High School of the Dead - Years After the "Incident"

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  1. It's been years. We still see them, but we know how to better fight them now. We've even set up a stronghold in a big city. The signs have long since been ripped down, so we don't even remember the name. All we call it is Stronghold. We left our schools, workplaces and homes, all to come here and try to survive. We've seen families reunited, and we've seen friends cry, to see their best friends still alive. We have also seen heartbreak, and experienced it ourselves. We've all lost loved ones. We've all lost someone we care about. Most importantly, we've all lost our original families.

    We've sort of become the family that bonds this place together though. High walls, we think were from a prison, is where we made our stronghold. The surrounding area, as mentioned before, used to be a bustling city. There are still non-perishable foodstuffs around that we take quick excursions out into the city to grab. We even have raids, where we get a platoon of our best fighters and gunmen to kill off as many zombies as we can, but it all seems to be in vain. The more we kill, the more zombies return, from other places. We burn the bodies of those we kill, just so disease doesn't spread, but that's not the only thing we have to do to live. We even create our own food now. Fresh vegetables, milk, eggs and other stuff is all grown and created in a specified area in the stronghold.

    We fight to survive. We search to find other survivors. We even send out parties in armored vehicles to travel the countryside searching. We find people, but not every day. Its beginning to look like Stronghold won't be a good place to stay for much longer, before we have to split up again.
    So its the standard zombie apocalypse theme, but taken from the anime, High School of the Dead. I know there's one in the Jump In Roleplay section, but let's face it, it's pretty much dead and it takes people forever to post. Let;s make one that's active and fun.

    This is the character sheet I'd like people to use:

    Nickname(if applicable):
    Weapon choice:
    In Stronghold, or just coming in for the first time?:
    Character Appearance:
    Character Personality:
    Character History:
    Name: Veela Highwind (Self named, as her real last name has long since been forgotten.)

    Nickname(if applicable): Vinyl



    Weapon choice:
    Katana, but can effectively use the Howa M1500 Varminter Supreme sniper rifle
    In Stronghold, or just coming in for the first time?: Vinyl has been in stronghold for a little under 4 months.

    Character Appearance:

    Blue and white hair, light complexion.

    Character Personality:
    She's outgoing and can come off as a little abrasive at times. Though she has a loving, kind side, its hard to find, but get on it, and you're there forever. She may make fun of you, and crack jokes at your expense, but it just means she likes you. Nothing too odd or indifferent about her, besides the fact she doesn't let anyone tell her what she's going to do. She prides herself on her self motivation.

    Character History:
    Vinyl's history is one not for the ages, but it is interesting. When the zombies came, she was at work. She had only just graduated High School not long before the outbreak. She worked at a music store and she loved it. Usually listening to such artists as Deadmau5, DJ Tiesto, Daft Punk, and even various YouTube artists, she couldn't have asked for a better job, that is unless you found some musical talent in her and gave her a record deal!

    When the outbreak happened, she was just finishing putting away the new stock. They had just gotten a big stock of metal and rock albums from a bunch of new bands she had never heard of. It was odd, because it was a quiet morning. No customers had really come in, except one of her regulars, looking for the new Tiesto CD. All she really remembers is that someone came bursting in through the door, screaming at her to lock it up and throw down the steel guards, immediately! Vinyl had kept asking why, and all the man would say is "They're coming! Close the guards damn it!"

    A few hours later, the man had finally calmed down. "Listen," he said. "I don't know what's happening out there, but I watched some pretty messed up people take down, and start eating my friend alive. When I came in here, I just wanted to be safe, and I seen those slide down guards before when the store was closed, so I figured I'd get you to shut them." Vinyl thought about this for a moment and then said "You know, I don't know your name, but if what you're saying is true, we have a zombie apocalypse on our hands." The man looked at her with wide eyes. "That's impossible." He couldn't take the information as true. "Unlock the store, I'm leaving. I need to go see if he's alright." As Vinyl lifts the guard and unlocks the door, he runs out, and almost as fast as he was out, he had THEM, attacking him.

    Vinyl then figured it was time to leave, and she knew that the roof had an easy exit by small jumps from rooftop to rooftop. She had seen it before, and noticed it was called Parkour. She had even practiced it a little bit. Her car was only a block or so away, and her sword she had just bought as a show thing to put on her mantle at home, even though it was a battle ready Katana. A few quick jumps had gotten her to her car, and what she thought for the moment, was solitude. A full tank of gas, and the road at her hands, she just began driving, clearing out gas stations getting better at handling a sword day by day, she just drove until one day, she was found by the people from the Stronghold. That's where her story begins.
  2. Name: Ren Khrom

    Nickname: Spiral

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Weapon choice: Mainly 9 mm guns and revolvers, preferably Smith&Wessons. Though, she will use whatever guns she can find.

    In Stronghold, or just coming in for the first time?: In Stronghold

    Character Appearance:
    2howp3s.png Somewhat tall 5'61/2". Dark hair, usually pulled up into a ponytail. Dark grey eyes.

    Character Personality: A quiet, serious person. Before the zombies, she was a more amiable person, joking around and could hardly stop talking for five minutes. When the infection spread, she became more serious. She hardly ever jokes anymore, but has been known to crack an occasional-zombie related joke.

    Character History:
    Born into a lower-class family, the youngest of four children, Ren always tried her hardest to succeed. Though she didn't excel in school subjects (managing to pass most classes with C's), she found greater success when she joined the military. She lost contact with her family a day or two before her military unit was sent in.

    Once, the youngest member of a military unit. She was givent the nickname "Spiral" when one of her superiors noticed: When asked to make a quick sweep of an area, Ren would go in a somewhat spiral-pattern to assure all the areas were safe. Her unit was sent to help out in one of the first places the infection hit. Her entire team was killed/changed, and she barely escaped. She found the Stronghold when it was still barely being built.

    She helped to complete it and is now a member of the raid teams. Occasionally, she joins the searches for other survivors. She prefers helping retrieve supplies though.

  3. Excellent character. You're in!
  4. Yay! :D Thanks, I really liked this anime. Definitely one of my favorites :P
  5. I hear you. Glad to have you aboard!
  6. So, just wondering, about how many years has it been? :p Just to make sure I chose an appropriate age~
  7. 4 years. It's been 4 years since the original events went down. More than enough time for safehouses and strongholds to be built to protect clans of survivors to well, survive.
  8. Alright! That's perfect :P Gracias
  9. 4...


    I reserve my character being a "trader" between the various safe havens. And if this is set in Japan, remember that A) they have strict gun laws, B) there is a constant shortage of ammo for the guns because the factories (for the most part) are not working any more and C) this can allow my trader to charge high prices for the stuff he has.

    Yep, 4 years later and Ralph has become a douche bag.
  10. You must remember though, this is the Zombie Apocalypse. Japan had laws against guns, but those laws have long since passed with their respective enforcement teams. Though ammunition is short, there could be those around that have moulds, or know how to make ammunition properly, without the use of a factory. Or even better, there could be those who have taken up sanctuary in an abandoned ammunition factory.

    Theres a lot of room for creativity in a zombie apocalypse stricken world.
  11. Exactly. And, as a trader, I can exploit those loop holes as the only person (smart) dumb enough to try to make a fortune on it.

    The people in the munitions factory will need resources to create the ammo, as well as replacement parts for guns that fail. I provide the resources, buy the ammo and then sell it at a mark up. If that is not sucessful bussiness, then its a damn good thing.
  12. Well planned out. I like it! I approve. It's a good business strategy in times like these.
  13. That's smart thinking right there
  14. Exactly. In times of need, if you play the supplyer of the raw materials, the buyer of the finished product and the destributor of the finished product, you will come out rich.

    War proffiteering 101.

    One of the best jobs might be safeguarding him. Hehe. Lots of cash possible.
  15. Though, I'd love to see an actual character sheet done up. That would make it so much better! :D
  16. Name: Ralph Scott

    Nickname(if applicable): Trader

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Weapon choice: Money and guns. Perferably his rifle that has been modified many times over which he calls Death. Silencers are king!

    In Stronghold, or just coming in for the first time?: This is his fifth journey to the Stronghold, carrying much ammo and necessities to the various people of this particualr haven.

    Character Appearance: http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac169/heavensmaster/guyandgun.jpg

    Character Personality: To put is simply, the driving force of this man is to obtain as much wealth as he can in this world. The Yen and Dollar are worthless (though the coins can be used as part of a shotgun system), with the real power being bullets, food, and favors that can be used to establish a greater foot hold in a safe haven.

    He isn't heartless though and he often gives more than he should if a family is having a hard time. If they recently lost a family member or had a birth in the family, he is most likly to give the people a little extra, especially to the people who don't ask for it. Losing a person that he could have saved can keep him up for nights on end but he takes steps to stop that.

    Other than that, he is a friendly, talkative person who seems to be trustworthy.

    Character History: Ralph Scott was a foreign exchange student who had the misfortune of being in the first school hit by the zombies. He survived the attack and managed to get out of the school, soon finding a place to hole up in. He kept reinforcing his position, going out to gather more supplies and such during the day (when sounds travel the closest) and keeping safe at night. It was after the second year of this that he had ventured out and became a trader after discovering some people holed up in a factory that was oh so easily converted into a munitions factory. He provided the materials and the Trader was born.

    He sometimes drives from place to place using a armored personel carrier that he retrieved from a JDSF base but not recently. Its hard as hell to make one of those things go green so he mostly uses a tiny car that goes completely on solar power. Kiss my ass global warming.
  17. Love it! You're definitely in.
  18. Poke...

    Heh. I think our little Trader might take a interest to our little DJ....
  19. Name: Shinta Arizato
    Nickname(if applicable):
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Weapon choice: Fists
    In Stronghold, or just coming in for the first time?: In stronghold
    Character Appearance: http://img3.lln.crunchyroll.com/i/spire2/31ccd64a468c216e09cd2a16289094f31229797513_full.jpg
    Character Personality: Cheerful, Smart, Romantic
    Character History: Stinta was a gold member of a boxing club in downtown Tokyo. During the zombie outbreak he found himself alone. 4 years later, and he has learned how to kill zombies... with his fists.