do I. just Enjoy this RP shall we?))
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  15. @meely

    Remember: For class scenes, 150 words at least. I get emails for this. Please do so. I will follow you if you do it!
  16. Name:Justice Hunt
    Race:Demon (but looks like a human)
    Personality: He is oddly kind for a demon, he likes doing pranks and cares about the people close to him, but when you get on his bad side, than you'll be sorry,he can be a jerk sometimes but is actually really kind,just don't tell him that
    View attachment 40865
    Powers/Abilities: he looks human at first,but when angry or really sad, his skin turns red and black and grows a red tail, if he touches something when he is a demon, it burns or melts
    Family: he was adopted,he had a younger brother and parents, until they found out he was a demon that was, that's when he went to the school
    Pets:a demon wolf
    Crush:No one at the moment
    BF/GF: None
    History:Justice was born in a forest with his demon wolf, the dog also looked like a normal dog but transforms into a demon, a women found him and his dog and bring them to the foster home,his dog was aloud there,he then went to a family of three,his demon dog was mostly put outside,he went to a middle school like all the other kids,whenever he could, he would go outside and play with the dog,one day his 'mother' told him that they needed the dog gone,he got really mad and that's when he turned to a demon,the family was terrified, he then ran away with his dog Tucker, and found the school
    Other:He is gay and has fangs

    Demon_Dog.jpg german sheperd.jpg

    Name: Stelios Margaritis
    Personality: stelios is nice and kind, he is really shy around people he doesn't know,he is really nice and has a great sense of humor, he is sometimes sarcastic and jokes around allot, he does allot of pranks also and respects people close to him

    Powers/Abilities: He has white,big angel wings, at times his eyes and hands turn white and whatever he touches he heals
    Family:he has no family
    Pets:He has None
    BF/GF: None
    History: Stelios only remembers the age 6 and up, he remembered growing small angel wings, from age 6-10 he was put inside one building,there were a bed, a drawer, a lamp, and a chair, an older man would serve him food every night, he told him to never go outside the evil world,but when he was 14 he finally had his adult wings,but one day the man opens the door,
    "you must leave,now!" the man grabbed him and bring him to the door,stelios asked why and he said just fly away from here,he knew how to fly in his room but out there? "trust me" stelios nodded his head and flew out the back door,he remembered gunshots and yelling,a year later he arrived at the school
    Other:He is gay
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  17. Name: Karuta Johnson
    Age: 14
    Race:Youkai and Vampire
    Personality: Karuta is quiet,intelligent,loyal,nice,caring but she seems emotionless
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Powers and Abilities: can turn into a Gashadokuro ,good hearing, able to summon the die,make things come back to life
    Family: a older brother named Ryuu
    Pet: a pet raccoon named Dai
    Crush: none
    Bf/ Gf: none
    History: lived in a small town in japan. Her family die when she was 3. So her step brother took her in. Until she could find a job and her own place.
    Other: she loves food , some people call her strange, lovely to any one who give her food, hard to tell how she is feeling, have a skateboard,wears skates somethings,is a tomboy

    Name: Ryuu Johnson
    Age: 16
    Race: Fallen angel and Human
    Personality:Ryuu is a quiet,nice,kind, mysterious person
    Powers/Abilities: flying,super fast,turn into animals,super sonic scream
    Family his sister, Karuta
    Pets: A pet griffon named Tom [​IMG]
    Crush: none
    Bf/Gf: none
    History: family die in a fire when he was . He got a place and took his sister in. Until she find a new home.
    Others: have a part time job, he is kinds of overly protect of his sister,loves cooking
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