Highschool for the Superhumans/Monsters

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  1. A highschool for gifted students... Very gifted.
    -My Character Info!-
    Name: Miley May James
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'5''
    Sex: Female
    Species: Vampire
    Looks: (Like the picture except with brown hair)
    Extra Info!: New Student
    "Miley May! This is going to be the last time I am going to tell you... GET UP!" Miley's mother yelled from down the stairs once again.
    "Hn..." Miley said as she slowly got up from the bed. With her eyes still closed she grabbed her blacked skinny jeans, blue t-shirt, blue converses, and blue leather gloves that were fingerless. She finally opened her eyes and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Once she was done she got dressed, put on her clothes, not even bothering to put on makeup... she was already naturally pretty... and she knew that. She just wasnt the type to gloat about it. Her hair dried up and turned to its natural curliness. Once she was satisfy with the way she looked she grabbed her blue backpack and walked down the stairs and out the door.
    ~Author's Note~
    ((I have ONE Rule!: DO NOT LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND! This bother me very much! I have actually made an RP and the people that I RPED with actually left me behind -.-....))

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  2. Where is the RP thread? For this be the sign-up section!
    Name: Ellis
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'3''
    Sex: Male...not that you can tell ;)
    Species: Elf!
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Extra Info!: Cross-dresser! :3
  3. This is the RP and sign up
  4. Ok then!
    Ellis had been sitting by the school gates since 10:00 last night. Or to be more precise, sitting above the gates. He'd came out of the school library late last night, only to see a a birds nest with tiny, pale blue eggs in beneath the tree. Being to soft hearted to leave the nest on the ground, ready for predators, Ellis had scaled the tree with the nest to put it back in it's place. But once Ellis had done so he was so tired he fell asleep in the tree! As students began to stream into the school, one or two of them commented on the fact that 'Ellie' had gotten 'herself' stuck once more.
  5. As Miley got to the she noticed Ellis up on the tree, she arched an eyebrow, "Umm excuse me? What are you doing up there?"
  6. Among Ellis' dreams of flowers and sweets, he heard a foreign voice. As Ellis awoke from his sleep, he was startled by how high he was, and subsequently fell on top of the girl (Miley) below. With a little yawn, Ellis replied "Sleepsavingbirdsfall," not making much sense from just waking up. As leaves fell from Ellis' sparkling hair, with the small part of his awake brain, Ellis tried to work out what he was supposed to do when he fell on top of a girl.
  7. Miley fell down, Uh nice to meet you I am Miley. Now can you please get off of me?" she said all of this with a smile on my face.
  8. (We should probably move this to the IC forum instead of staying in the sign-up one)

    After two consecutive blinks Ellis' brain got into gear, and realized what was happening. "Wah~! I-I'm sorry Miley! I'll get off, I'll get off!" Ellis cried out, scrambling off Miley, "I'm Ellie, and I'm SUPER sorry! Are you hurt?" Ellis started brushing a few leaves out of Miley's hair, and offered her a hand up. He also made a mental note to work on his introductions.
  9. ((Alright just look up Highschool for the SuperHumans/Monsters. That is where my reply will be.))
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