High School with a Twist

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  1. Alexis Lily Grey was a normal girl who stood at the height of 5ft 5, was curvey and slim, had dark brown hair and her eyes where nearly pitch black, she never knew why her eye colour was nearly black she never asked her parents but if she brought the subject up they would change it, so she gave up in the end

    She was dressed in clothes ready for her first day of school and she was late for her first class from talking the with headmaster but she noticed this wasn't any normal high school but it was really different and she had a feeling something was going on that she wasn't told about, she was led to her first period and sighed when she went through the door of the classroom
  2. Seconds before you enter"Students a word from your class Alpha before we get started, Summerset will you please stand and introduce yourself" A silver haired boy with dark almost a yellow amber eyes stands 6ft and strong. before his words escape his mouth the classroom 234's door creaks open. There standing is a new student, he could smell the anxiety off this 5ft pup. connecting eyes sends a shock up her back. His words soft but his voice cold "Could you please sit?"
  3. Alexis looked at the guy and bit her lip and nodded "Err y-yeah, sorry f-for erm intruding on when you was talking" she said stuttering and walked to a seat near the back so she wouldn't get noticed as she thought she wouldn't, but at other schools most people noticed her eyes where nearly black and would also say things about that. Alexis crossed her arms over her chest and stayed biting her lip and lowered down in the chair
  4. Summerset kept his eyes locked on the nervous pup, his face was hauntingly beautiful but had power his eyes almost burned. "Welcome back Class 53, id like to start off with this message engraved in the back of everyone of your minds, we are a pack, if one is weak we are all weak. I hope you all retain our high expectations and stay on top. As class Alpha i will not accept losing to B wing, in academics, shop, and athletics. So remember my message, We are a pack." Summerset unlocks his eyes and sits in his seat far in the back, the whole class applauds viciously like wild animals. He grins at something a boy whispers in his ear.
  5. Alexis noticed that the guy at the front was looking at her and she went a little red and looked away from his gaze and listened to what he said but was a little confused to what he was saying to the class and knew then that something was different about this school and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion a little and she wondered why she was even at this school from her parents she was only told she was too dangerous for a normal school and this one would be good for her, she came back to her mind when she noticed the guy sit near her and she looked at him for a little and noticed how nice looking he was and different but bit her lip and looked away when a guy said something in his ear
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