High school Romance

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  1. Nina sighed softly to herself as she looked in the mirror. She had a frown upon her face. Her grey/blue eyes shifted to her pink lips. Looking over her softpale skin. Her brown hair was down to the middle of her back and curly. She slowly took a brush and moved her hair into two low pony tails. She removed her towel exposing the curves of her body. She walked into her room and pulled on black lacey undergarments. She pulled on a black short skirt and her buttoned up white collar shirt. She put on a red bow under the collar before putting on a light brown cardigan. She sat on her bed pulling on black thigh highs and her brown loafers. She put on a bit of makeup. Just mascarra and lip gloss. She practices smiling in the mirror before picking up her bag. "Mom I'm off to school!" She yelled. "Oh alright!" Her mom said a bit plainly. Nina sighed again and ran down the street. She was going to be late for her first day of school.
  2. Blake woke up from the sound of music blaring from his alarm clock. He groaned in protest as he slammed his hand onto the alarm making the music stop. He flung the black let's off his body, only wearing boxers and exposing him to the cold air which made him shiver. He walked like a zombie to the shower not even waiting for it to warm up. The cold water was good to wake him up anyways. He washed his perfect abed body. When he finished he wrapped a towel around his torso. Once in his room he grabbed fresh boxers, blue jeans and a black button up shirt. His mother insisted him to look nice for the first day. After brushing his teeth, putting on cologne, and running a hand through his brown hair he stared at himself in the mirror with his piercing blue eyes looking back. He gave a small smirk before grabbing his things and heading out the door.
  3. Nina huffed leaning over slightly and holding onto the gate as the bell rang. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She slowly stood up and dusted off her uniform before walking toward the school. She got a few stares since she was the new kid and all. She just blushed lightly and looked down at her feet. She walked into the office and they welcomed her and gave her a paper with her home class. She bowed slightly as she left the office and walked up to the third floor. She hesitated as she approached the class feeling a bit nervous, remembering everything that happened at her old school. She bit her lower lip and knocked before opening the sliding door. The teacher stood and smiled softly. "Well hello you must be the new student I'm Mrs. Tsumugu come in and introduce yourself" Nina tenses up as she slowly entered the room and looked around at the people in class hearing whispers. 'She's cute, where is she from, she looks nervous' She sucked up her nervousness and smiled tilting her head to the side. "Hello I'm Nina Koichi, I moved to tokyo from Osaka and I can't wait to get to know you all" the kids started to talk and the teacher pointed her to her desk. She nodded slowly and sat in the second row to the back by the window. She shifted her eyes out side and let her smile fade as she watched the trees sway.
  4. "Hey Takumi, early today again eh?" A middle-aged man shouted as he saw a young man just ran past him.
    "Good morning!" Takumi waved back.
    He had a habit of going for a run early in the morning; otherwise it wouldn't feel right throughout the day. It was good to stay fit and healthy so he wouldn't mind waking up an hour early for a little exercise. After running two laps around the neighborhood, Takumi was panting hard and short of breath but if the time allowed, he'd definitely go for another lap. Unfortunately, it was time to get ready for school. He wouldn't want to be late on the first day of class. After all, he had a perfect record of being on time for two years straight. He headed to the shower as soon as he came back and by the time he finished showering, breakfast was already prepared, along with his lunch. Takumi preferred homemade food over those bought at convenient store or school diner so he always brought his own lunch to school. He believed it was healthier and less preservatives added. "Mom, thanks for doing this everyday. I'm off to school." He quickly gave her a hug then hurried out the door. It was ten minutes ride on the bicycle to school so this would probably be another exercise for him or something like that. "Alright, here I go." He muttered as he stepped on the pedal.
  5. The teacher was writing on the board. Welcoming the students and putting rules and things through out the year. Looks like she was late for preparing herself. Probably a new teacher this year. Students continued to walk in. Nina looked a bit taken back and looked up at the clock and sweat dropped comically as she realized she was actually early and her clock was ahead of time. She sighed and continued to look out the window. Wondering if she should join a club to make friends since she wasnt good at making friends. But....the only thing she was good at was painting and music.
  6. Kia already knew that she did not like the new girl. First of all, she was very beautiful, and she would get in the way of Kia getting a boyfriend. Second of all, she thought she could just barge into a classroom on the first day and say that she can't wait to get to know us? What kind of loser says that. And to Kia,. That's what Nina was. A loser.
  7. Lupa watched the ongoing class, sitting in the back, pen poised above her notebook. Her blue eyes were large, almond shaped, and lent her a very intelligent appearance, though for now, they just looked slightly irritated. She was a short girl, barely hitting 5'00", without the curves most over girls had, she was easily mistaken for a young boy. Her hair was cut short, only slightly longer than most boys, and india ink black. If it weren't for her blue eyes and black hair, she'd be easily mistaken for an albino with how pale she was, as if she never spent time in the sun. She leaned against her hand, watching the other students, making up stories about them as she went. She would probably never get to know these people, which left her imagination to go wild. What class was she in, anyway? She couldn't remember.