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    "Another day in hell." Jane slowly brushed her light brown hair while looking into the mirror. She had forgotten her mother was in the room going through important papers. "I mean school." She corrected herself.
    "Act like a lady."
    With a roll of her eyes, Jane walked downstairs and grabbed her bookbag. She couldn't eat she was so nervous of going back to high school. She had missed four days in a row due to anxiety, and this year had just started.
    Waiting at the bus stop, she sighed as she looked at the group of kids a few feet away. They laughed together as one seemed to tell a joke or something. She just wished she could fit in like that. Or just have one friend...
    On the bus, she sat alone at the very back. Hearing the girls talk about guys, hearing the guys talk about sports. Jane silently pulled her phone out and began to listen to music.

    At school, Jane walked slowly. She didn't want to face her teachers. She didn't want to face all those students. Why was life so hard on her? She walked into class without looking at anyone at all, keeping her gaze to the floor. The teacher walked up to her desk and put a pile of makeup work onto it. She slowly looked up at the teacher. "I expect this to be given to me Thursday, understood?" The teacher said rudely. Jane just nodded as she watched other students walk in with happy faces.
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    Personality:A bit cocky and doesn't feel the need to waste time on others.After a while he'll warm up, as long as you don't betray him.
    Arin walked around the corner towards his classroom looking bored."The same thing everyday...And now I'm late."He opens the door to class and everyones gaze lands on him, curious to see who was late. Arin ignored this and walked to his seat and got out his textbooks and such. He then noticed a girl he hadn't seen before.A new student perhaps?
  3. Lydia Delmonte had never really been the smartest, nicest or even close to the prettiest. She was an average girl, with average morals and speculations on various things. A tattered notebook sat under her arm, her mess of rubber bracelets constricting her skin with as much force as they could muster. Black nails dug into the bindings of the notebook, chipped and fairly chewed, a nervous tick of hers it seemed. Her grey-blue eyes stayed hidden under a pair of thick frames, ones that were covered with peeling stickers placed there by her newest round of foster siblings. Her hair was spiky and short, a bright almost white blonde with various crazy colors peaking through it. A soft smile lay on her face, a small silver ring jutting out her bottom lip. Walking into the classroom, she almost tripped on her multicolored laces, rolling her eyes at her horrible attempts at actually navigating a classroom without igniting her inner klutz. Plopping down into one of the various desks, she began to trace the different engravings that already marked the worn wood down with curse words and random ship names. Kicking her feet up, she waited for instruction but until then she didn't care what a soul had to say.
  4. Arin notices another late person walk in and trip a bit. Seeing this he just smirks a bit and looks back to his desk and opens a notebook. He starts doodling random things, cursing under his breath at every mistake he makes. "Why hasn't the teacher said anything...? It's been 5 minutes at least."
  5. She blinked. Some people seemed to have a interesting day so far, just like her. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. "Hmm." The teacher turned around and glared. She quickly shut her mouth in confusion.
    Jane wore a pair of black skinny jeans, high top converse; with just purple laces. Her white hoodie was quite baggy on her. She laid a smile on those two that were late to be nice.
  6. Surprised by the girls sudden smile, he had no choice to smile back. Arin did not like his smile one bit as it was always a very warm and gentle-like smile. So after he smiled back, he cursed under his breath once again. Looking back at her, he said, without caring who heard, "Hey, what's your name? I haven't seen you and you clearly aren't a new student."
  7. "My name? Oh. It's Jane." She nodded at him and smiled. She was glad that someone had taken the time to speak to her. "I really don't want to be here though..." She shrugged. "I'd rather be homeschooled."
  8. He just looked at for a few seconds before saying "I don't think anyone wants to be here. He leans back, and closes his eyes before saying "How come I haven't seen you in here before? Without her noticing he jots down her name.He opens one eye and looks at her with it and says "Arin."
  9. "Because I kinda.... Skipped school a little." She said in a shy and guilty tone. "But it doesn't matter. I won't miss anymore days..." She shrugged it off.
  10. "I would hope not." he said looking at her missing work. He contemplated asking her if she wanted myself but realized she isn't worth the time. "Good luck with that.". He said it in a bit of a snarky way. But he knew if she asked for help he'd have to do it. He sensed this girl wasn't one to give up too easily. Of course hebcould be wrong. He suddenly looked Jane up an down, in a fashion that could be called *Checking her out*.
  11. "Keep a smile on your face! OK?"

    Name: Gunner Lyanson
    Age: 15
    Personality: he doesn't get much sleep so hes usually drowsy in the morning but when he wakes up he is witty zany and eccentric he hates seeing people sad and absolutely hates being controlled or bored he'll come up with an idea and usually stick with it until its done he likes to stand out and tell everyone hey I'm different!

    Basic history: his parents both died in a car crash when he was 3 he was put in a foster home and adopted when 4 he doesn't know about his past and believes that those are his real parents he died his hair green to stand out from the crowd he wears a black coat with a blue dress shirt with white stripes under a red blue white tie black pants and his black glasses

    Gunner walked down the hall he yawned and opened the door to see everyone staring at him he moved here only a week a go and this was his first day he gulped and looked for a empty seat he sat down and face palmed himself and sighed "my first day and what do you know I made a fool out of myself.." he murmured he shook his head and took a sip of his coffee he brought his senses widened and he knew he was ready for the day
  12. What was up with all the late people...?And not only that a late NEW kid. He looked at the other late male and noticed bags under his eyes. He was clearly up last night...Perhaps an otaku? He'd rather not jump to conclusions however. But today seemed to have a theme. Late and new kids. He starteddoodling in his notebook again silently.
  13. She rolled her eyes and couldn't help but smile as she replied. "Well, that's what the Internet is for." She joked and noticed as he looked her up and down. She looked down at her clothes to see what was wrong - nothing she could see. "Hm?"
  14. Eyes scanning the people in the room, her brows furrowed in slight confusion. Scratching the back of her neck, she put her feet down and simply rolled her eyes. There was no reason for another detention with Mr.Paul no matter how much she didn't care about the school rules. The new kid finally took a seat in front of her, which caused her to nudge him rather violently in the back, her violence wasn't on purpose she just had a lot of rough edges. "Psst new kid, what's your name?" She asked, clearly focused on finding any information she needed to know.
  15. He then walked to her and put his face right by hers inspecting her."Hm...A bit above average I suppose..." He walked to his seat and sat like nothing just happened. "I haven't told you my name have I? It's Arin".
  16. Gunner looked and inspected everyone at least he wasn't the only late one he heard a girl ask him what his name was "Gunner that's my name" he replied quietly he took a sip of his coffee gain and slapped himself on the cheeks to wake himself up he didn't want to embarrass himself by falling asleep in class
  17. "Um. Hi. A-Arin." She laughed a little. "Do you want to get to know each other a little bit? Or something?" She whispered to him, hoping the teacher didn't hear.
  18. Hearing that he just looked at her as if surprised. He then made a face that looked like he was in deep thought. Then he replied "I suppose...It's not like I have anyone else to talk to." He looked at the clock and back to her. "Huh...You good to skip, or do you need to start your late work?" He said it with a bit of boredness in his voice, as if disinterested in her at all. This was quite the contrary however, as she did pique his interest.
  19. She looked back at her work. "Umm. No, I'd rather do it at home?" She whispered, pulling her hair down out of her pony tail. She let her bangs go in her eye as she spoke once again. "I don't feel like it now. I'm tired." She put on a little pouty face, acting a little childish. It was normal for her to act this way sometimes, but not often.
  20. He stared at her, astonished by the sudden cuteness. He shook his head and said "Alright then. I do know of a place we can go. So anytime you want to go, just say so." Arin turned back to his notebook and looked in it, and a sketch of her was
    there. He flipped the page, and started to draw the other two late people.