High Seas

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    ~!The Start Of The Adventure!~

    "This is where ye story begins ladies and lassies. Now, its time for ye to begin ye own chapter in the book of adventure. I'll also have someone watching over ye and reporting back to me on yer progress, but you won't know where they be. Just know, I have eyes and ears all over the sea."

    A woman dressed in a tavern girls outfit walks into the room and the Capt'n looks over at her. She bows with a smile and Capt'n Cateyes stands and bows back.

    "Ah, this girl be Quick Fingers Jackie. She'll be telling ye about the dangers of the sea and the main things to look for."

    The girl then turns to everyone with a stern look.
    "Alright, listen up! I'm going to say this once and only once. You see, my job as a tavern girl is to warn you about any and all main threats there are out there on the sea. Many of ya look like you can't tell ya tail from your sword, but its not my place to judge you on that, now is it?"

    Alright, I'm going to tell you a little about Sirens.
    These pretty little ladies are just as the picture shows. They have unrelenting beauty with a beautiful singing voice. Resembles a mermaid doesn't she? Yes, as you can see by the skulls, she only really goes for men. For the women, lets just say its much worse for you. What happens to you? I have no idea, because I steer clear of the hussies. Sometimes, they like to swim in groups, the reason for this is unknown. But you can bet your booty that its nothing good at all.

    Next, we have Sea Snakes.

    Its a pretty looking thing ain't it? Well, the actions surely don't match the looks. These giant snakes are big enough to swallow ships whole and let me tell ya, it ain't easy getting out the belly of these beast. So, if ya come in contact with one, then its best that you turn ship and take a different route. They won't hesitate to make 'YOU' their next meal.

    There is one more main threat to worry about. The undead pirates.


    These are one of the most dangerous you can ever encounter. They're brought back by some type of curse, as you have heard by the captain's story. They attack anyone and I do mean anyone that is passing through the ships graveyard. Now, these guys are the main ones you want to watch out for because, no matter how many times you knock them down, they'll keep getting back up. Rumor has it that if you take out the leader, all the others will fall as well. The rumor has yet to be proven, due to almost everyone getting killed, or running away yellow.

    She turns and looks at the Captain.

    Well, the Captain here was wounded badly saving me from these pirates, it caused him his leg and an eye, as you can see. Its lucky that the tide picked up when it did, it washed us ashore an island. We were then picked up of the island by a friendly ship and brought home.

    Her attention turns back to everyone else.

    Now, that you know a bit about the sea. I'd say its best that you get yourself well-prepared and enjoy your time here at home and look around town for a bit. There's no need to rush out and give the sea a chance to swallow you up."

    Capt'n Cateyes looks over at the group.

    "Alright, now that ye have the info, I am curious to know what you will all do. I may just have a suggestion for you. There are two options for you on this adventure: You can travel off on your own, with your own crew, or you can join together and take on this adventure as a team. I'd say that the best option be to ban together and take on the dangers of the sea. Now What is it that you decide? I want to hear from all of ye."

    "Once you all have decided on what to do, I will give you all further instructions on a few places to start out at. That is once you are prepared. I also agree with the Capt'n second idea of banning together and taking on this adventure, but its also like he said, the decision is completely up to you."

    The capt'n and Jackie both wait for your responses as they look at you all.

  2. Leon Wolf was among the other men in the tavern. Leaning on the side of the damp wall he looked over and listened to Jackie warning them about the dangers of the sea, although to him he knew much about the sea as it is and he loved the dangers, Looking over and down a the bottle of rum that was drunk by one of the men he rememberd the times when he used to dive off his father's ship and swim down with him finding rare items to sell at the trades. Standing tall he walked over and looked at the Captin and Jackie. " I Think we should join together on this adventure".
  3. Alastar looked with wide eyes at all the horrors the Jackie and Cateyes told about. He held nothing but respect for the captain and hearing him and the girl talk of the seas as if they were morning meals inflated this respect. It had been a couple of months since he joined the crew. Why the Capt'n let him join, he had no clue. But it was still a tremendous honor. He was the newest crew member; a "squid". But it made no difference; he would fight for the Capt'n as well as any other crew member. His fingers brushed against a small gun hidden in his pants leg. It gave him a small jolt of comfort.

    The captain was done talking. Allie thought about what he said. He would have to face those dangers and probably many more. He suppressed the urge to gulp in fear. He couldn't show fear. Not in front of the Capt'n! He wanted adventure and exploration! It was the reason he joined the crew. So, puffing out his chest, Allie proudly said,

    "Together, captain!"
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    Jackie was dishing details to the newcomers & Cara was well amused by the expressions on their faces. The crew was a varied group, each of them seemingly with their own reasons to embark on dangerous voyage. Not everyone was lucky Cara, rescued from drifting through the sea, not quite harmed by the bloodthirsty sea creatures they were learning of. Unlike Jackie, though she was obviously female, Jackie wore a long blue tunic, tied at her waist with a thick ribbon, made to look like a dress, thermal sleeves, and leggings. She wore high boots and small gloves. Her black hair was up in a ponytail with a colorful barrette.

    As each crew member rushed to give their loyal word, Cara smirked. She looked up at Captain Cateyes from the lower deck. From where she was sitting a top a wooden barrel, she spoke,
    "Aye aye, Cap'n. Ye saved me life from high waters. I will always keep after ye shadow," She put a hand to her forehead as a salute, grinning. Like Jackie, Cara was a crew member that had been rescued by Cateyes. She would be loyal to him regardless of his voyage. The others continued their remarks. Slightly curious to see some of the newcomers up close, she decided to walk around the deck.

    The nimble young woman jumped off the barrel and skirted through the crowd, peering at each interesting face. A tall, dark-haired young man (Leon) caught her interest. She winked at him. When she walked by him, she caught an unusual whiff of the sea and her eyes glittered. She elbowed him playfully,
    "A man of the sea this one is. Near almost one of our own, with the fragrance of the ocean." She twirled around, raising her arms like a dancer, a smile on her face, "Alas, the forgotten fragrance of a ship." She giggled. What she learned from his previous voyages would make great additions to her story, she just knew it. In his young eyes were not just the weariness of responsibility, but something special, something different. Inexplicably, she felt she could understand.
  5. Leon knew about the dangers of the sea and the monsters and strange creatures that lurked down beneth the shallow waters. The waters wern't that hard to figure out for him, when the water was clear and the waves were calm that was the perfect time to find rare items as well as swim and hunt for big fish and when the waters were rough and the day was cloudy it would take a miricle to find a nice catch. Looking around the room he caught a glance at a girl who had winked at him. A smile formed on his lips as she nudged him. She was a major temtation though she was young and she would make him loose focus. At the mention of him smelling of the fragrance of the sea he chuckled " Ah yes i have had a fair share of the sea though i still crave the seas currents and vast adventures". He wasn't looking for someone easy and he wasn't going to settle down anytime soon, he just wanted the fun of the sea and the perks along with it.

    The room was filled with the baffiling drunks and everyone chugging down rum like there was no tommarow. He wasn't a drinker but he'd drink if it came to it. He nodded at the girl before walking in another direction, he wanted to clear his mind. Leaning on a wall far from the drunks and the wild people he sighed and twirled his knife.
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    Maria leaned against the bar with her arms folded snugged against her chest. The captn's story seemed like it was a bit exaggerated, but she wasn't one to judge him or Jackie. They both were two experienced pirates, who knew far more than a woman of her caliber did. The tavern was filled with music, dancing and drunks. A few even tried to make a pass on her, or even slapped her backside. The way that she responded was the same to those drunken land-lovers. A swift punch to the right cheek, then robbed them blind. Poor sap at her right was a victim of one of her punches and it felt good to give him a nice one. She wasn't a whore that men could just pick up, nor did she have the intents of getting tied down by anyone.

    She raised her hat up a bit and thought about what Jackie said for a few moments, before she came up with an answer. Maria was in command of her own ship and she never worked with anyone other than Capt'n Cateyes. She looked at the girl twirling in circles with excitement about a guy she said smelled like the sea. To her, he looked like a puppy that was just getting his ears wet. Oh well, it wasn't her business on whether he had the experience or not.

    Her stare on the two was only a second longer, catching sight of a man with his mouth hanging open as if he saw a ghost. He was acting as if he had seen a ghost or something, or maybe he just was too much of a land walker to even touch the sea. In fact, Maria was more than sure that if he did join up on the adventure, if she decided to ban together with them, that he would be swallowed by the sea. Her opinion was only changed when he yelled out about getting together with the others on the adventure. Well now, looks like the little peg legs had some guts after all.

    Well, they all looked like they were pretty excited about the whole thing and looks were deceiving. She might as well see what they all had to offer on the sea. She lowered her hat over her eyes and spoke in a stern voice. "Well, I've never sailed with a bunch other than my own crew, Capt'n. A girl's got her standards,but I trust your good judgment and I'll sail together with them all," She said somewhat coldly. The thoughts of sailing with a new crew was bothering her, seeing as she didn't know a thing about the group.

    She would have rather sailed with a Siren, than to sail with them, but she trusted the Capt'n completely. There was also no point is bellyaching about the decision. She looked over to Alastar and a smirk spread on her lips. "You look like you are just about as excited about this as the others are, landlover. From the looks of your first expression, you don't seem like you would last a day on the see," She said as she raised off of the bar and made her way towards Alastar. She took a step in front of him and peered up at him from beneath her hat. "So, you have any experience with the sea?"

  7. "BAH!..The dangers o' the sea..Seems like another day in the park fer me."

    Barnes, a bitter aged man and well known pirate took a drink of his cup. The tale of Cap'n Cateyes, what a tale it was. He remembered encountering his fair share of the threats, mainly the undead pirates. True scourge of the seas, the bastards would never give up until they slayed everyone on the ship passing by his own. His mind was a bit foggy due to his age, and the fact he didn't care much for danger and did things anyway, if he was going to go down..it would be fighting like the true salt of the sea he was.

    Holding his cup over his face and into his mouth, some of his rum spilling onto his beard and clothes until there was nothing left in it. Barnes grunted and tossed it aside walking closer to everyone else, not really paying attention to anyone other than Capt'n Cateyes and Quick Fingers. Stumbling his way up to the front where he shook his head and tried to focus on the two leading the journey.

    "..Rrr...Cateyes, me ol mate..."

    What Barnes didn't realize was that he was talking to a painting that looked similar to the Capt'n. He took off his hat and wiped his forehead, his vision clearing for a second as he realized what he was talking to and stepped back, turning his attention to Jackie and Cateyes this time.

    "As I was sayin..Normally, I wouldn't dare sail with any of these roaches..However, since we be going up against some o' the terrors of the seas..I'll be joining along with everyone else. I won't be no swab, I keep me rank. Ye have my skills an eyes."
  8. Allie couldn't help but feel a bit insignificant. All the people around him were hard-driven sea people. He'd been on the sea a few times but these people were nearly intimate with the big old blue. Why, it had only been a few meager months since Allie has rather embarrassingly been caught as a stowaway in the ship's cargo, stuttering about how he had accidentally stepped onto the wrong ship. His life flashed before his eyes and he could already see the blood in the sea from feasting sharks. His blood. But, the great old Capt'n spared his life. And made him a crew member! Sure, he disappointed his family greatly by becoming a pirate, but this was his dream! Well, minus the terrors of the sea.

    Allie looked down at his mug of alcohol. He didn't really drink much since drinking too much made him do things he would die thinking of. Hearing Barnes talk, he again proceeded with staring like a fish out of water. What bravery! What class! Well, being drunk wasn't class but it was still impressive in a strange sort of way.

    "M-Mister Barnes!"

    Allie couldn't help but wince at his own stuttering speech. Maybe he could train himself to speak right.

    "It would b-be an honor to w-work alongside you."
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    Left alone by the interesting young man, Cara sent a dejected pout in his direction as he walked off into the tavern. She thought he was cute. It'd be fun to ruffle up his feathers a bit. Men were silly for women on ships. She knew from all the things she learned from the tavern girls. Unfortunately, all she did was harmless flirting. She never let a sailor get close enough to her to learn her name. It was too risky to court men of the sea and Cara was more loyal to Cateyes than she was to herself.

    Shrugging off her new acquaintance, she skipped through the crowd and over to the edge of the deck. leaning over the banister, staring out into the water. She threw her head forward so that her long black bangs and the loose strands of her ponytail swayed with the wind. She took a deep breath, full of the salty smell of the sea and smiled. It was something like her home, the mysterious water out there. She reached out her arms, as if capturing the faraway waters in her hands.

    Sometimes, she felt as if this might be one long, never-ending dream..
  10. While Allie blathered on to Barnes, a woman was looking at him from a short distance away. She inspected him closely with eyes that burned like the fire of a beast. Allie, at first, didn't notice that she was observing him. Quickly Allie realized Maria was looking at him and he spun around and at attention. His mouth was able to fumble a greeting together. Maria grinned in response.

    "You look like you are just about as excited about this as the others are, landlover."

    Allie stood a little straighter. He attempted to speak without a single stutter but it was a useless effort. "Oh, yes miss! This'll b-be my real first adventure as a m-member of the crew." Oh, I sound like a blathering idiot! He thought bitterly.

    From the looks of your first expression, you don't seem like you would last a day on the sea," The woman walked up to him and looked him up and down. Allie swallowed a bit and mustered up a strong, deep voice from within him. "So, you have any experience with the sea?"

    "I assure you, ma'am," Allie replied. "I'm t-tougher than dried out s-squid meat!" That wasn't entirely true...and he only used that metaphor because it sounded piratey to him. He wasn't even sure if dried squid meat was tough. He then pondered her question, silent for a few moments. "Oh, yes. Not as m-much as these other sea-dwellers, of c-course. But enough to h-have common sense." In his head, he prayed fiercely that Maria wouldn't think of him as a cowardly idiot. She probably already did, but he could at least hope.

    Allie considered telling her he had a gun. To make him seem more rough and brave. But he decided that would be pointless.
  11. Elga sat quietly in the back of the room, watching the others talk back and forth.
    He sighed and scooted himself to a comfortable spot on top of a wooden barrel, "Ah.. this'll be good."
    All the talk about the Sirens and Sea Dragon and Undead Pirates got him a little amped up.
    He had heard the stories, but never really thought them to be true.
    He hopped off his barrel and trotted up to the group, speaking up, "So.. are those creatures REALLY real? Like have any of you guys ever... seen one? Sorry if I'm butting in. I just heard so many stories and they're all so... so fascinating."
  12. It seemed like Alastar was nothing more than a stuttering fool in her eyes. He couldn't speak straight even if his life depended on it. Then again, he could have just been afraid of her. She did come on strong at him. That was just how she was. There was no room for yellow bellies on the sea and she was not about to work with any cowards. No matter how much her capt'n may have been right, one mistake could cost them, so she could see by the capt'n's missing eye.

    She tipped her hat, then turned away from Alastar.

    "Just make sure you don't die out there and stay out of the way, if it gets too dangerous,"
    She said coldly. Elga had spoke out from the back of the room. Maria made no effort in answering him, or starting a conversation. Instead, she just walked back over to the bar and sat with her back facing the group.

    Capt'n Cateyes and Jackie then walk to the center of the room and stand side by side.

    "Alright, Now that you all have gotten to know each other, I say that you go out and have some fun. There be no reason to go out today. The sun has just set and night rears its head. Enjoy yourselves and prepare before you go.

    The capt'n looks over to Elga with a smile.

    "Why yes, the sea has many dangers far beyond what anyone has seen. It only gets much worse."

    Jackie clears her throat, then closes her eyes for a moment. she seems like she is in thought about something. The capt'n looks over to her, and then touches her shoulder. He knows exactly what she is thinking about. The time when he was hurt saving her. Jackie looks over to him with a worried expression and a glint of sadness in her eyes. She is worried about what would happen to the new crew. The capt'n only nods and she nods back, then looks back at the others.

    "Well, you have the details, what to look for and finally, you will get your first destination."

    Jackie turns away and sighs a bit.

    "Go and have a good time, I'll tell you everything else later." With that being said, she walks to a door in the back of the tavern and opens it. She then walks outside and closes it gently behind her. The capt'n looks at the door with a worried expression, then turns away and walks back to the juke box.
  13. "Danger?" Elga blinked, perking up even more than he already was.
    Danger was such an interesting word.
    It was bad and yet sometimes when you were bored it sounded so good.
    He looked around at the others in the room. Did they know all about the danger? Of course they did. It was just explained to them.

    Elga smiled and leaned against the wall. He now couldn't wait to see this danger... And yet he was feeling a bit nervous. Hopefully this adventurous life he was now leading wouldn't get him a very swift death.
    After all, if he died what would happen to any treasures he found?
    A dead man can't spend gold.
  14. Leon finished a small bottle of rum and it didn't do a deal for him. Looking at everyone drunk and acting a fool he sighed, the only thing on his mind was being out on the waters, to be on the ship and to feel the cool water against his skin. He looked over at Jackie engaging in a conversation with Alastar. The guy seemed like a shaky fool but he knew the captin wouldn't pick him for nothing.

    When Jackie when out the door in the back he closed his eyes before leaning his body off the wall. He opened the door and then looked at Jackie. " Its pretty nice out righr?". He looked up at the sky and smelled the air before leaning on the ledge and looking down. " It feels good to get away from the madness".
  15. "If thar be no further business 'ere..I'll be returning me cabin.."

    Barnes grumbled and began to walk back to where he was sitting. Waiting for a voyage wasn't exactly the most pleasing thing to hear. Barnes stopped for a moment, everything was double in his vision and he felt himself swaying back and forth.

    "Jus' like t' shee..itshelf..."

    As he waved back and forth to his seat, a strange lady who seemed overly excited to see Barnes, causing him to stop in place. He squinted at her while grumbling and mumbling unsure of what to say to her. An honor? Pirates? How strange of her..Someone actually honored to be working alongside a pirate, that's truly a first.

    "An honor?..Rrr...Aye..I think? I'll shee you..on the sun of ..morrow."

    And then she was gone. Barnes grumbled some more before continuing his walk back to his seat. When he reached his chair, he leaned back and knocked over the chair, table, and himself. It was more than obvious that Barnes was way to smashed to do anything. He didn't even try to get up, instead he just laid there drinking whatever rum was left in the mug.


    He continued talking in gibberish and such until he finally passed out. He'd be just fine the next morning, able to sail and do what he does best. Just right now..it's best to leave him be.
  16. Jackie looked over at the man who had approached her. It was Leon. She remained quiets for a moment and her eyes were filled with tears. She honestly didn't want anyone in the crew to see her cry, but he had seen her now, so there was nothing that she could do. She looked over to the opposite ledge, then up at the sky.

    "Yes, but that is how it works out here. When you are a sailor, you have to expect things like madness to happen. That is what makes us tough out on the sea. That is how we survive. If you can't survive on your own, you can't expect to live long."

    She looked out at the little river and sighed, then smiled.
    "At any rate, thank you. I think that I am fine now."

    Capt'n Cat​eyes looks over to the group and sighs again. He knows exactly why Jackie had exited in such a manner. The last crew she warned hadn't made it back at all. She was upset and didn't want to see anymore people die. The two of them never said anything, but Jackie actually lost her sister on the day he saved her.

    There isn't a day that goes by, that he doesn't remember those screams of pain. The way that she reached out for help as the undead slowly tore her to shreds. Cateyes had to shield Jackie's eyes, so that she couldn't see the horrid tragedy that had befallen her sister. Jackie was and always, always going to remember that day. The Captn' spoke again, only this time, his voice was more stern..

    "Its always a cold day out on the sea when everything you know and love falls to the watery depths. Sometimes, there are things that you can't erase or take back. You all best appreciate ye friendships ye make. Ye never know if ye will ever see each other again."

    He turns towards the door, and then walks towards it and opens it. He finds Jackie standing out by the little river, just a few feet from the tavern. She is in deep thought, most likely about her little sister Saphina. Her hand moves in motion towards her hair, signaling that she is wiping her eyes, though he cannot see clearly that she is truly crying. Truth was that he didn't have to see her in order to know that she was. He knew her all to well. He didn't notice at first, but he caught eye of Leon. It seemed that he had slipped away and went to talk to Jackie.

    The captn' smiled a bit and called out to them both to come inside. Once they were all inside, Jackie gave a stern look at the crew with a stern look.

    "ALRIGHT! I'm through being nice. If your going to be in this crew, then I expect no less of you landlovers. Yes, that is what I said. LAND.......LOVERS.....If any of you yellow bellies have an issue with it," She points at the crew. "Then you'll just have to prove me wrong out on the sea!" Now, go out and have some fun before our sail tomorrow. Enjoy tonight, because it may be your last, kiddies!"

    Jackie turned away and smiled. She was excited, but she wasn't going to show the crew that. She removed the smile quickly, then headed over to the stairs and walked up.

    The captan' laughed with excitement and looked at Jackie, then the crew.


    The captain rejoices and walks over to the Juke Box and plays a song.

    "A new tale is about to begin! Now, go out and have fun! Get to know each other and learn about each other! In the mornin' we set sail!"

    ​The captain' points to the door with a smile.
  17. Wherever Celeste was, it was rather cold. Opening her eyes from her long slumber, she realized she was in a coffin. She pushed against the lid, and it opened well enough. Her location seemed to be a mausoleum. Yawning, Celeste stood and stretched in a very cat-like manor. How long had it been since she'd last walked upon the Earth among the creatures called humans? No shorter than four hundred years or so ago.

    Celeste's eyes widened when her mind finally recalled why she went back to sleep. The humans--being the greedy creatures they are--tried to use her to keep their priest alive forever. Celeste saw the impurity of the man and hid in hibernation. It seemed as though they found her and thought she was dead and gone like their species would do when their final breath was upon them.

    Celeste opened the mausoleum door and looked around. It was fairly late, and there was a large port filled with massive ships. The humans had come far since her last encounter, she thought as she walked through the old cemetery like a ghost. As she entered the town surrounding the port, she heard a lot of commotion near the tavern. Some things would never change about humans, she thought as she walked into the tavern quietly and stealthily. Celeste tried to keep herself hidden in the crowd, but that was rather hard to do with her appearance. No one seemed to notice at the time though which was a good sign.
  18. While Elga stood in his little corner, propped up against the wall in boredom, he began to look about the room.
    It was full or so many hardened sailors and others just looking for a drink and immediately Elga knew he hardly belonged here. He was still young and younger still to sailing and he certainly wasn't a drinker.
    Not even a little bit.
    He thought about trying it once, but he just never got around to it.
    He yawned and slumped into a chair, listening to all the others and their stories of the wonders that were out on the ocean.

    While he sat, half asleep, he noticed some strange girl walk in. At first he thought nothing of her, she being just another bored civilian looking for a drink and a story.
    But as he watched her, he noticed something that just seemed off.
    He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but there was something definitely strange with her.
    After a short while he figured it to have just been his wild imagination of whatever it was he saw so strange in her and he leaned back in his chair, about ready to pass out from being as tired as he was.
  19. Allie took of his glasses and rubbed his eyes. "I'm gonna g-get some early shut eye. Want t-to be up nice and early." He got up from his seat and looked around. "Uh, goodnight...c-crew and captain."

    Alastar went into his room in the tavern. It was small but cozy with warm wooded walls and a simple bed. He laid down on the bed and took his glasses off. As he took them off, things in the distance became blurry. Maybe I should tape these to my face... Allie immediately dismissed that idea. I'd look stupid. I already look stupid enough! He laid down on his bed but instead of nodding off to sleep, his mind began to race.

    A pirate! I'm a pirate. I can't believe it. Maybe I should've never became one. Maybe I'd make a stupid pirate...Wait, I gotta look on the bright side! A negative pirate never goes anywhere in life! Despite all the promises of death and all that stuff...
  20. Celeste sat in a corner quietly and was approached by a waitress with her bust practically flopping out onto the table along with her rump. Humans were so attention hungry at times. The lady asked what she wanted, and Celeste curtly replied that water would be just fine. However, the waitress seemed to think that idea foolish since she started laughing at her hysterically. She began yelling something about being a little virgin or something. Soon, almost everyone in the bar was eyeballing her like she had seven heads.

    After having had enough ridicule for one night, Celeste requested the water be brought up to a room. She paid for the second most private and expensive room available and sat patiently. This time, the owner came in with her water and sincerely apologized. It was the typical human response when they realized Celeste was a wealthy creature by human standards. Once he was gone, Celeste drank the water and quietly watched the moon as it reflected on the ocean.