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  1. The idea I have is a time traveler's device get's broken in a storm knocking her back before the time of tecnology being found by a the Lard of the lands she landed in; can she fix her device and go home? Or will she forget her time for the man who sweeps her into his domain?

    ((I'd perfer to play the time traveler please))
  2. Oh, this sounds interesting ^^ What time period and where in the world would this be taking place?
  3. around the 1400s and in Ireland =3 hints the highlander XD
  4. Okay, that sounds great ^^ Anything else I should know about the plot? Would you like me to drum up a character sheet?
  5. hm, not that I can think of at the moment and if you want to start a thread with your character sheet that's cool =3
  6. Okay ^6^

    I'll get up a thread soon :D