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    • HighSchool DxD
      The Evil Piece System
      Devils when they come of age are given a chess set called evil pieces. These evil pieces are put into life forms to become part of a peerage of the king. The king is the said noble devil. When sliding one of these pieces into a being they are reincarnated into a devil. They were created by Ajuka Beelzebub to replenish the number of devils after the great war. Each piece gives the user physical enhancements base on which piece they are. Rooks get increased strength and fortitude. Knights have beyond human capable speed. Bishops have increased magic abilities. The Queen all attributes increased leaning more to the magic bit of things. The most important piece or rather the pawn has the ability called 'promotion' when they are far enough into enemy territory with the kings permission they can become any of the other pieces.
      Sacred Gear System
      Sacred artifacts and/or weapons that were bestowed upon the humans by the biblical god. Most humans who have a sacred gear cannot activate it until they have become more powerful, however most humans don't even know they possess one. Each sacred gear can have multiple of the same one, except 13 of them, the Longinus gears. They are the 13 most powerful of the sacred gears. Every sacred gear has something called 'balance breaker', this is the ultimate state of a sacred gear, which is its most powerful form. Once achieved it becomes easier to enter it from there on out. There is also a transformation that only two of the longinus gears posses, these two are the boosted gear and divine dividing, and that form is called juggernaut drive and is considered forbidden, this removes the seal placed on the dragon within each of the two gears and uses the wielders life force to power it. There is also something known as 'sub-species' usually it's only the balance breaker that becomes a sub-species. Sub-species is when the gear takes on unique characteristics based on its wielder's thoughts and feelings. They are also more powerful than the original though. Only humans or human hybrids can be born with sacred gear.
      Ok I just copied and pasted this. So if you have any other questions feel free.
      Sacred Gear: (if you have one and if you want one of the longinus gears then i'll approve or disapprove that you may have it)
      Magic Abilities: (If you have magic)
      Personality:(pros and cons)
      Pros: (5 at least)
      Cons: (5 at least)
      Peerage piece:

      Ok so my character I already decided was reincarnated and adopted into one of the clans of the 72 pillars

      Ok if you guys see anything missing then tell me.​

    • Rules:
      1. have fun
      2. no god mod
      3. be friendly
      4. romance is allowed nothing too explicit
      5. follow that rule one though​

    • King: me
      Queen: @Angel Evans
      Bishop 1: @CrimDemon
      Bishop 2: open
      Knight 1: @EddiEddi
      Knight 2: @spirit weiss
      Rook 1: @Cats
      Rook 2: open
      Pawn 1: @AceSorcerer
      Pawn 2: open
      Pawn 3: open
      Pawn 4: open
      Pawn 5: open
      Pawn 6: open
      Pawn 7: open
      Pawn 8: open​
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  1. Name: Alexander Gladstone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Sacred Gear: Infernos. The Unholy blade. A blade made to devour all light in the world. Pretty self explanatory, a demon sword of high power. it is also capable of generating a immense set of unholy armour to protect the user. as well as replicating itself.
    Demon Armour Form;

    The limit break allows the user to not only devour holy and purifying light but to turn it against the users foes. Allowing for it to be used not only against holy creatures but to produce a significant risk to devils as well.

    The limit to using this sacred gear is not the users strength or energy, but the users will. a weilder who has no desire to fight cannot even activate it, One who is would be driven to fight untill death would allow this gear

    Magic Abilities: Dark Fire and Black Ice, in all forms, He uses them not only to form weapons, but to allow him to gain the upper hand alongside striking at foes and deflecting blows. He often combines the Dark fire with Infernos to produce immense blasts of fire and blazing pillars of destruction. Ice on the other hand is used to do things from producing walls through to suppressing foes with shards of ice.

    Alexander is in general light hearted and friendly most of the time. Though he does have a sharp and cynical side that often comes out when he makes jokes. out of combat he has a terrible sweet tooth and is often found to be eating some kind of sugary treat, however in combat he insists on chewing on lemon or something minty no one knows why. He likes games and challenges and will often taunt foes or deliberately seek out those who are likely to provide him with the most challenge for no reason other than to test his skills.

    Peerage piece: Knight (unless the king wants to change it)
    Bio: Born in to a middle class family Alexander found his sacred gear early, It started by manifesting itself simply as black flames around his hands, and over time it took on forms as and when he needed it. The first time it manifested itself was in year 3 in a fight with bullies he wanted to stand up for himself but couldn't so the flames erupted around his hands and where he struck they scortched. He was expelled from that school. The next time it manifested itself was in a bar room brawl when he was 14, he was with his dad and a fight started out, it manifested itself as a small dagger at that point, He only just avoided getting arested because there was no weapon. He grew up then on knowing how to call forth this weapon and started to learn how to use it. His family slowly drifted apart as their only son became colder and colder and more isolated, relentlessly learning how to use his powers and mastering them, a few of his friends knew about it and that was it. One day he was walking home when his world changed, He was with is best friend and someone tried to mug them, he responded on instinct, calling forth his Sacred gear and moving to protect his friend, however what he didn't see was the muggers gun. He was shot, 4 times in his stomach and chest. That was the day he died. and the day he entered the demonic ranks. from then on he hasn't changed much focused only on mastering his skills and keeping his friends safe, Though he will talk to them freely which has changed from when he was only human. He's also gained a darker sense of humour.
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  2. ok There are only 13 longinus gears this not being one of the i probably should have put them down, what your description of it though would seem like it's a balance breaker, the 13 longinus gears are (these aren't in order) True Longinus, absolute demise, annihilation maker, boosted gear, canis lykaon, dimension lost, divine dividing, incinerate anthem, innovate clear, regulus nemea, telos karma, and zenith tempest. I wont be ale to provide you with any info on them so that's your job. For the personality if you don't wanna list pros and con then just list 10 things.
  3. Fair enough. I prefer to create within a universe rather than outright use things from the universe (personal preference.)
    I'll make the edits in a bit.
  4. Well these were the original sacred gears before any of the others, so i thought why not.
  5. So we can make up a sacred gear?
  6. Apparently yes, but it cannot be a longinus gear.
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  7. Alexander Sasha Sitri
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17


    Sacred Gear: Kuroh Mugetsu, Meaning black moonless sky, this sacred gear looks very much like a regular katana. Though unlike all katana this one has supernatural abilities of it's own. When unsealed to fight stronger then the norm, it becomes so dark it's seems to be holy in light. The balance breaker is a nodachi that enhances the users abilities immensely, but puts the user in more and more pressure the longer it's used.

    Magic: Reflective magic, Light manipulation, and earth manipulation. He is able to reflect incoming projectiles if he is holding a single position, only moving one hand. He can bend light to use as an illusion, or to have it be an extension of his body for defensive and offensive capabilities. Using the earth manipulation's power it embodies the user, giving them a great deal of defense yet hindering, speed, range, and flexibility.

    Personality: He is quite stoic always standing tall, even if death faces him dead in the eye. He always has had a soft spot for family. Which he tends to see his peerage as. He always has cared for one aspect in life, that aspect was life itself. He also tends to see the glass as half full.
    Pros: Charming, cooks, dabbles in a bit of writing, optimistic, and he cares for those around him
    Peerage Piece: King
    bio: As a young boy death saw him in the eyes. This was due to his unknown sacred gear, that nobody had ever heard of. Whilst in his last dying breath a woman with black hair, wearing a black coat. She had asked him if he wanted to live. He wasn't able to speak as he coughed up blood. Then she said ether was if you want to live or die, i'll still bring you back. He woke up the next morning in an unknown room. The woman from that night walked into the room and hugged him, ranting on about having an adorable little brother. She said that he could call her onee-chan. Little did he know until he turned 9 that his 'big sister' was one of the four satan-samas, Lady Serafall Leviathan.
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  8. Name: Toby Herring
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Sacred Gear: Berserker: This is a big unholy blade(In Armor picture.). The blade can be used for both offense and defense. The sword is also shard enough to cut through almost anything. When the user is about to die or is in serious trouble, he can activate the weapons trump card. Armor will form around the users body, and his/her stamina, strength,and speed will increase by a lot. But this only last for 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes is up, the armor will disappear, and the user will be unconscious for some time. The user is able to extended the armor time to an hour, but there is a high possibility that the user will die after the hour is up.
    Armor (open)

    Magic Abilities: N/A
    Personality: Sociable. Group oriented. Attention seeking. Outgoing. Does not like being alone. Practical, traditional and organized. Likely to be athletic. Likes to be in charge. Capable at organizing and running activities. A good citizen who values security and peaceful living. Loyal and hard-working. Has clear visions of the way things should be. Focused. A leader, planner and finisher. Responsible. Decisive. Punctual. Hard working. Clean. Conventional, realistic. Norm following. Respects authority. Regards rules and regulations as important. Follows the rules. Regular. Does not like weird or strange people or things. Intolerant of differences. Strict. Disciplined. Aggressive. Assertive. Emotionally stable. Anal, stiff. Fearless and self-confidant. Content. Happy. Proper. Formal, strict with self.
    Peerage piece: Rook
    Bio: WIP​
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  9. Name: Tsumera (Nickname: TsuTsu) Hime
    Gender: Female
    Sacred Gear: (if you have one and if you want one of the longinus gears then i'll approve or disapprove that you may have it)Incinerate Anthem (It is a longinus)Incinerate Anthem has the ability to generate large amounts of purple holy flames that can incinerate Devils with ease as shown when Walburga attacked Sairaorg Bael in Volume 17 and inflicted huge amount of damage to him even though he was using the Balance Breaker of Regulus Nemea.
    Incinerate Antiphona Calvario , also known as the Blazing Verdict by the Final Judge, is it is sub-species Balance Breaker. It has the ability to manifest different forms depending on the souls that she uses. The forms are able to move independent from her and acts like an independent-avatar type

    Limits: Is not able to use on angels/fallen angels, Water related Enemies, Or when Is drenched.
    Magic Abilities: (If you have magic) (She wishes, But the closest thing to that is her sacred gear.)

    Personality:(pros and cons) Shy, Tsutsu gets so shy some times she can't Even speak and she real hates it about her self. Musician, Her favorite instrument Is a Homer Soprano Melodica. Tsumera Would Like to know Every thing she try's to pry In to all knowledge as much as she can. She doesn't real understand love So it would be pretty hard to make a move On her. She can also be kind of a stalker..
    Pros: (5 at least) Mostly optimistic, Kind, Stealthy at times, average Intelligence, Blissfully Ignorant
    Cons: (5 at least)Shy, Ditz, Romantically awkward, Some what perverted, Defiantly can be annoying to people
    Peerage piece:(Preferably not to have one In the beginning. If it is all right, They can freely Slaughter/change my character as they wish.)
    Bio: Tsumera grew up In the Hime Household Wasn't very easy. She had to work to earn Her meals Usually performing Countless scores of music. At one point TsuTsu Was becoming very Ill and couldn't even move. Her family Couldn't feed her, All though her mom was a doctor She disallowed her daughter to eat for she was not doing her job for the house playing music. Her father disapproved of this Idea Of not feeding one of there many children and Left. Soon the mother gave up on the child leaving her one day with Five hundred yen a fanny pack a Melodica and 3 musical scores. From her original house hold she traveled and started to live with a bunch of Neat's. A wile after her finding her new home she found from the news that her house had caught on fire ever since that time starving in that house she had found that fires started around her. (She doesn't really know how to use that power but would be happy to learn)

    (If any thing in this needs to be revised please tell me Ill try my best to work hard to be a good role-play civilian.)
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  10. Appearance:
    Human Form (open)
    Draconic Armor (open)

    He stands at five feet and ten inches tall with pale blue eyes and dark auburn hair. He has a scar in the shape of an "X" over his heart from when he died as a human.

    Name: Kai Silas

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Reincarnated devil, formerly human

    Rank: 3 Mutated Pawns (Value is 8 Pawns)

    Skills: Well balanced physically and magically, Silas boasts a mental sharpness that surpasses those of many that he meets, but by no means all of them. However, he lacks common sense and finds himself, to a fair extent, unknowing and uniformed regarding the devil world other than what he can assume, infer, or have heard from other devils and the occassional stray exorcist the Club encounters. He is a trained swordsman, with an uncanny ability to manipulate or trick people into doing what he needs.

    Sacred Gear: Balance Dragon Gear/Telos Karma Gear- This Sacred Gear confers a variety of skills upon its bearer, such as summoning draconic swords and armor, but also grants a proportionally equal enhancement. As a result, improvements in one area result in all areas physically to keep his traits physically balanced, but it is fairly hard to improve any physical trait as a result when not at a Rook promotion. The same applies when referring to magical skills. When inactive, it appears as a ring on his right ring finger. When active it appears as a gauntlet until an armor transformation is made. The Grey Dragon, Tharanuil, resides within this Sacred Gear. When in its Limit Break, awareness is heightened at the cost of energy and pain, making it difficult to maintain the Limit Break form without high stamina and pain tolerance. The Limit Break Form will dissipate when the wielder either deactivated it or passes out.

    Magic: The Balance Dragon Gear confers a variety of magics, from destruction to restoration. He has pursued two in particular. Silas is an adept at conjuration, evening the numbers on the battlefield since he is the only Pawn present in his Peerage. Otherwise he is advanced at healing, which is primarily used on himself.

    - Silas was born with eidetic (perfect) memory, and as a result he forgets nothing. This come in handy in combat for analysis of his enemies.
    - Due to a large pool of reading, Silas has an adept level of military knowledge and tactics. He, however, lacks the practical experience.
    - Having pursued fencing from a young age, Silas studied the way of the sword for years. He is an adept at wielding sabers and longswords, still striving to become stronger with other blades.
    - Silas is a quick study and will do whatever he can to improve. This behavior causes him to take on more than he can handle on occasion.
    -Has an enormous vocabulary, allowing for linguistic superiority.

    - Because of his abilities, Silas can be cocky at times and become overconfident. He keeps it to himself most of the time, but will share it with others when it gets out of check.
    - Silas chooses to operate more on logic than emotion, and his emotions really only show though when he's upholding his personal set of morals.
    - Because of the various deaths he was involved in during his childhood, he has constant night terrors but does not have thanatophobia. As a result, he forces himself to operate himself on as little sleep as possible, developing artificial insomnia.
    -He is not a "people person," often choosing to stay by his lonesome.
    -His extensive vocabulary can often to lead to misunderstandings.

    Personality: Silas hugs the shadows and observes others, rarely speaking with anyone unless it's for information or to convince them to do something for him. Operating primarily on logic, he is cold and typically calculative. Although he has no particular displays of emotion, he still has them but merely denies them constantly. When he does show emotion, it is usually anger, sorrow, or hatred.

    History: Kai Silas is half-American, with his father deceased a major of the United States Air Force. His father was a Japanese immigrant and his mother was a full American, and a result he received his first name from his grandfather, an American who served in World War II. Growing up, he traveled across the world until he was ten years old, traveling with two younger twin sisters and his parents. When he was ten they became residents in Japan after his father signed an eight year contract for his new base assignment. As he grew up he was extremely bookish, but managed to find a large group of friends no matter where he went. That changed on one faithful night. Blood was everywhere as a little boy's tears hovered over five bodies. He knew four. On his tenth birthday, shortly after his family finished settling in Japan, his family was visiting some of the ancient Shinto shrines and temples he had always wanted to see that morning. It was shortly before lunch that his father was mugged and shot between the eyes in an empty parking lot before breaking into the car and attempting to kill his female relatives. He failed at first, but succeed after they tried to escape. The boy ran to his father's corpse, since he was closest in proximity to that body, and tried to shove him awake to no avail. Seeing the mugger point his gun at him, he scrambled for his father's holstered pistol, stick stuck on his belt underneath his coat. Being grazed by various bullets, he eventually retrieved the pistol and, by sheer luck, killed the criminal after firing three bullets. The authorities came shortly after and escorted him to the military base where he was questioned and given the attention he needed, reluctantly telling him his family wasn't coming back. They also gave him a gift-wrapped box that was fastened with a red bow and had blood splattered on it, the parcel having been originally hidden away in his mother's purse to give to him later. He's kept it safe and refused to open it, keeping it next to a small shrine dedicated to his family. It was decided that he would receive a stipend for the next ten years, consisting of ten times his father's promised annual salary to be delivered to a managed bank account in Silas' name from which he could withdraw money and receive deposits. After reaching eighteen he would be granted full control of the bank account. He was also given a two-bedroom condo to live in with all finances paid for by the military until he reached eighteen. He has lived in that Yatsushiro condo since then, attending local schools though growing attached to no one and losing most traces of emotion. He eventually used his bank account for investments, buying up stocks of various corporations to make large profits. One day in freshman year he received a mysterious "wish card" from a local vendor, only to be assaulted later that night with his heart pierced by two blades. He simply wished to live, and as a result he was reincarnated as a demon serving the Sitri House.

    Other: Silas treasures the unopened gift unlike anything else. He won't even touch it, though if someone develops a mutual friendship with him he may let them examine it. Otherwise he'll gladly allow any of the other Pieces to stay with him if they need to, regardless of their relationship.

    Balance Breaker (when unlocked) and Tharanuil (open)
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  11. With the appearance of ^^ THAT I feel I need to consider my edits carefully. Harum.
  12. United.Kingdom._28Female_29.600.670132_large.jpg Okay is it safe for me to assume she looks like this, since i couldn't really see the picture all that well, and i'd like you to put a bit more detail on the sacred gear such as the limits.
  13. @EddiEddi Please don't worry too much. I've had Silas for a long time and he was meant for another DxD RP long ago, but that one died before it even started so I haven't had a chance to use him yet.
  14. okay you said you were unsure about the longinus gears there are only 13 of them not only because of their power but because they were the first 13 created by the biblical god and only two of the longinus gears have dragons inside them boosted gear and divine dividing. These to counter each other completley though which i find hilarous. Anyways for this sacred gear to work it's gonna need a balance breaker, and some limits to show that if used to long something will happen. It doesn't have to be that though it just needs a limit on it and i'd say you're good.
  15. Edits have been made.
  16. looks good
  17. got board did edits.
  18. LOL i just realized our characters have the same name.
  19. .....I call dibs! also it'd ruin the refrence.
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