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  1. *music starts to play as my father and i walk down the ball room steps* Announcer guy: ladies and gentle men i have the honer of announcing head master Kamio and his lovely daughter young mistress Kamio...

    *he and i are seen argueing quietly*....father please not this year to... Father: sirenity you are my daughter and the people of the realms need to know that...and we will discuss your clothing later...*walks away slowly shoveing me towards Ver* (hope thats ok just6 figured to start it off) *stumbles a lot and gasps a bit* sorry sorry sorry....*not even looking up at who im talking too*
  2. Name; Atolia
    Age; Six-teen
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    Race; Nymph

    ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~

    Atolia felt curiosity tingle at her finger tips as she lightly stirred the punch bowl. Just watching the ripples and beautiful movement the liquid made had the young nymph sighing, lifting the ladle up, the girl gasped at how it was able to scoop the red liquid like a hand. Being a newly born nymph, Atolia had not seen many 'human' works. So the light haired girl took great glee in poking and seeing everything she could that was made by the humans. Like this school.

    At that thought, Atolia looked around herself once more. She had heard from her fellow nymph sisters that many beings like themselves slip into this school and attend; which lead Atolia to apply. Tilting her head at some sandwiches, Atolia was about to mess with them before a voice called out.

    Jumping, Atolia turned her attention to the main entrance. Head master?... Was he a master of heads? Confused, Atolia watched as the older male shrugged off the smaller girl rudely.
    "Head masters are not very polite...", she mumbled to herself, not liking the older male's actions. Women are delicate flowers! They need to be treated with love and care!

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  3. *slowly looks up at the tall figure i was shoved into teary eyed from embarrassment* i-im so sorry sir... *shakes head a bit and bows slightly* please forgive me i must have stumbled again...*laughs a little nervously sighs a little and turns and walks away quickly*
  4. Atolia was back to messing with the foods; looking over and playing with her food before she would take a bite. Making a face when she ate some black ball looking food, she slowly sunk the bitten Caviar back in the pile. Taking a napkin and whipping her tongue, the nymph eyed the cake. Taken by the shapes and colors it held On it, the whimsical creature felt that familiar tingle of curiosity at her finger tips. Moving to try the curious food out, Atolia frowned as a body was in her way.

    "Excuse me, may you move? That curious human food is calling out so nicely~!"
  5. As my stomach rumbles, I await the serving tray for its a special order. "Now...Where is that blood?"
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  6. Frowning, it seems the person didn't hear her. Tapping the male with reddish-brown hair, Atolia repeated, "Excuse me, may I squeeze by?".
  7. e-excuse me miss?...*slight tug on atolias dress*......*blinks in a confused way* th-theres more of that at the table o-over here...*slight shy squeak in my voice*
  8. A smile crept on the males’ mask covered face as the walk in the lovely room ball seeing other students such as themselves. He looked at the drinks and food that was out before crossing his arms and spoke. “This is going be an interesting night.” Cerazi looked at the girl that bumped in to his older from the other male who was pushing her. He gave a smirk over and waved a little bye and disappeared in to the crowd as he they listen to the announcer. Ver looked down when she did and held on to her shoulders making sure she doesn’t fall.

    “Careful now, m’lady.” He said in his gentle tone looking down at her then shook his head. “No it’s quite alright.” He then let go after make sure that she could walk on her and when she did he went to look for his brother knowing he would do something.

    Cerazi had a glass of wine in his and leaned on the one of the walls then gave a bit of a wave at his brother and gave him the left over wine that was in glass know he would take it from him. His golden eyes stared at Ver before speaking. “Hey lets jaz this place up a bit.” He watched his brother’s face raise a brow before answering him. “Why?” He asked then decided to let it go. They began with what has been plan…well Cerazi’s plan that is and Ver was going to do little bits of it and which he did. Ver was talking to the women that were near and little Cerazi left out and soon came back in with a blanket in his arms. He began to speak to himself then put it down.

    A small iguana began to crawl across the floor.
  9. Atolia had puffed out her cheeks about to get louder over the male in front of her, but the nymph quietly was distracted when the cute girl from before tugged at her dress. Atolia let out a tiny sequel as she lightly played with the other female's hair; so feminine, so petite! With the other's flower mask, Atolia felt the familiar feeling of a flower from this adorable girl. Giggling in glee, the young nymph girl forgot about the cake as she continued to caress and admire the girl in front of her. Was she human? Where all female humans this pretty? Getting excited Atolia started to talk a mile a minute;

    "What is your name? You have pretty hair. Are you going to this school? Ohhh~, your skin is so soft! Do you like that gross black bubble stuff? It is horrid, do not try it. Are you-...".

    Spotting an iguana, Atolia stopped in mid sentence and tilted her head. An animal, were they also aloud at this school? Remembering what her sisters said, she shook her head; not a student, a pet. Moving the other female behind her, Atolia took a princely stance, planning on protecting the lovely flower in case the small dragon-like creature wished to duel. Of course Atolia would never kill it; all living things were something Atolia enjoyed (mostly nature, but animals count in that).
  10. iguana...*points at it blushing and slightly scrambled and confused at all the compliments and touchy feely elf ears twitch a bit makes a slight noise not sure how to respond to her and extremely embarrassed due to never haveing a girl be so content to play with her hair and skin and face face looks almost painted red looks almost dizzied by the warmth of her own blush*
  11. Seeing the others' red face from the corner of her eye, Atolia rose a brow, why was she so red? Was she sick? Was she blooming?! Getting excited once more, the nymph finally noticed the pointed ears the other had. Calming down, Atolia lightly touched the redden tip of one ear. So she wasn't human, but an elf? Or maybe a fairy? Faries are rude though, no, nope- she had to be an elf; or maybe a dryad?

    "So, you are not human? I feel a flower's aura from you, maybe you are a dryad?", Atolia stated more then asked, curious of what the girl was. Other then her sisters, Atolia had never gotten to meet other creatures of 'myth'.
  12. i-im an elf actually...*blushes a bit more but trys to smile* an-and your a nymph am-am i correct miss? *looks up blinking in a curious way*
  13. "Oh yes! Yes I am! You are good!", Atolia grinned, clapping her hands. So the girl was an elf, pfttt, Atolia totally knew that.

    "So what is your name? I am named 'Atolia'; 'A-t-o-l-i-a', Atolia.", the nymph spelt off, yapping her mouth as usual.
  14. *giggles* its a pleasure to meet you atolia *curtsies hair slowly draping over my shoulders and falling to the front of me bowing head looking even shorter now stands slowly and moves hair out of my eyes which are now shining a bit in the light due to the tilting she has to do to see atolias face* my name is sirenity *smiles and blushes a bit*
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