High Seas

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    "OY! Ye best not be after me booty! I'll make ye walk the plank for this!"
    Capt'n Cateyes looks around to see his audience, not a band of enemy pirates come to steal his treasure.

    "Ahhhh, it be only me fellow pirates come to hear me tale of adventure! Well now, this be time for a little music don't ye think?"

    Capt'n Cateyes walks over to the jukebox and pounds the top with his right fist starting up the music. He then looks at his audience.

    Juke Box Music (open)

    "The high seas be a dangerous and vast place. Many pirates sail the seven seas for adventure, fame, glory and the most valuable of all, treasure. Many pirates have ventured out into the sea, but many souls have never made it back to tell their story of the legendary treasure of Dead Man's Coast. Why do they call it Dead Man's Coast ye ask? Well, I'll tell ye...

    A legendary woman pirate known as Black Jane, set out from this very tavern to search for Dead Man's Coast. She was the meanest, toughest pirate out of all of them. She robbed the rich and even took from the poor. There wasn't a single soul who didn't know the name of Black Jane! Arrr! Let me get a hold of myself..." PirateCaveBackground5.jpg

    OG024-025.jpg Clara.jpg "Jane had finally gotten ear to the location of Dead Mans Coast, after pillaging a village and interrogating a local pirate there. The pirate told Jane that it was just off the edges of Death Sea, beyond Ship's Graveyard. It was rumored that the Undead would rise up from the graveyard in a ghostly ships and attack any oncoming pirates that sailed through, but old Jane wasn't scared in the least.

    She only laughed, as she ordered her men to set sail. Little did Black Jane know that the rumors be true. She sailed through the graveyard and all seemed calm. That was until the waters began to stir up and the ships that laid broken, began to reform by a ghastly green light.

    Ye know how Jane responded by me description about her. Jane drew her sword and ordered an all out attack on the undead pirates, knowing that she wouldn't make it out of the graveyard alive. After countless hours of fighting, old Jane and her men were overun and sent to their graves.


    Now that'd be the old story of how Jane met her demise. The story goes on me matey's. There were many other pirates, who's names weren't very well known to man, sailed the same seas and many others beyond it. Each failing in obtaining the dream of their lives. They also met much worse than Jane had in her sails. There has yet to be a single soul who has captured their dream of achieving fame and glory, but there are still a few that can accomplish what Jane couldn't, that'd be you lassies and laddies.

    But the choice be yours and yours alone. If ye don't believe me story about the tales of the sea, then maybe ye should venture out and see if the old tales be true. Ye can do whatever ye heart desire.

    What will ye decide fer themselves?

    Will ye search for the golden treasure like Jane, or will ye search for adventures beyond where Jane could not go, in order to make ye name famous?

    Whatever ye choice may be, there will be dangers unheard of as ye sail the seven seas.

    1:No God-modding.
    2: Respect other players characters.
    3:post chats in the OOC only or group (If one is made)
    4:Try to post at least two paragraphs.
    5: Allow other players to post a reply before you make another.
    6: Just have fun and enjoy yourself!


    Character Sheet:
    Name:(Place your character name here)
    Age:(Age of your character)
    Gender:(Male or Female)
    Specialtie(s):(What weapons does your character specialize in using)
    Occupation: (Captain, First mate, Second mate, Etc.)
    Relations: (is your character friends with any of the other characters. If so, how?)
    History and Personality:(Tell about your character)
    Appearance: (what does your character look like?)


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    Name: Barnes


    Gender: Male

    Specialtie(s): Scimitars

    Occupation: Captain

    Cap'n Cateyes and Barnes met during a tavern fight and they both were searching for the same thing. Treasure far beyond the man's grasp. Barnes and Cateyes knew that their paths would cross once again, but not on this sunrise.

    History and Personality:
    Barnes' history is not very known, for he never really shared it with anyone. What people do know, is that he was born into the pirate family and sailed his first ship at the age of 17. No one understands why is he so closed about his history, but figures one day when he's ready he will tell. Barnes' personality is a bit bitter when he's angered, otherwise he's approachable. Although he is stubborn and unpredictable, but that's what keeps his crew loyal and the fact that he feeds and spoils them well. When it comes to battle and plans, Barnes always seems to make it up as he goes and never really thinks too much except on the task at hand. Many people have also asked Barnes a strange question, why exactly he carries a ship wheel on his back? And they all get the same response..

    "Why do ye want to sail the seas?"
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    Name:Quil Gaven

    Age: twenty seven
    Gender: Female
    Specialtie(s): Daggers, single shot pistol
    Occupation: Privateer
    Relations: N/A
    History and Personality: Quil is pretty quiet in terms of a privateer. Most are known to blab about future conquests or past deeds done poorly. Instead, she keeps to herself and only speaks when necessary or severely drunk.
    Her parents had been killed by pirates when she was only ten so growing up in an orphanage filled mostly with rowdy boys has taught her a few things about defense and offense.
    Once she was free at the age of seventeen Quil sought out a swords smith and with the spare change her parents had left her that she'd saved over the years she had him craft her two daggers.
    One was a pitch black blade with a partially carved wooden handle while the other was silver with a black handle wrapped snug in lace.

    It was after another year that Quil had finally mastered the two weapons and also purchased a small gun for precaution as well.

    Around her twentieth birthday she was finally ready and took those few determined steps up to the privateer office of her home port town. At first she was laughed at because the obvious reasons...being a woman. However, the girl continued to come back each month on the exact same day, and after one full year the head of the operation decided to give her a chance.
    Quil would be paid for the head of any known pirate...double, what a male would. It was a partial joke in terms that they figured she would just perish or be ravished by whatever meager crew would follow her to the raging seas but they had been wrong.

    As the woman left with the papers giving permission to sail she went straight to the nearby tavern.
    Before she walked in the girl sliced her hair off with the black dagger and left it to the wind. Pulling back the short portion that remained into a tiny ponytail she tightened up the front of her shirt and had previously wrapped her chest.
    With the appearance of a young lad instead of lass she managed to conjure up about fifteen men interested in fame and fortune, though most just thought it funny to follow such a feminine lookin' lad.

    The journey started out harder then expected but Quil wasn't going to give up so quickly.
    After about a month on the ocean she finally got her sea legs and started commanding correctly, the crew bringing in several known pirates from around the seven seas.
    Her sailors were kept happy with the promised double payments from the privateer office and food was plentifully stored and hardly ever needed rationing.
    Pretty soon Quil Gavon had worked up a name for herself, Pirate's Bane.
    She didn't particularly care for it but whispers couldn't exactly be changed easily.

    Now it was seven years later and her eyes were set on much more infamous pirates as the crew set sail once again, a paper clenched tightly in her hand scrawled with two names: Cateyes and Barnes.

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  6. Name:
    Elga Dell

    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Specialtie(s): Rapier
    Occupation: I suppose any position will do. I can't think right now ^^;
    Relations: N/A
    History and Personality: Elga doesn't like to talk about his life or his family and all that's known is that he was either abandoned or his parents were killed when he was very young so he took to a life of thieving to survive. He became a quite infamous thief named Bryar and is wanted all over.
    He never liked the thieving like and became a master of using different disguises to fool people and to avoid getting caught.
    His one greatest desire was to one day join a crew and live aboard a ship, exploring distant lands and finding loads of treasure, so he now changed his name to Elga Dell and does just that, hoping to never have to go back to being Bryar the ordinary thief again. However, he has no trouble joining pirates and stealing with them, just as long as he gets to be on the ship and discover new lands.

    As for personality, Elga is a very adventurous person and is usually very easy to get along with. He's made too many enemies as a thief and is now trying to make a few friends to balance that out.
    But when threatened or attacked, Elga can be very cold and mean towards the person and isn't afraid to kill them if he has to.


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  9. Name: Leon Wolf
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Specialties: Double bladed swords, pistols, cutlass
    Occupation: Any position
    Relations: N/A
    History/Personal: Leon gew up in a household of 5 brothers and sisters and he was the youngest. His father owned a small ship that said on the west and back. He often accompanied his father on the trips learning the ways of the deadly seas. When he was around seven or eight his father was murdered and his body was found on his own ship. Leaving the house to just his brothers and sisters and mother. After about a year of his father's death his mother was murdered next in the house. Leon was in the back hiding under the table and the otheres were out the house at the time, yet he never caught a glance of the mans face. The rest of his young years he spent them at sea, fighting or hualing in cast for people to buy or with with his estranged uncle who owden a ship. Teaching him the ways of the pistol and sword.
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    Name: Isabella Monroe
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Specialties: Rapier, cutlass, or anything with a a blade
    Occupation: Anything will do ^^
    Relations: N/A
    History and Personality: Isabella came from a long line of blacksmiths. That's exactly how she learned her way around her sword. She had learned much of the trade by the age of 14, having apprenticed at a young age. She would have taken over the business not too long after, except that her mother gave birth to a male heir. Her apprenticeship stopped there and she was expected to go on with her life -- study the economic part of the business and settle down with a nice man. A bitter Isabella was having none of that though. That kind of life was so boring and Isabella wanted more in her life. What good were sword skills if you never used them, after all? Isabella wanted a life of adventure and challenge and her old life would not give her that. At the age of 16, she stowed away on a pirate ship, blending in with the crew effortlessly and climbing her way up the ranks and sailing on the seas. She loves sea, the wealth of treasure, and most importantly -- the rum. She can hold her liquor as well as any man and her anger can strike fear in almost anybody. Isabella has a no-nonsense attitude and she is very serious with a short fuse, but she loves the thrill of adventure, she'll rise up to whatever challenge comes next and never backs down to anything, even if it might be in her best interest to do so.
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  15. "Someday, I'll find my way home."

    Name: Cara
    Cara is the name given to her by her original captors.
    Ethel Evarswift is her real name.
    Age: 19
    Dual Daggers, Martial Arts
    Cabin Girl / Third Mate - Capt'n Cateyes
    A young girl who was found unconscious on a piece of driftwood in the warm waters of the eastern seas. Capt'n Cateyes rescued the girl and gave her passage aboard his voyage.
    History and Personality:
    A strong spirited, talkative young woman who talks of dangerous voyages across the seas. The Evarswift family lived in the Isles of Florence, a group of islands that thrived on their fishing trade. A family of three, Cara lived with her older brother and their mother, who was terminally ill. The siblings worked hard to raise money to take their mother on a short voyage to the neighboring lands, where it was common to find treatment for her sickness. Upon that voyage, however, their ship was attacked by pirates and a curious Cara who had wandered on deck to see the commotion was torn out of her brother's protective arms and kidnapped. For three years now, she has been with various pirate ships, travelling different lands. Though she misses her family and wishes to go home, she never speaks of it. Instead, in front of others, she puts up a strong front of a crazy adventurer and tells many exaggerated tales of her travels. She is glad however, to have been promoted from her captive cabin-girl status to second mate, where she can put her knowledge of the seas to use.
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  18. "The sea is my home and I'll sail it until the day I die."

    gloamseadoggirl3rz.png Name: Maria 'Sharp Eye' Rosaline



    Specialtie(s):Specializes in using one shot pistols and a short-sword.

    Captain (but hides the fact that she is)

    She was a first mate on Capt'n Cateyes ship. That was for about 3years after her 22nd birthday. The capt'n felt that it was about time she left the tavern and start her own journey.

    History and Personality:
    Maria was a resident of the tavern where she listened to the captain's story. Seeing as she was a treasure hunter, she often sailed the seven seas in order to find the ultimate treasure. Though she had always fallen short. Now, she has put in her mind that she will find the secret treasure that Black Jane could not.

    Her personality is one of aggression, yet she can be as cute as a kitten. There are times when she is kind to the point of people mistaking her of being 'nice' as her persona. She likes to put on the act for men, so that she can rob em blind when they least expect it.

    That is just the way she works as a pirate.
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