High school of love.

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  1. YES MY FRIEND I WILL LEAND YOU A HAND (Me: thank you *hugs*)

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  1. (i know its chessy but im doing this for a friend to understand this Rp site Love you. NAd would love all of you to join our fun if you want.)

    This is a high school thing so. we go to class and we have friends, we can have boyfriends or girlfriends. and whatever you want. by the way the high school is called Demon high so this may as well be a supernatural rp so be who ever you want. good luck

    (If you want)
    Name: Demon and Chi
    personailty: demon is dark and scarey, Chi is wsweet back can be scary when picked on.
    bio: Chi and Demon Are twins demon is the older one and chi is the littl one so yeah. and they are nekos

    Chi and demon where walking up to there new school with a smile but chi was scared. she never been to school before. she was always homeschooled. Demon noticed Chi was nervous and he hugged er from behind. they didnt hide their tail or ears so he bit on to Chi's ear playfully and with a smile. "its alright chi" he said. he was not like chi he was not homeschooled. he asked to be in schools. which there father and mother didnt mind at all.
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  2. Name: Seryna Murdock
    personailty: kind and sweet, but vicious when angered
    Height: 5ft2
    weight: 115 pounds

    Seryna was leaning against her locker, she was nervous about her first day at school. She liked the fact that some students are friendly to her. But she still felt a knot in her stomach.
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  3. Chi was had to go her diffrent ways from demon and walked over to a locker. as she walked over she tripped and landed face first onto her face. she got up fast and rubbed her nose. "Ow" she said slienty and walked closer to her locker which she notice a girl there. she looked at her and smiled then tryed to open her locker. "shot my mother it wont open" she said to her self sliently
  4. Seryna noticed somebody trip over her! 'Oh my god!! is she okay!' Seryna thought in her head. then she stood up on her feet. "H-hi, I'm Seryna"
  5. she looked at the girl and blushed. "U-Um" she said something but it was hard to hear what she said. she then went back to trying to open her locker then soon gived up and kicked it. which lead her to hurt her foot and jump up and down holding her hurt food.
  6. "Gah! are you okay!?" Seryna said nervously. She then attempts to open the locker, in no time at all opening the locker.