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  1. Annabelle had been struggling recently. She had been so stressed out and hasn't had time to focus on her school work. She still finished her work, of course. She had an image to keep up.

    The perfect little prep girl packed up her things, looking down at the little pink slip she had gotten from her English teacher. It read 'Miss Fitzgerald. I noticed you seemed to have a passion for music. I always say music is the secret to the soul -' she rolled her eyes, she had never once her teacher say that '- and I decided I should make a club for that! You are invite to join! After school at 3:30 class B213. Be there or be square!' Anna sighed. She could already picture how boring, not to mention distracting, the club will be. But she wasn't one to deny a request made from a teacher.

    Annabelle made her way out the class, violin case in hand and backpack slung over her shoulders. In her mind she was thinking over how long it will take her to get home after club, how long making dinner will last, and how much time that will leave her to practice her violin and finish her homework before bedtime. Yes, she had a bedtime. Embarrassing, yes, but it kept things punctual and on track which she liked.

    Turning the corner, Annabelle Fitzgerald quickly found the class room. She took a deep breath and sighed it out. She turns the handle and pokes her head in. She seems to be the only student there. Her eyes travel down to her watch, she was five minutes early. She decided if no one was there by 3:30 she would just go home regardless if she had a ride or not. She stepped into the classroom and walked towards one of the desks in front and closest to the teachers desk. Typical Annabelle Fitzgerald. Punctual if not then early, model student, everything planned and everything perfect. At least that's how she appeared.
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  2. Alex was laying out on a bench near the classrooms when the bell rang. He got up and stretched, school was being stressful lately and he didn't feel like putting effort into it. It's not like the school really cared that much and its not like he was failing any of his classes. He just didn't like actually going to the class and being told things that he could of guessed without much effort. He was just getting ready to leave when his English passed by him, handing him a pink slip. What he at first assumed was a slip to go to the principals office, it was about some club. Alex sighed and shrugged, it wasn't like he had anything better to do.

    Alex made his way to the classroom, taking his time. He couldn't help but get lost in his thoughts as he did. He was thinking about how long this meeting would last, who would show up, what would be said or done. He was thinking about what would happen when he got home. His younger brother had stayed home sick today which meant when he got home he would be met by his father, who would be pissed about having to stay home from work. Then Alex would have to head to work himself, probably missing dinner and then starting the mountain of homework, probably not finishing it until like 2 am before falling asleep.

    Turning the corner, Alex found the room without much trouble and opened the door. There was already one girl in there, Alex thought that he had english with her. He strolled in and took a seat towards the back and placed his bag down. Being closest to the desk raised the probability of being called on by at least 3 percent while those in the back were some of the least likely to be called on. Alex glanced at the clock before putting his headphones in and turning on some music.
  3. naomi waited for everyone to leave the classroom after the bell rung. this way there would be zero chance of her bumping into anyone or anyone gossiping about her in her face. she was use to it though. not a day went by that she over heard someone spearing rumors and giver her weird stares. it was only her and the marker board now. going through her bag her found the note addressed to her. when she gathered her textbooks and backpack she started heading to the classroom.

    why did her teacher was suddenly interested in her music? she started to regret bringing her viola to school, but it was the only place she could practice without any attention. her parents were always trying to record her playing the piano at home. she knew that all they cared about was the family image. naomi could care less about being born to a family full of musicians. she thought of it more as a curse than anything. looking down at her viola reminded her that her music was her only means of escape.

    she turned the corner to the hallway that the class room was located. the group of girls that was in her class happen to be walked down the same hallway. They already starting to spin lies about how she lived in the janitors closet. she wanted until she left to go into the classroom. the last thing she needed was a rumor about her sleeping in the classroom. she opened the door and found 2 other students inside "oh no" she thought to herself. she had hoped they did not know her. she hurried silently to far back of the classroom next to the window. that was her favorite spot to daydream.
  4. Anna quietly watched as the other two came into the room. She vaguely recognized them from her English class, but there people she wouldn't be caught dead speaking to. Instantly, her mind began panicking. What if one of her friends saw them come into the same class as her?! What if they actually though she socialized with them?! She could already picture how much damage control would be needed.

    Quickly, Annabelle unzipped her pack pack and took out some homework. Maybe other students will think this is some sort of study club and not question her about it. She quickly began jotting down answers, her brain working quickly.

    She made sure to keep her head down and her eyes locked on the paper. Frankly, the goth boy in the back intimidated her a little. But, Anna being well Anna, she wouldn't let that get in the way of anything. She figured she could just confuse the kid with a math problem and he'd be off her back. As for the other girl, she heard some of the rumors about her. She felt a little sorry for her, but she still knew she wouldn't make an effort to help her. Again, reputation is everything. Can't blemish or damage it even for kindness.
  5. Alex glanced as the other girl came in. He vaguely remembered her from seeing her around. He had also heard a lot about her, though you never can trust rumors. Alex started to drum his fingers on the desk, keeping it in time with both the music and the girls pencil. Alex wasn't a big kid, but he knew how to make people uncomfortable. Something he used as an advantage in life.

    Alex stared ahead, but still kept drumming. It wouldn't be even noticeable in a room with lots of people, but in a room that was quiet as if it were empty, it was loud. It was also distracting, but Alex was fine with that. It was fun to push peoples buttons.

    Smiling slightly, Alex glanced at the girl by the window. She was day dreaming it seemed which meant that she would probably barely notice what was going on around her. This meant that the only one who would be fun to play with would be the girl sitting near the front. She seemed like one of the popular people, meaning that she defiantly not be a fan of a rebel like Alex.
  6. Just as Alex had suspected, the voice quickly got on her nerves. She tried blocking out the sound but it was so damn loud an irritating. It made her lose track constantly and have to start over on questions she already knew the answer to or reread the same thing over and over. It was irritating. It was god awful.

    Her grip on her pencils tightened, her face showing obvious annoyance and irritation. Before she realized just how right she was holding her pencil she heard a 'snap!'. She looked down at her broken pencil. Annabelle tightened her jaw.

    Setting her pencil on the desk, she stood up so suddenly that the chair screeched against the floor. Anna walked over him, keeping a calm expression on her face though her eyes betrayed her with irritation shinning in them. She clears her throat rather loudly to announce her presence. "Can you please," she used quite a bit of emphasis on the 'please', "stop tapping the desk. I can't focus."
  7. Alex laughed quietly when he saw that his plan had worked. He passed it off as coughing when the girl came towards him. He stopped tapping and took off his headphones, so they now lay around his neck. "Sorry, just thought it was a way to pass the time. You know, till the teach comes in." He said and grinned up at her.

    Alex looked at her for a second and saw that this girl was a master of composure. Kinda. She was great with the whole face, but her eyes were the things that showed her true emotion and thus made it so Alex could see right through her. "So what's your name anyway? I'm pretty sure we have English together but since i am rarely ever in class..." Alex trailed off before shrugging.

    He picked a pencil from his bag and started to twirl in his hand "
    What are you working on anyway?" He said and laid the pencil down and then rested his chin on his hand. This girl was pissed but she was way to proud to admit it. That meant that Alex could have some fun with her.

  8. naomi knew the quiet would not last long. already the two other students were at each others throat. There was too much noise for her to imagine the nice quiet beach in the Mediterranean. at the corner of her eye she saw the reflection of the girl towering a boy at his desk. she was obviously irritated by him. She told told him to stop tapping or something. Naomi did not even notice it. She thought the girl was being more of a drama queen then anything else.

    Naomi was glad she avoided confrontations like these. Making enemies never made ones life better. Naomi knew this. She did not even talk to anyone and still had enemies. she imagined if she was the type of person to go out of her way to be rude. That would be hell, but at the same time liberating. She wished she could do whatever she wanted when she wanted, but that was impossible given her status and circumstances.

    Naomi sighed and watched from afar the argument brewing in the room. "why are we even here still? where is the teacher?" she thought in her head. it made no sense to her why the other students were fighting. She slightly recognized the girl. Naomi was not sure if she was the same girl since the window was blurry, and she would not dare turn around. She knew that they would think that she was interested in their argument, which she was not.
  9. She lifted her chin, her back straightening before she responded to him. "Annabelle Fitzgerald. And I was working in biology homework if you must know." She spoke in a very formal tone, her pride obviously showing. Her family's name was powerful in the community and she was always told to use it with pride and authority. And that's just was obediently little Anna did.

    Her eyes looked down at him, studying him carefully. She couldn't for the life of her remember his name.
    "And you are..?" She asked slowly. It was of for her not to remember something. But it must be because her mind was elsewhere a lot recently.

    Her gaze moved to the girl by the window when she spoke up. Now that she thought of it, it was past 3:30 by now. It was odd for a teacher be late for something. Her gaze moved around the class to spot anything that would give a reason why the English teacher hasn't arrived yet.
  10. Alex nodded "Ah, yes. Now i remember you" He said and glanced her over. She was known as a teachers pet around school, but nobody really disliked her. Obviously because they hadn't actually met her, for Alex was finding her very annoying. "The Fitzgerald family huh? Arn't they like really well known around town for some reason? Now, i barely follow the towns gossip and talk but i do know your family. Musicians correct?" Alex asked with a sly smile.

    My name is Alex Zanner, and biology is boring. You really should spend your free time doing more fun things" Alex said and stretched. This girl was not happy with Alex, but he really could care less. This club would probably only last the day, if that, the teacher had still yet to come through the door and explain everything.

    Alex glanced around the room before spotting something on the desk. He got up without a word and walked over to it. He said nothing and then walked back to the desk, now sitting on top of it rather then in the seat.
  11. Anna sighed. She shook her head at him. He had gotten her family mixed up with the girl by the windows. Anna decided to give on on talking to either of the students. Well, she didn't try with the other girl and she certainly regretted talking to the boy. Her hand slips into her pocket and pulls out her phone.

    As she walked back to her desk she slipped her earbuds into her ears, turning on her music. She turned it down, always preferring that others didn't hear the kind of music she liked. She didn't have a particular genre an she was afraid to disappoint the assumptions on what kind of music she liked. She sat down and leaned over, taking a pencil out her bag.

    She glances to her violin case, reminding herself to bring her mute tomorrow for practice. She sat up and continued working on her biology homework, her leg bouncing up and down both impatiently and to the beat of her music.
  12. Naomi was right, that was annabelle. her family was just like her, attention hungry. all they cared about was image and who said what about them. the Fitzgerald family was almost as bad as hers. Something deep down she felt bad for annabelle. She seemed like she was a carbon copy of her parents. Naomi thought of her as a puppet doll, without even knowing she was one. "poor girl" she said to herself.

    naomi saw that annabelle was also an instrumentalist.
    "i would have never guess we shared a common love for music" she figured that was why she and the other two were here. That is what the note said. Naomi looked down at her viola case. It was a deep purple with her favorite anime character plastered all over it. She loves her viola more than anything. That was the only thing her parents did right by her, buy her whatever she needed for her thirst for music.

    finally it was quiet again in the classroom. I guess the two worked out their differences. She remember the boys name, alex. She almost caught herself thinking about him. She had seen him around the school, always picking a fight with someone. She liked how he said whatever he wanted. She wished her could tell her parents and the press to leave her alone for good. naomi knew better, her parents controlled that part of her life. She control this part.
  13. Alex shrugged at the girl before putting his headphones back on. If it was going to be just the three of them in this club then it was going to be extremely uncomfortable. Alex was hoping someone else would walk in the door and break the silence.

    When no one did, Alex swiveled around the table and got back in the seat. He decided to follow Annabelle and took out some work. He took out a pencil and started to do the work, school was easy for alex, but that didnt mean that he put any effort into it. He put just enough to not be failing the year, but he was by no means an A student. He finished his biology homework quickly, putting it back in his bag and taking out some other homework.

    He glanced up and saw the girl looking at their instruments. His instrument of choice was not something that he could just drag around with him. He shrugged then went back to work.
  14. the sound of pencil scribbling meant that annabelle and maybe alex was doing their homework. Naomi thought about following suit, but remembered that homework was the only excuse for staying in her room when she got home. instead we took out her smartphone was plugged in her handphones.

    she loved her headphones. they gave her surround sound, something earbuds couldn't quite give her. Her scrolled through her app to her anime videos. naomi was currently watching sword art online. her online friends recommended the series to her.

    the video came on and transported her to another world. She enjoyed that the most about anime. Just like music, naomi could live another live through watching anime. She even considered to start cos-playing, but that would bring on too much attention. She wouldn't want the press following her to conventions and her parents becoming embarrassed.
  15. Tyrell walked down the now empty hallway, the pink note his teacher had given him in crumbled up in his hand which was jammed deep into his pocket. He wasn't sure what to expect from this apparent music club and was even more unsure of why he would show up. But it did keep him from his house for a little longer, something he certainly wouldn't complain about. As he approached the class room he glanced at the clock in the hallway, it was already past 3:30 when the club was supposed to start, Tyrell was no stranger to showing up to class late though.

    Tyrell glanced through the window in the door as he reached for the knob, there was only 3 students and the teacher was nowhere to be found. "Well this looks exciting." He thought to himself as he took out one of his earbuds before walking into the class.

    Tyrell's entrance quickly broke the silence, his earbud hanging from his neck blasting Rick Ross about as loud as it could. He paid no mind to the other students, all of which had their own headphones on, doing their own thing. He promptly flopped down in the seat closest to the door and propped his feet up on the desk.
  16. Annabelle hardly noticed the new kid arrive. Then again, she didn't notice anything. She was on the last question if her biology homework and all she did was stare at the paper blankly. Her mind seemed to have left her and her pencil froze just above the paper.

    She kept thinking about how odd this was. Why were they all here? It was obvious none of them socialized with each other. And where the hell was the teacher?! She jotted down the answer and put her work away. She stood up and walked to the for of the class and inspected the teachers desk, looking for a note or something to explain why they all were here and what they were suppose to so.

    She searched for several minutes till she came up empty handed. Sighing, she walked back to her desk and pulled out sheet music. She simply stared at the paper, studying the notes written down. It was a song she had to memorize if she wanted to audition for some exclusive private instructor her parents wanted for her.
  17. Naomi's episode was finished. She had clicked on the next video, but it was taking forever to load up. "of course the school's wifi sucks" she thought in her head. Naomi looked up for a second and saw the door was closing and another guy sitting down. "more people? i hope this teacher hurries up so we can get this over with." She looked back down to see the video failing to load up.

    Naomi sighed impatiently. Oh come the one time she decided to come to a school related event, it was this? Naomi now regrets coming to the classroom. Maybe she had been better off going on to facing an hour or so of family practice time. Her parents have been dying to push her into joining their recent gig. They needed a pianist and thought this would be the perfect time to showcase their new addition to the dream team.

    Naomi tapped the scene again to refresh the window. finally the new video came up, but she was not interested in the anime anymore. Naomi was now focused on how to get out of this situation without seeming like a flake. She did not want to give any reason to be on someone's bad side, especially a teachers. With not avail she could not coming up with any answers besides lying, and Naomi was no liar.
  18. Alex glanced up when the new kid came in. This kid looked like the jock type, which was just great. It probably meant that he was just here to find his new victim. Alex strighted up a bit in his chair and finished the last of his homework. He leaned back and glanced at Annabelle.

    Annabelle looked like she was more confused then ever and Alex couldn't help but smile. He glanced up at the clock and it told him that this was probably it for the club. Which begged the question, where was the teahcer and why only get 4 kids to join. You would think that for a music club, a teacher would want all the best muscicans. The group in here though, was by no means the best muscicans.

    Alex leaned back in his chair and changed songs. This seemed like a study hall more then a club. Everyone was doing homework or on their phone and listening to music. So maybe the teacher had tricked them into coming in for a study hall? That wouldn't really make sense since Alex assumed that at least Annabelle was an A student. Though who knew about the others.
  19. Annabelle looks up, thinking over for a moment. She decided if the teacher wasn't gonna show up, it would be up to the students to make the most of this music club. She turned off her music and took the earbuds out. "Maybe were suppose to come up with something instead of waiting for the teacher?"

    She spoke rather loudly but she doubted they could hear her over there music. She glances around, waiting for someone to respond a little impatiently. Her leg bouncing a little faster with annoyance, hating how the teacher didn't show, hating how she was surrounded by people she didn't know, and lastly hating how she obediently walked to this class room.

    She glances up a little and looked at the other students in the class. Why would the teacher invite all these people who didn't have crap in common with each other and not show up!? The whole thing pissed her off and she had half a mind to just get up and leave the class room.
  20. Alex glanced up and took off his head phones. "and what exactly should we be doing?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. While it was strange, it didn't mean that the teacher had been caught up in something and was just running late. She as probably stuck in some meeting about some random thing that had just randomly come up.

    Alex glanced around the room. Was this even a music room? He couldn't tell. Then again, why would a teacher tell a music club to go to a room that wasn't a music room? He shrugged and began to drum his fingers again.

    Alex thought about how long he could wait around before he had to start walking home. The buses had all already left and there was no way he could get a ride. Which meant walking was his only choice left.
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