High School Of The Vampires and Humans

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  1. Long ago vampires and humans lived together in harmony, taking pills that substituted for human blood. But, one vampire that was born couldn't take the pills no matter how hard he tried and his hunger grew. One night, he went out and in hunger he bit a human being, drinking until the human was killed. After that horrid night the human girl was found. They saw the bite marks and knew it was a vampire. The humans fought the vampires, forcing them into hiding. This school is a place where vampires can learn and be at peace. There are two classes. The day class and the night class. The day class is a class of humans. The night class is a class of vampires. The vampires can come out in the sun cause it doesn't bother them. There are two that patrol at night to keep everyone safe. This generation I must warn you of though. A vampire was born, and he can't take the pill. One more thing, this school is called Kyota High.

    The School

    -Cussing is allowed but do tho overboard
    -When fighting don't make it to gory
    -If your fighting ask the player before killing the character
    -I'm OK with the rape stuff but don't go into detail and if it gets to sexual take it somewhere else
    -No Gmodding
    -Please try to keep the genders even
    -Have fun!

    Accepted characters
    AnimeGurl~ Ritsu Akiyama


    Patrol (Two people only):
    Powers/Ability (Vampires only and don't go over board):
    Dorm appearance:

    My Form

    Name: Ritsu Akiyama
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Meet her and see
    Class?: Day
    Appearance: Above
    Patrol: Yes
    Powers/Ability: None
    Dorm appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: Not really
  2. (Is there a separate thread, or do I post cs here?~)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.