High School for Wizards and Demons

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  1. (Note: I'm new here so if I screw this up somehow please don't be upset with me)

    Game Masters: Me
    Accepting New Characters: Yes
    Posting Expectations: Good Grammar; Also if you could post at least once a week (or more often) that would be great.
    Rating: No sexual content, not too much violence, cussing is fine.
    Genre: High School Romantic Fantasy
    Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic/Humorous
    Plot Flow: Open World
    Timeline: Somewhere around the Renassaince
    Basic Plot: Just what the topic would imply... It's about a High School for Wizards and Demons.


    Please be as nice as possible. Your characters could be mean, yes, but don't be rude to other RPers.
    Do NOT Godmod.
    If you don't post within 5 days your character will be killed.

    Character Creation:

    Wizard or Demon?:
    Appearance: (Picture is unneccesary)
    Familiar: (You know, their pet. Wizards only)
    Specialization: (Alchemy, Transmutation, etc. If Demon, only Necromancy and Transmuation are elligible. If Wizard then they can't do Necromancy)
    Extra Info:
  2. Ooh! Sounds interesting! I'll post up a character when I get the time. owo
  3. Are we allowed to mix things up? Say: Angel&Demon. Human&Angel. Demon&Human. Ect. Ect?
  4. You mean romantic-relationship wise? Yeah, that's fine.
  5. No I mean something like... 50% Angel. 50% Demon?

    Because my "master plan" revolves on that. owo
  6. Oh well that's fine. ;)
  7. Name: Levari Aihn Decosarin.
    Nickname: Ain. "Ay-n"
    Age: It's unknown, but she had just started at the school, and looks to be about 18-22 years of age.
    Wizard: Though despite her demonic nature, Ain focuses mostly on Wizardry.
    Gender: Female.
    Appearance (open)
    The average, curvy body of an angel. Though due to a mixture of demon blood, she was born with a 'defected' pair of wings. They are purple, and much shorter than the average angel, but are just as good. Her hair is naturally black, but she often dyes it purple with the paste of certain flowers. Her clothing often matches her culture, consisting of elegantly decorated 'armors', which are mostly just skirts&shorts, chest coverings, boots and elbow gloves. But she is known to wear different things, for different situations.

    Familiar (open)
    A female tropical griffin unofficially named "Sauro". Although it is 'tropical', these griffins are normally found throughout the world, and generally relocate toward tropical regions during times of breeding, and converse. It is known that griffins of all types have a social structure similar to common humanoids, though attempts to develop a connection between the two have all failed. But Griffins are very intelligent creatures, and can often sense what a person is feeling, what they want, or simple things that they try to get through.

    Sauro, although is a friend of Ain, is not her actual familiar. She has none. Sauro will often visit Ain almost weekly, and has developed a connection with her and will 'drop by' at times when needed, and do as she must.

    Specialization:Ain practices a wide known skill. Telekinesis. Which is often confused as shear magic.

    Telekinesis is actually a form of advanced Alchemy, called 'Banding'.
    Banding is the art of projecting one's own physical strength, into a invisible link toward an object, similar to magnetism.

    The person or thing, that attempts to use Banding, must have an extreme amount of Mental power, for the bond between the two can be extraordinarily difficult to control.

    A few examples: One could form a Band with a small rock, and simply bring it toward them with little effort.
    One could form a Band with a boulder, but they will tire normally, and the muscles that would normally be used to move it would tire.
    One could form a Band with a cliff, they will tire as normal as anyone else would that's insane enough to try to push a cliff, and can actually harm them self like any other would.

    The mental effort is a completely different story.

    It varies by the weight of an object, how big it is, and how far it is.
    The higher these numbers go, the more deadlier the personal affect, and the lower, the lesser.
    These can varie from dizziness, confusion, and sometimes a state similar to a coma, called "Banding Chill" where most of its victims freeze to death.

    Few people attempt Telekinesis once they discover its true nature.

    Personality: Ain is normally a quiet, lonely, and otherwise completely human girl. Socially awkward, and hates large crowds. Though she is fierce when protecting her loved ones, and values loyalty and honesty above all else.

    History:Ain has little memories of her past. The only clear things worth mentioning is that she was raised by a human mother and father, and aged normally like any would. Though she was unlike her common friends, most of them didn't have wings.

    She was accused of being a Heath. The offspring of an Angel and Demon, and banished from her home town. She arrived at the school purely accidental, and decided to stay anyway.

    Extra info:Like all people, Ain will sometimes experience a mental breakdown. Caused by stress, depression, the whole lot. During this state she will temporarily loose control of her demonic half, and it will surface on its own free will.

    She is ruthless, uncaring, and will bring as much harm to the cause of her state as possible, maybe even a few more people just for the heck of it, not necessarily attacking them, but through usual demonic mischief. However, depending on what they did to her, she may be out for blood.

    Generally, the only two ways to bring her back to normal is through simple logic, or allowing it to diminish over time. Though it's best not to try to force her out, she'll simply struggle more and longer, causing more damage to herself than others.

    Because of her demonic wings, Ain is slower than the average angel, but because of their size she is much more maneuverable, making up for the lost speed. But when in her actual demonic form, is incapable of actual flight. Only able to glide medium distances, and short bursts in the air.The reason Ain carries a staff is not because she needs it, but just because she likes the way it looks. And it serves as a good club if needed.With banding, Ain is able to draw runes on certain things and people, giving them the properties as to which the rune was designed for.

    On her right arm, is a rune of awareness, generally perking her usual senses.

    On her left shoulder, is a rune of control, which helps her maintain her demonic state.

    Both of them are usually invisible, but will glow as they are used.

    When Ain gets closer to eventually loosing it, her rune of control will began to become more and more black. And finally when she does have a breakdown, it surfaces completely.[/spoiliAin has a fascination with running water, often staring at it for hours on end.

    Disclaimer note: All credit is given to the appropriate authors of these pictures. They shall not be sold or marketed in anyway, and will be removed if asked.
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  12. Name: Kyysucara Namosaka (Kyy)

    Grade/age: 10th/16

    Wizard or Demon?: Wizard

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 5' 11", Long red hair, black hoodie with fur around the hood, black dress slacks, glasses.

    Familiar: A white spirit wolf with black tribal markings on its sides. His name is Fenrir.

    Specialization: Beastcraft. He practices magic that allows him to understand and be understood by animals. It also allows for him to control animals although with his skill he can only control an animal the size of a house cat.

    Personality: Wild, energetic, outgoing, animalistic at times.

    History: Kyy's parents were killed in a bandit raid when he was 3 and he was found by a pack of wolves. The wolves raised him as their own. He left the pack when he was 13 to see the world and find where he belonged. At 15 he ended up at the academy.

    Extra Info: Kyy is blind in his left eye from the bandit raid.
  13. Name: Dan Bass

    Grade/age: Unknown (Looks to be about 17)

    Wizard or Demon?: Demon

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler
    Long span bat wings would grow out of his back, his skin would turn to a light grey color, and his hair would ignite when in full demon form
    Show Spoiler

    Specialization: Transmutation

    Personality: Acts like the typical teenager, loves to joke around a lot, can be very nice and kind sometimes, however when his full demon form takes over he becomes really dark and short tempered.

    History: Dan was born a demon, son of Mephisto A.K.A. Satan. His mother was a human who was turned to a demon at an early age. His mother was simply one of Satan's slaves that he had a romance with. After Dan was born, he killed his mother and raised Dan to be the heir to the throne. Dan complied until he spent a good amount of time on earth. After growing up with the thieving teenagers of the renaissance who accepted him for some reason, he changed his mind about ruling the underworld. Dan later found a way to escape the clutches of his father and lived on earth. After growing with the thieves he eventually met a rich family of Wizards who added him into the family. From there he was recommended to go to a school for demon's and wizard's for which he replied "Sounds like rubbish to me," but by force the parents who took him in sent him straight to the school, and he has been dwelling there ever since.
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  17. I added in abit more info to the "Extra Info" tab. I might add more and more things to it as I find them, or as it progresses in the Roleplay.
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  19. Name: Kyoko 'Kyo'
    Grade/age: 15.
    Wizard or Demon?: Wizard
    Gender: female
    Appearance: [​IMG]but shorter and black
    Familiar: wolf/raven they have a black skin and gold eyes. and they are both huge. (shape-shifter wolf raven)
    Specialization: Alchemy mostly but she can do much more.
    Personality: talks alot, wise, kind, calm, caring, never rude only when you make fun of her friends will she get pissed.
    History: Kyo was born in to a family of the pures wizards with amazing powers. ones that never shocker her family. she was given inmortaly from 'Chi' but Chi dose not even know. from many years of living she has grown wisedom along the way whating for Chi to awake once more. and when she did everything change because she meet the 'demon.'
    dont worry there will be more info here
    Extra Info: she hates hunted places
  20. are you by chance still taking people? please? i'd love to join!
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