High School Reunion; The Return! (A Sequel to High School Lockdown Masquerade!)

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    Dear Northlake High Class of 2002,

    Our 10 Year High School Reunion hosted by one former Class President, Blythe Kennedy, was a total farce and completely our glorious school (GO BEAVERS!), in such a massively terrible way that some girl even tried to kill herself just to get out of it. Way to go Kennedy.

    With that in mind, I - your favorite head cheerleader (We all know I was the -real- leader of the team!) - Barbara Jenkins, hereby invite you to our 15 Year High School Reunion hosted by ME! The event will be held at the totally exclusive Northlake Gate Hotel in their grand ballroom. I pledge to make sure that not only will there be top notch security, there will be catering that is actually edible and a decor that doesn't make you want to gouge out your eyes and feed them to dingos.

    I encourage all former students and their guests to dress in their most elegant attire, being the chief fashion consultant of Glitter Boutique, you wouldn't want a bad review. Should one person crack a joke about me being related to Mrs. Jenkins I will have security through you in the trash out back. (OMGJK)

    Be there or be lame, losers!

    Barbara Jenkins

    Where: Roleplay City
    Genre & Atmosphere: Modern "Realistic" Quirky and Fun!

    After the total and utter FAILURE of the 10 year reunion by one Blythe Kennedy, your totally awesome head cheerleader Barbara Jenkins is hosting her OWN reunion 5 years later in a WAY more awesome location and will totally be an awesome blast! There will even be turbo tight security, because SOME people know how to host an event! If you're not a total loser, come by for your 15 year High School Reunion!

    This chat rp will be a sequel to the High School Lockdown Masquerade! 8D

    Your character and plot options:
    - A Graduate of Northlake High Class of 2002
    - A Guest of a Graduate!
    - Hotel Staff of Northlake Gate Hotel
    - Security Detail or Catering Crew for the Event
    - Bring your imagination and be ready for a fight and maybe even some romance!

    Bios are NOT required, but if you want to post one, feel free to grab a template and gives up a little bit of info! Before the roleplay starts, show up in the Cbox main to let us know you are ready and present so we have a head count of who is playing. 8D
  2. This is TONIGHT. 8D Be there or be square!
  4. [​IMG]Before

    Mae Franklin
    The quiet yet quirky band girl of Northlake High Marching Band
    She moved to London in the passing time after graduation
    And is now a Glamorous Lounge Singer.

    [​IMG] After [​IMG]