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  1. Hi anyone is allowed to join its basicly just about highschool. A little bit about my character: Name:Lola Dawson Age:16 Hieght:5''4 Personality: Is super nice has lots of friends. is single. Really out going. Is a Junior in Highschool

    Lola walks into going to her locker not wanting to be a late again.
  2. Join? Just ignore if not :)

    Name- Nicholas Meyers
    Height- 5'9

    Junior, known to be fairly nice, fairly well like, but not super popular. Baseball player for the high school team varsity team. Starts in left field, also relief pitches most games.

    Nicholas shuffles down the hall, books in hand. He looks up from his chemistry notebook to see his friend John getting things out of his locker. "Hey man, did you study for this exam? I'm trying to cram the rest of these notes before first period." He stops suddenly noticing a girl two lockers down from Johns. She almost runs into him in her rush so he greets her a bit clumsily. "Erm hello." John looks up to see Nicholas' attention has been diverted. John waves and leaves for class.
  3. name-jake 'shade' freeman
    know as shade due to dark clothes and hiding in the shadows

    known as the quiet smart kid picked on keeps promises trust worthy geeky (plays league of legends and magic the gathering etc.) people see as hm as a fighter bt truly he has a kind heart due to the fact he took 3 guys down by himself
  4. he sat by his locker just talking to himself everyone teasing him being pushed he just let them do it even though he could deck them
  5. Name: Aiden "Ace" walker
    Age: 15
    Personality: Is usually quiet and doesn't really open up to many. He usually keeps to himself but can have quite a temper. Aiden has done things such as mixed martial arts to try and contain his anger but in some cases it only feeds the flame.

    Aiden walked over to Jake and looks at the other kids. "Piss off, leave him alone." He pulled his hood off of his face letting them see his face. Once everyone dispersed, he turned to Jake "hey, you alright?"
  6. "ya man" kicked his locker closed and put his foot against it
  7. Aiden put a hand on Jake's shoulder. "Don't let them get to you, they're just assholes"
  8. Name: Rebecca Swan
    Age: Seventeen
    Personality: Quiet, Mysterious, Hateful, Sarcastic.


    Rebecca walked down the halls while humming a soft, beautiful tune. Her pink hair descended down her back and shoulders as she entered the classroom and sighed. Her black tank top and jean shorts were nice and clean, her black converse on the other hand were a bit dirty. She took a seat near the window and looked around before kicking her feet up on the desk top and adjusted her glasses before folding her arms over her chest and popped the chair up on it's two back legs. Her pale skin made her look like an angel but her blue eyes made her seem much more different.
  9. Nicholas looks up from his conversation near the middle of the room. He had seats beside two of his friends. He noticed the girl come in and went a bit distant in the conversation. She took a window seat.

    Nicholas stood and left his friends who we're discussing the previous nights sports scores. He grabbed the seat directly to the front of Rebecca.

    "Hey, I'm Nicholas.. I don't believe we've met?" He said to the girl. He noticed how pretty her eyes were and took note.
  10. Rebecca rolled her eyes and sighed before simply turning her focus onto something else since someone has not got the demo of her being "The freak" in the school but that was what she was to be exact and she wanted it to stay that way. She remained quiet and unresponsive towards Nicholas. ". . . " she stared at the clock to only find out that class would begin in less then five minutes.
  11. "Alright.... I apologize for being friendly.." He said as he got up to return to his friends. He wasn't really sure what he'd done to get that kind of response, but some people didn't want to be social. No trouble to him, in his opinion 'whatever makes ya happy'.
  12. Rebecca yawned and waited silently for the teacher to arrive since she had something in store for the teacher and was anxious to try it out to see the results.
  13. Farrah Wilson brushed a strand of her hair and kicked her feet onto her desk. A content sigh escaped her lips, completely comfortable with her worn out black Vans propped up on her desk, chewing her nicotine gum somewhat obnoxiously. Dyed blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders, blue eyes lined with eyeliner, face sprinkled with light makeup and her well-mixed and matched clothes that hugged her nicely - it was kind of obvious she was pretty fashionable. She was seated directly next to Rebecca Swan and some other kids whose name escaped her right now, and she could practically see the ire of her classmates. Farrah wasn't practically well-liked in the class. She was often known as the class' badass. The one who wore clothes prohibited by the school, the one who smokes, the one who hung out with the druggies.

    It was funny how everybody seemed to avoid her even though she wouldn't do a thing to them.


    Maybe not now~

    Farrah Wilson (open)
  14. "you can call me shade Aiden " he took a monster out from his hoodie pocket and took a sip
  15. James Curtis (open)

    James was walking to school late as usual, his goofy demeanor allowing him to get along with every. He was considered a druggy but he was rooted in photography, He had his back pack slung to one side of his shoulder, and his head looking down at his camera inspecting the pictures he had recently taken of people around the school. He walked directly to class passing Aiden and opening the door late to class were Farrah was, " Late again James " James took his seat in the corner and let a sigh escape his lips " You know i wouldn't be late if i found this interesting " he said smiling widely at the teacher. Who shot him a glare, he continued to smile and looked through his bag his eyes a bit reddish which could lead to why he was late to class but maybe not.
  16. Farrah's lips curled into a smirk when her eyes caught sight of James Curtis. She often hung out with him when her usual group of friends weren't there. More or less, she enjoyed being in the joker's presence just to feel like she was one of 'em. "Hey," she whispered a little bit too loudly, but still quiet enough so the teacher wouldn't send her to unnecessary detention. If she was caught, it would be her twelfth detention this week. "Why were you late?" She had a vague idea on why James was late. But she needed a confirmation, or else she'll look stupid.
  17. The whisper caught his attention, his eyes trailing slowly his innocent face at first. Until it caught sight of Farrah, His usual goofy grin came across his lips his eyes squinting a bit as he spoke back to her at the same tone she addressed him " Hey hows it going Farrah " He leaned towards her direction on his desk, fixing his hair a bit just incase it had messed up during his shenanigans to get to school this morning. Maybe it was his hair she was going to ask about ' oh god she thinks im ugly ' he thought in his head but on his outer expression it showed nothing but his smile. ' Why would she think that? stop being stupid ' He spoke to himself in his head once more.
  18. Farrah laughed quietly, her hand flying up automatically to cover her mouth. It was always a habit of hers, to cover her mouth when laughing. It was probably the only sensible thing she had left in her -- or so the school board says. She could care less on what they say and care more what she thinks of herself. "I'm doing great," the little slur on the last word probably spoke volumes on what has been happening to her. "How about you~?" Her tone was almost flirtatious. If no one knew her, then they would think she was actually flirting with him, but it was in Farrah Wilson's nature, to sound like she was actually flirting with them.

    She inspected him, eyes squinted. Leaning forward on one of her elbows, she reached a hand to his hair, fixing it for him. She smiled at him through dark lashes, red lips curled in a flirtatious smile. "There~" She smirked, "All better~"
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