Highschool for the SuperHumans/Monsters

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  1. Miley got up and looked at Ellis and smiled, "Its alright. I know it was an accident. Nice to meet you Ellis." she shook her hand.
  2. "T-thanks, it's nice to meet you too," Ellis answered, shaking Miley's hand and returning the smile, "I haven't seen you around before, are you new?"
  3. She smiled, "Yup. Just moved a few days ago."
  4. "Ah, well best of luck here. Some of the students are a bit...cranky," Ellis explained, "If you need help with anything, talk to me I guess. Do you know where your first class is?"
  5. She pulled out her schedule and examined it, "English..."
  6. "Well if you like I can show you the way to the English corridor?" Ellis offered, picking a leaf out of his hair.
  7. She smiled, "Yeah!" that woul be great!"
  8. Ellis turned around, begining to walk towards the English corridor, and lilted, "Fo~Lo~ Me~!"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.