High School Rivals

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  1. Eric kept his head down as he headed away from his locker and towards the art room once again. It seemed like that was the only area he could really be himself. Everywhere else had too many people and they always seemed to look at him weirdly. He was just about to reach the door to the art room when he hit his head on a locker because he wasn't paying attention to where he was walking.
  2. That locker happened to be the locker belonging to the baseball captain, Michael. He looked at the boy, who was a few inches shorter than him. He had seen the boy in the art room before, and he was always staring at the baseball field. Maybe he really liked baseball. Close up he's kinda cute... Michael of course discarded that thought as he looked at the male who had bumped into his locker. "What's up, are you alright?" He asked the other male.
  3. His eyes widened as the one and only Michael started to talk to him. Eric had watched him on the court before, admiring his movements. "Yeah, I'm fine, can't be late." He managed to squeeze out. Eric made no attempt to move closer to his class though, and just stood there, amazed that Michael even looked at him.
  4. Michael shut his locker and blinked slightly. Did I scare him? He wondered as he looked at the shorter male. He really thought that the boy was cute. "Uh... oh... okay. Well, then, I won't take up any more of your time." He said as he shut his locker, walking towards his classroom. Was he... nervous just now...?
  5. Eric nodded and then scurried off once Michael started to move. By the time he made it to the art room class had already begun, but his teacher didn't care about him being late. As he sat down in his usual chair he took out a piece of paper and began a sketch of a figure playing basket ball. If one looked closely the figure resembled Michael.
  6. Michael had always thought Eric was strange. He had been interested in this strange boy and always observed him from a distance, somewhat. The way he seemed to shy away every time he saw Michael made the always-loved baseball leader even more curious. He was on the baseball field, practicing, when he looked up to see Eric sitting in the art room.
  7. As he worked on his sketch, Eric felt a pair of eyes on him. It wasnt unusual, sometimes the teacher came over to look at his work. This time though, the teacher wasnt anywhere near him. When Eric looked up he happened to see Michael again through the window. It made him blush and look back down at his sketch. He knew he had to keep it secret, not let anyone see who he drew.
  8. Michael shrugged at this and instead went back to his practice, doing it with as much energy as he could manage. But he really wanted to talk to Eric. He had always thought about what it would be like to get to know this strange boy who seemed to run away from him. It made him curious that there was a person who was intrigued by him, seeing as he wasn't a scary person at all to most people.
  9. When he was finished with the sketch Eric hid it in his backpack and then started on a painting of a cave that he had been trying to get right for awhile. Eric was trying to make it seem like the cave hid a person's darkest secrets, but he was having trouble with it.
  10. When he finished practicing, which in this case ended early, he decided to go to the art room because he knew that people were allowed to be there to check on friends, help out or work as models for the artists. Everyone stared at him once he got in there, but he went straight to sit close to Eric, smiling. "So what are you drawing?" He asked curiously.
  11. Eric jumped in his seat. He has been so focused that he hadnt even heard anyone come in. When he looked over at the male who had come in he swallowed hard, of course it was Michael. "Ah... I'm painting right now, it's supposed to be a cave." He said softly. Eric had just been making abstract figures in the dark part of the cave, to represent the things people were haunted by every day.
  12. Michael smiled softly but frowned when he saw Eric jump. Was he really that scary of a person? He sighed softly and smiled when Eric told him what he was drawing, peeking to look at it. "Ah... it's really good. Do you draw too, then?" He asked softly as he looked at the other male eagerly. He had always been interested in Eric and it was nice that they were... kinda... becoming friends, or something like that. Or at least, Michael wanted them to be friends. It was irrational, the way he cared for Eric.
  13. He nodded, keeping his eyes on his work. Eric could hardly make eye contact with anyone, let alone Michael. "I draw sometimes, but mainly just to get an idea out and then when I have time I paint it." He explained, glancing at the clock and realizing he had been there longer than he thought. Eric bit his lip, hoping he wouldn't be late.
  14. Michael looked at Eric for a little while as he drew. It's strange... I find him so fascinating, and he's really pretty when he's so focused... I wonder if he has a girlfriend, when he looks like that... what the hell? Why should I care about that...? He blushed slightly at these thoughts, before he inclined at Eric. "Ah, Eric, do you want to hang out after school? We could go to the mall, or something..." He said, trying to appear cheerful and probably succeeding. Why do I care so much about him...?
  15. Eric froze at his question and shook his head. "I can't. I have to be home right after school. Besides why would you want to hang out with someone like me? You're too popular for that." He murmured as he started to pack away his art supplies. Eric needed to get to his next class before someone noticed he was missing from it and called his father.
  16. Michael ran after him, catching him before he could leave. "Hey! I'm asking you because I want you to hang out with me. I'm okay with it if you're busy, but don't reject me just because I'm popular. I chose you, because I want to be your friend." He was out of breath after following Eric, and, stood there, holding onto his hand in a compromising way. "What about tomorrow, then? Or I could follow you home?"
  17. "No! Don't follow me home." Eric pleaded, looking around quickly to make sure not too many people were around. "I can't do anything after school. My father is... Strict, but I guess we could meet for breakfast in the morning or something." He said, keeping his eyes on his shoes. Eric didn't understand why Michael wanted to hang out with him, but he knew that he would have to keep it away from his father.
  18. "Oh... uhm..." Michael said awkwardly as he looked at Eric with a suddenly shy expression. "I'm... sorry. I didn't know it was like that... uh... I just..." He trailed off as he looked at Eric. "Yeah... breakfast it is, then..." He smiled a little as he looked around to see if there was anyone around near them. When he had made sure the coast was clear, he took Eric's hand and planted a kiss on his cheek. "I'll look forward to tomorrow morning!" He said as he ran off, trying to control his blush. Crap! The hell was that, Michael?! What if you're misunderstanding him?!
  19. Eric's eyes widened at the kiss and he just watched as Michael walked away. His father's harsh words echoed in his mind and he tried to ignore them. "You're a person too, he just doesn't understand." He whispered to himself. When the late bell rang Eric flinched and started running towards his class. His father would surely be told about it and tonight would be hard. Hopefully nothing visible would be bruised.
  20. Michael was very worried about Eric. The way he had talked about his dad worried him so much. Why did Eric say it in that way? Why did he look like a frightened animal? He wanted to go after the boy and ask but he knew that Eric wouldn't tell him anything. He sunk against the wall with a blush on his face, and covered it with his hands. Damn... I think I love this guy... He thought to himself and again he wanted to run after Eric but didn't do it as he strolled off to his next class, hoping deep in his heart that Eric would be alright.
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