High School Students Encountering a New World

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  1. Rules: The normal Roleplay rules posted by Iwaku

    I will try to make a thread for OOC conversation and Bios for this Roleplay but I am still learning how to use this site so it may take me a minute ^^;

    Romance allowed (Both straight and LGBT)

    Both humans and fairies can be in this RP

    Speaking of fairies, I should explain the plot.

    Plot: You are in a rural high school that neighbors a rather extensive forest. You have been told to avoid that forest ever since you were small or "evil spirits" will come and snatch you. Well one day a curious student ignores the tales and ventures into the forest. There he/ she finds a hidden world of fairies and befriends them, however she keeps her/ his discovery a secret and continues to attend school like normal.
  2. Butterflies play together in the air outside the window of my mundane class. The teacher is spouting something about Shakespeare and the deeper meanings of his ridiculous words. Can't this class just end yet? The worksheet she handed out earlier is already completely covered in random doodles. There's nothing left for me to do.
    My eyes droop with exhaustion. High school is such a bitch. Tiny bells ring in my ears. Their nice little chime arouse me from my dozing faze. What is that?
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  3. Half of the schoolday had already passed when a foreign car stopped in front of the gates of said rural highschool and a new girl left the backseat. Kassidy had her schoolbag hung on one shoulder and sighed heavily at the quiet and, to her, boring sight. It would take her a while to gain pleasure from living in the land. She was a citygirl, dammit!

    The reason she'd been sent here was because her father found it a good idea to give her a break from the stressful life in a big town. He was obsessed with nature and refused to accept that his daughter had nothing left for beautiful forests and breathtaking sceneries. Maybe the blonde had a soft spot for nature.. but it certainly wasn't showing yet. Right now, all she was radiating was annoyance and frustration. Just WHY did she have to be here? WHY change schools in the middle of the school year?? Later, when going home, she'd give her dad a piece of her mind!
    Surrendering to her fate she approached the entrance and asked her way to her new class.

    --- 10 minutes later ---

    What might caught bored ???'s (your character) attention was that the door knocked. This, of course, did not stop the chimes, but might draw the teen's attention to the blackboard again.
    "We have a new student, children.", said annoying teacher declared,"This is Kassidy Schmidt from Manhattan, please, be nice to her. Introductions will be spared for the break as we're very busy analyzing one of Shakespeare's works at the moment!"
    The bright blonde with fair skin and olive-green eyes gave the teacher a "seriously?"-look, obviously everything, but eager to talk about Shakespeare.

    She was seated next to ???, soon joining her at watching the butterflies. "Hey.. is your mobile's alarm ringing?", she asked, not sure what to think of the bell-like noise in the background only the two seemed to be able to hear. "... Oh sorry, you can call me Kass. Who are you?"
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    Maddie Williams looked up. Her voice was unusually quiet. "…Bells? You hear bells, too?" She had been eavesdropping on the other students again. "Oh, um, sorry." With an embarrassed look, she buried her face in the book she was reading.
    The curious thing about Maddie was that she was one of the most intelligent students in the class, but nobody seemed to know that she even existed. Just a month ago, her parents had divorced, and she ended up with Dad #1, as she called him. Dad #2 had taken custody of her twin sister, who she never heard from again. And now she was enrolled here. Dad #1 thought it would be a good idea to bring her to a nice rural school, and here she was. Maddie sighed. She looked at the first page, bored. It was blank. She wondered why as she closed it gently.
  5. (Character's Name: Faber)

    The door knocks, dragging me away from my day dreams but failing to stop the bells. A foreign students stands next to Ms. Obnoxious with an absolutely annoyed expression. Something about her strike's me but I can't figure the feeling's significance so I simply dismiss her shortly after her introduction and submerge myself back into my daydreams. The butterflies continue their playful dance. My lips form a goofy smile as I follow their movements with my fingers along the glass window.

    A voice resounds behind me. I can't be rude so My entire body turns to the source of the inquiry. It's the new student. Why did she put her here? I sit and rethink what she asked before saying, "Ahhh I have no clue what you're going on about. I, Faber, am innocent of any crime you are accusing me of." I'm absolutely clueless as to what she asked but this is a good enough answer. I hope.

    A little mouse squeak sounds from my side. Who is that? I don't believe I've heard that voice before. Meh, it's probably unimportant.
  6. Kass(except with green eyes): [​IMG]

    Kassidy cocked an eyebrow as Faber, the name written on her worksheet, had obviously misunderstood. Not wanting to make enemies the first day she came to this empty area, however, she kept quiet and nodded, thinking.
    "I wasn't exactly accusing you of anything..", she mumbled and shook her head slightly.
    Someone whispered about hearing bells, too, behind her. By the time Kass had turned around, the eavesdropper's face was hidden in a book again. She gave a silent, but confirming whisper, "Yes. Mind telling me what those are after class?"

    Eventhough it was an unusual thing for her to do, she paid attention in class once. No matter how beautiful the butterflies were, her gut feeling told her that watching them and daydreaming would piss off the worst teacher (well, only one beside her mother) she'd ever seen. Back in Manhattan the girl had been homeschooled by her mom, a, truth be told, very gifted teacher. This entire classroom situation was new for her. And the last thing she wanted to do was to get on the teacher's bad side.
    More weird noises made their way to Kassidy's ears, making the girl snap around in Faber's and the window's direction. Were they pranking her or something?

    Her eyes widened in shock when the teacher's glare was fixed on Faber and herself... mainly on Faber. She poked the other girl under the desk, signalling her to pay attention if she wanted to survive.
    "Well, it looks like someone's more interested in butterflies than Romeo's death.", the teacher stated. Can't blame her., Kass thought, her arms crossed and leaned back against the chair in a chilled and slightly rebellious stance.
    "Faber, would you like to explain the situation shortly before his death to us?", Ms Obnoxious asked in this friendly teacher-way tone that indicates one is boned.
    Without asking for permission Kass quickly scrabbled something on Faber's worksheet: the solution in a few sentences.
  7. [​IMG]
    Violetta endured a long drive away from all that she knew- mostly the library at the school and near her home in a nearby big city- to some place out by a woods. A really BIG woods. She was a bit frightened of the woods. Sure the big city had trees in the park and occasionally in a cement pot along the street. But never ever so many in one place!

    Now she must find out where the new library was and if there was a nearby library so that she could check out books. She only was allowed to bring only a few books from her personal library ( five rather large boxes) to her new home where she will be living with an elderly aunt.

    All of her friends were either back home or in those boxes. Which she needed to get out of the boxes and carefully placed on new shelves. But she had to go to some small town school next to a BIG woods.

    After much paper work and leg swinging due to boredom, Violetta was lead to English class where secretary knocked on the door.
    "Here is another new student for you." the secretary spoke as she gave Violetta a gentle push.

    "Come on in and find a seat. We are in the middle of a Shakespeare play. You can introduce yourself at the break." the teacher replied.

    Violetta took the closest seat to the door and sat down.

  8. A dragonfly, as long as one's hand and all black but with orange eyes. Was outside the class. It had a peculiar path of flight, bumping into a different window over and over again. It stops and lands looking in on a window.

    It hit it's wings together, creating a sound that some would percieve as similar to a bell. It waited to see if anyone looked over. And if someone would, it would make it's eyes glow, like a firefly's, for a few seconds.
  9. Luckily, the second new student, going by the name Violetta, had successfully distracted Ms Obnoxious from what she had intended to do. Good, Kass thought, already taking a liking to the newbie as she'd successfully saved their asses. When she caught Violetta's glance, she mouthed a quiet "Thank you, she was gonna kill us!", referring to the teacher.

    It didn't take long for the butterflies outside to become more attractive to her as well because, sorry, but how could a class be THIS boring?
    It was then that Kass caught glance of a dragonfly that.. turned out to be the source of the bell sounds. Her eyes widened when the thing's eyes started to glow and look at her?? "Faber!", she whispered. "Faber! Am I hallucinating or is that dragonfly...?!"
  10. As Violetta looked around at her classmates, she saw one girl mouthed thank you, she was gonna kill us, Violetta simply nodded even though she was not sure why.

    She the book called The Complete Works of Shakespeare and another called The Life of William Shakespeare. She had the first book but not the second one. She would do almost anything for that particular book. She looked at the teacher with high hopes of getting the books before the end of class.

    However, this particular classroom had a peculiar ringing sound. Voiletta put it off as someone's cell phone or some other gadget. That is until she heard the first girl mouthed
    Faber! Am I hallucinating or is that dragonfly...?!
    Violetta looked at the window where she saw the largest bug outside of a zoo!

    "Oh my........ What is that bug doing loose where it can get to humans! Someone call the Zoo Authorities" Violetta spoke loudly as she pointed towards the window.
  11. The insect's wings ceased all movement, and the luminescence of it's eyes quickly shut off. It turned away from the window, and was perfectly still.

    It's wings twitched every few seconds or so, and after a few seconds it would look back, seeing if anyone would take significant notice.

    It didn't want to alert too many people.
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    Elise sighed. She'd seen the dragonfly a number of times, and it wasn't really all that big. Sure, it was larger than average, but there are always things that diverge from the average. Unfortunately it was too late for her to get the new kid to calm down, her yelling had thrown the whole class off track.

    She had figured that everyone had long noticed the dragonfly and bell sounds, so the new student's shouting just annoyed her. "Relax, newbie," she sighed calmly, "You'll get used to it. Just ignore it, for now." She just wanted to learn what she had to for the class, ace it, and be done with it. This extra drama wasn't part of her plans. She made a shooing motion towards the strange dragonfly, almost as an afterthought.
  13. Violetta's mouth dropped wide open in astonishment. It took her a minute before she could speak but when she spoke in a soft voice
    "Do you mean that there are bugs that are loose, flying around on their own with the possibility of biting someone then the someone gets some kind of disease like Malaria or that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?!
    A person could die from a bite of a diseased bug......"

    Mystique collapsed into her chair while she was wondering what kind of a place she was to live in. How was she to protect herself from being bite by a bug?
  14. Maddie jumped about a foot in the air. "S-sorry, ma'am…I…didn't…" Her eye caught that of a dragonfly that was glowing. She stared, intrigued, at it for a while, then felt the teacher's ruler slap her desk. Maddie screeched. Several students laughed. She thought she heard the phrase "freak of nature" and "serves her right, that weirdo". Maddie looked down and tried not to cry. She looked back at the dragonfly hopelessly, then got back to reading Shakespeare, flipping to Twelfth Night and reading the part where Olivia fell for Viola.
  15. Groaning, Elise reluctantly spoke up again, "Yeah, yeah, but don't get all worked up about it. Just avoid them if you hate bugs so much. Not every bug just runs around with malaria or whatever, besides, those are mostly mosquitoes."

    She chuckled at Maddie, who was acting all flustered as usual. Since she was sitting behind Maddie, she poked her in the back. "Don't worry so much, relax, Maddie," she whispered assuringly. She was one of the few students who noticed she even existed, though she couldn't seem to do much more than make small talk with her. She always retreated into a book, or something.
  16. Maddie looked up from Twelfth Night, tears shining in her face. "I-I hate it when…when people make fun of my parents," she said in her usual quiet voice. She looked at Elise. She really liked her, most people acted like she was invisible. Besides, Elise was really pretty…what was she thinking? Maddie straightened her glasses and hastily opened her book. The most she needed was Dad #1 getting mad at her for getting a detention. Or worse, people finding out that she was just as straight as both of her dads.
  17. Elise flipped her hood off and scratched her head. Here Maddie was, running off again. Though she had a bit of a rep as being cold-hearted, she did care about people. She just had trouble showing it most of the time. Maddie's personality made it pretty easy, though, so she couldn't help trying to take care of her.

    "Look at me," she whispered, a little louder than before, as she put her hand on Maddie's shoulder. "Nobody's gonna make fun of your parents, alright? Just tell me if they do, and you can be sure they won't again." Elise figured Maddie would probably just nod and stick her nose back in her book, but she still hoped that maybe the poor girl would open up, eventually.
  18. Maddie once again looked up from Twelfth Night. Viola had gone offstage; the scene had ended. "Y-you'd really do that?" she muttered bashfully. "I-I mean, it's probably worth a lot of trouble for you, anyways. You really shouldn't feel concerned for me…I-I'm nobody special…besides, people might tease you as well…" She bit her lip. She knew that excuses wouldn't work. If there was one thing she knew about Elise, she knew that she stuck to her word, no matter what. "…But thanks anyways…" she whispered, blowing a strand of dark blonde hair out of her face and stroking the beautiful cover of the other book she had brought; Dad #1 and Dad #2 sharing an embrace, still in college, she expected…
    (the photo)

    Dad #1 (at right) and Dad #2 (left)
  19. Elise's eyes widened a bit, taken aback at Maddie's sudden enthusiasm. But she quickly regained herself, and smiled. 'I guess eventually is today,' she thought to herself. "I'll do it. Don't worry about all that crap," she said confidently, "I know people make fun of you for your parents being, y'know, but I don't mind that," her eyes motioned towards the cover of Maddie's book, "kind of thing and hate people who'll make fun of that. So don't worry. Just talk to me whenever you want." She patted her assuringly on the head and smiled again, which wasn't a usual occurrence for the usually cold-faced girl.
  20. Violetta nodded in agreement with at Elise. She would avoid bugs and she would find something to detract the bugs.
    "I'll be sure to do just that. Perhaps we can talk more later."

    The teacher dropped the two books on Mystique's desk.
    "Be sure to read the blackboard and do the assignments.There will be a test over all of it." she spoke hastily.

    "Yes, M'am. I'll write all of the assignments down and have them ready for you in the morning."

    Violetta spoke softly not looking at the window at all since she did not want to see any other bugs. She shuddered at the thoughts of bugs flying and crawling around. She began to write all of the assignments on her assignment book. Fortunately for Violetta, she had already read all of Shakespeare's Plays. Being a book worm was an advantage.