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  1. West Hampton High.. A High School for the kids of West Hampton.

    West Hampton is a small town in the lovely state of Massachusetts, known for it's sandy beaches, sunny weather, cold winters, and friendly people..until now..

    West Hampton High School is like any other high school, the social ladder is obvious, sports are many among many, and everyone has a secret..

    The schools gossip artist is a unidentified person who goes by the pen name -V-. V knows everything about everyone, and is not afraid to ruin a couple lives. Everyone is affected by V, even the most popular people in school. V is a cold hearted bitch who is going to ramp her antics up this year.

    Hang on West Hampton.. you're in for a bumpy ride...

    No one's safe from Vengeance

    Character Sheet:
    Year of High School:
    Place in the social ladder: (ex: popular, jock, nerd, etc)
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    Name: Jon Sinclair

    Age: 18

    Year of High School: Senior

    Place in the social ladder: Popular by looks; Wrestler. Hes the quiet kid whose intimidating.

    Jon is a starting criminal. So right now hes in the path/role of being a 'bad boy' . No one knows hes a badass or a starting criminal, but he already has quite the record. Though he does give that awareness vibe to stay away from him.

    Hes also slept around before. Currently 29 is his record hence he was nicknamed,"Twenty niner" in the past

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    Name: Jack Mitchell

    Age: 17

    Year of High School: Junior

    Place in the social ladder: Athlete/Football player.

    That in the closet gay nerdy guy. He used to be a true nerd physically. And still is mentally. All in all his physical appearance changed alot.

    Picture of nerdy 'back in the day' him XD imagine a more scrawny guy
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