High School of the Dead

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  1. Welcome to Ikaruke High-school. We have state of the art technology and have been educating students for over 30 years. Please enjoy your stay.

    "Shit" Tatsuya thought. Those were the first words that the secretary told me before it went to hell, and on my first day too. He climbed up the metal stairs and opened the door onto the roof, careful to shut it behind him. Just a few hours ago our science went... berserk. Total Chaos. I guess some kind of chemical or something infected our school and turned them into what now.. Zombies? All I had thought to do was grab a wooden sword from the Kendo gym downstairs. Suddenly the door behind me burst open, and I had fell and doubled over. "Shit!" I screamed. about 3 dozen Zombies burst through. I got up just before I was toast and ran to the far side of the roof. "Come and get some!"
  2. Constance grabbed Tatsuya and pulled her over the edge under a gargoil statue where he was safely hidden on the ledge, "Shhh!" He said quickly
  3. Tatsuya felt a hand grab his shirt and pulled him over the edge of the stair railing and behind a gargoyle. "What... the fuck"
  4. Vinyl walks through a strangely empty hall, noticing that it's the time that there is usually a break in between classes. "I wonder where everyone is. Is something happening?" She hears a scream come from down the hall and around the corner a little bit. Being a curious one, she decides to go check it out. As she gets there, she noticed a group of students seemingly beating the poor girl up. She walks closer to get a better look, trying to be as quiet as possible, and she realizes that this, what she sees in front of her, is a group of students, clearly not living, eating the poor girl.

    "You have got to be kidding me. This is not how my apocalypse plan was going to start!" She runs back to her locker down the empty hall and grabs the practice sword she uses in practice. Though she isn't skilled, she knows enough to protect herself in this strange situation.
  5. Tatsuya jumped down over the railings and opened a large metal door, sealing himself inside the admonitory stairwell.
  6. Practice sword in hand, Vinyl proceeds to quietly proceed the opposite way down the hall from her locker to the stairwell where she figured she could have some sort of protection for a bit. Upon turning the corner, she notices there are a few walkers quite obviously looking for food, because it's what zombies do, after all. Wondering how they function, she grabbed the closest thing, aside from her sword, to throw towards them to see how they would react to noise.

    "Hopefully this doesn't get me caught" she said with a scared expression on her face. She throws the heavy book at the farthest locker she could. The zombies then looked up and started walking towards the loud bang the book had made against the locker! "It worked. I can't believe it worked. I didn't think they'd be so simple minded, but I was wrong this time." Vinyl then proceeded to the stairwell door, and entered, closing and locking the door behind her, just in case. As she turns, she meets someone else in the stairwell.

    "Hey there. Good to see someone walking around still. I'm Vinyl, though it's just an acquired nickname. Who are you? I could swear I've seen you before."
  7. There was some furious tapping on a window in the stairwell. There was a hand, attached to a wrist that had the school uniform on it, rasping its knuckles on the glass faster than any of the dead students seemed to be able to move. Closer to the window, there was quite a bit of cursing going on in a different language, the English language to those who were in the later classes. Judging by the fluidity of the cursing, and the death grip that the hand had on the small ledge, it was the foreign exchange student, Ralph Scott, who was tapping for dear life.

    How did he get out there?
  8. Vinyl, though scared, went to the window to stare out to see who was tapping so furiously on the window. Seeing the sight on the other side of the door made her eyes wide. She had to get the boy inside the stairwell!

    "Hang on, just give me a quick second! We'll have you away from those things!" Vinyl said as she was fiddling with the door knob trying to unlock it. The fear seemed to incite a case of what people like to call fat fingers, not allowing her to unlock the door so easily. After what seemed like forever to her, and probably to him, she had gotten the door unlocked, grabbed his arm and dragged him inside the stairwell, to the partial protection, even if only temporary.

    "Who are you and how did you end up out there? You realize it's dangerous, right?" Vinyl had asked the boy she had just pulled into the stairwell. She picked her practice sword back up and went to sit on the stairs to try to collect her thoughts, waiting for the boys response.
  9. When the door had opened, the boy had switched from tapping at the window to slamming his foot at the head of the nearest dead head, with predictable effect. He was cursing all the while as he used his legs to keep the deadies away... until he got yanked into the stairwell. And by a person about a foot shorter than him. Ouch.

    It was only after the door had been closed that he sat up and said something in Japanese. "Um... Hi... Ralph Scott, class 2C, fell from 2nd floor, managed to grab ledge and... Yes. I realize its really dangerous." American foreign exchange student, lovely.

    He stood up before starting at his right foot. His shoeless right foot. "They got my shoe. Corpses took my shoe!" He really seemed to not like that at all. Not one bit.
  10. Tatsuya smiled at Vinyl. "I'm Tatsuya." He watched as she fiddled with the door. "YOU GET THE BOY, I'LL GET THE... WHATEVER THEY ARE" As he cut through zombies he remembered the history class having a steel Katana on the wall.
  11. "I've got him! The door is closed. I don't recommend going out there, and if you do, take a different route." Vinyl was staring out the window of the stairwell door. "Tatsuya, you need to get a weapon, and quick. My practice sword will be good for me, but you need something."

    Checking on the boy that she had pulled in, she made sure he wasn't bitten. "They did get your shoe. Then again, at least they -only- got your shoe. We can swing by somewhere later when we get out of this damned school to grab you a new pair, because if its like this here, then it's gotta be the same all over town!"
  12. Sam was casually strolling down the hallway when a student that was drooling and spitting all over the place rounded a corner and slowly faced him. Immediately, Sam thought the student was sick and needed attention from the office nurse. "Are you all right?" he said to the mutated girl. "Here I'll take you to the office." then all of a sudden, the student lunged on top of Sam, throwing both him and his heavy satchel to the ground. Because he was so short, it was he'd to fight off the now known zombie. Grabbing a flashlight from the inside of his satchel, Sam wacked the zombie upside the head, sending it onto it's back. Then Sam took off down the hall, screaming. As a new student, Sam wasn't familiar with the hallways and found himself bumping into numerous amounts of hungry students until he came to a locked stairwell in which he attempted to throw open. Failing miserably, he smashed into the door and fell onto his back with a loud thump. He glasses and tie crooked, he straightened both then stood up to face inside of the small window of the door where he saw three perfectly healthy students talking. "HELP! HELP! You have to let me in! These bloody freaks are going to kill me!" he screamed, banging on the door while the 'zombies' cornered him.