High school never ends.

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  1. This, will show you just how much things don't change after High school.

    College was supposed to be the best time of your life right? Wrong. At least, for // Character A \\. His life was still as depressingly boring, and he still hasn't had a girlfriend. Although he has gotten quite skinny, and his Acne's cleared, it seemed like the world of Fate despised him during his next few years in college. All of the Popular, rich snobby kids went to his College sadly. His best friend moved away to go to NYC, and it just seemed like everything went downhill after that.

    It seemed that way, until the stereotypical bad boy waltzed into his class, late of course. The girls, of course, swooned over the very..... Idiotic male, whilst // Character A \\ just sat there with a blank look on his face. // Character B ~ The Bad Boy \\ Of course, sees this, and decides.. Why not mess with the quite one?.

    Who knows what'll happen between the two.


    Okay, not the greatest. But I'm tired, so please bear with the information I have given you.
    If you are interested, slap a comment down below and we'll begin discussion.

    I don't mind if you send me a PM or post a comment onto my page either!~

    I'll just stab you with a Porcupine, once again.

    ~ Stabby stab ~
  2. Hey! This looks awful cute! If you'd like I'd totally roleplay this one with you. c:
  3. Cool~ Just send me a PM and we can begin discussion. ^^'
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.