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  1. Underworlders- Not demons. They just live under the Earth. What humans would say that we came from "MiddleEarth?" They can be any mythological being to just plain strange and unknown.

    My name is Lilsy Anarcress and in the Underworld or what geeky human overworld teens call "MiddleEarth?" I don't understand their strange and diverse languages. We all speak one language which is "Divolian Tongue." Anyways, I'm a Kitsune. Half "human" and half "fox." Unlike what humans take us to be, we are very shy and don't say much, but we follow orders well and are good for assassinations and sneaking around.

    I go to this highschool where you literally have to live to pass. You can be killed by your peers or your own teachers! It's insane! It's NEVER a good idea to make enemies because that gets you dead quickly. Good luck

    Lilsy gulps as she takes her first steps into her new school. This is going to be crazy.
  2. Lilsy looks at the rule book carefully, which was just a piece of paper basically.

    1. Killing is only allowed during free periods, gym, and if you were given an assassination assignment by the leader of your guild.

    2. Guilds have to be accepted by 15 students that are JOINING your guild. Then just push the paper under the office door.

    3. NEVER OPEN THE OFFICE DOOR. You will "disappear" if caught. Talk to a teacher if you need help.

    4. Free or gym periods are NEVER first period, so don't ask to have either for first period.

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  3. "Wow, that's some pretty hardcore stuff. Hopefully I make it through the first semester." Said a voice over her shoulder. Slowly, a figure appeared next to her, seemingly appearing out of thin air. Which, ironically, they did. The figure thrust out a hand, flashing a wide and toothy grin.
    "Hi, I'm Seishin Gōsuto. Nice to meet you." The female spirit said.
  4. Lilsy shook the spirit's hand. "Hello Seishin. I'm Lilsy Anarcress. Yes, this school is very strict, and mysterious beyond belief. Everyone says there's a evil serpent in the office." She laughs. "I doubt it though."
  5. "Thats the biggest lie here, you know" a voice said behind both girls." Daten lupus, nice to meet you."
  6. "What makes you so sure it is a lie?" Says a male voice nearby. A very tall, thin, pale guy walks from nearby.
  7. Lilsy turns around and smiles. "I'm Lilsy Anarcress." She grins. "If you know so much, then what's in the office, Daton? Anything could be in there."
  8. "Im the office aid." Daten said to lilsy."and dont start you turd face" he said as he pointed at the other male.
  9. "I'm just saying. Its a big ugly snake" he gives a smirk "or maybe it was you I saw" he laughs.
  10. "Come on guys, let's not start a fight. We don't want to lose anyone on the first day, do we?" Seishin aked, uneasy as she looked at the two boys, still giving each other death glares.

    Before anyone could respond, the bell rang to signal the start of the school day. "Hey, we should all sit together at lunch! You know, assuming we all survive the morning." She joked.
  11. "I have gym and free period right before lunch, so you might see my corpse being carried away on the way there." She rubs her arm extremely nervous.
  12. "Arent you guys a fun bunch?" He says with a yawn. "I have gym and free then as well. "
  13. "Well yeah. It's harder for freshman on the first day cause half of them die. Some guilds even target random freshman just for sport. Like Lightless and The Seniors." Lilsy smiles. "But as long as any of us don't run into any of them, we should be fine."
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  14. "Yeah. If you need anyone to watch your back, you can come find me" he walks off with a laugh
  15. Nightingale
    He walked into the school, great another year of hell he thought to himself as he noticed a dumbfounded looking girl. Must be new, walking over to her he spoke softly "Hello Miss, welcome to hell...need any help" he asked as he readjusted his sword, with a soft tap on the hilt the sheath slid the left and locked into place on his back. His armor was a matte black perfect for stealth, his eyes were a crimson red with sliver streaks. His dark sliver hair accented with purple and red streaks put into a ponytail with just the bangs jagged edged hanging down. He gave the new girl a reassuring smile
  16. Lilsy looks over to the guy that just welcomed her to hell. "Nope. I'm good for now. Anyways, who and what are you?"
  17. "Oh-'ey Jericho, tha's tha' ninja kid you was on about i'nni'?"
    "yea- no- huh? What? He survived?!"
    "Ye ye, proper is as well, you didn' kill 'im with no bomb or nothin' you!"
    "Hey, there's no way it's him, The last day of school marked his death by explosion, it's probably someone else. Yeah. You're right it's him howthehelldidhesurvive?whatthehellamIgonnado!?!"
    "Easy Jerry man, he's probably invincible or good wif reflexes is all, ye'?"

    "Yeas? That. IS. what I said. Jericho, you not clean your ears this mornin' tosse'?"
    "There's no way he's still alive, there's no fu-"
    The bell rings. The 15 strong mob of ugly, muscular punks wince nervously as their leader, Jericho, panics over the failed attempt to assassinate his 'rival'.

    Last year, Jericho was humiliated by a certain slippery swordplayer during a massive lunchbreak luchadunk. Several failed murder attempts later, Jericho finally had enough and slapped a bomb in nightingale's locker. There was an explosion, but...
    "Well, if you fink abou' it Jericho, mate, Erik 'asn't been seen since then, and you know how he is-er-was with other flockers lockers..."
    "I got that Nightingit's hand right here, look!!" Jericho waves a lumpy, chubby hand around like a flag. it clearly doesn't belong to Nightingale, or anyone else around for that matter. "Well. Berry? How do you answer. This?"

    "I... I don't know Jerry..." Berry's gaze goes blank. Jerry, you're probably the strongest kid in the year, maybe even of the who damn school, but you're slow and stupid like a steel box on cheese wheels. You don't even have any special abilities like most of us, you're just that physically powerful to have survived this long. Then again, if it weren't for me being this mobs brains, you'd have been dead within the first month. Berry's gaze remains blank. "... I don't know. Tell me, please, how can-"
  18. Seishin grabbed Lilsy's shoulders and pulled her away, shooting a suspicious look toward the boy with the black armor.
    "Do you really think you should trust him? I don't, personally. I mean, look at him! He's full of armor! And that SWORD! He could turn on us in a second and we would be carted out of here in body bags. Well, you would be, anyway. I don't know how exactly you do that kind of thing to a spirit..." Seishin said quickly under her breath, loud enough so only Lilsy could hear it. She looked back at the boy suspiciously, noticing two older boys out of the corner of her eye who seemed to be fighting. She ignored them and looked back at Lilsy.
  19. "It depends on what kind of sword he has Seishin," he spoke as he approached the small group. As Merl got closer he noticed a new girl. He extended an open hand towards her. "My names Merl...the seniors call me dirt. You'll find out why, probably in a few periods." Merl was a tall guy with a chissled chest and a tan complexion. He had long brown hair that was tied in a pony tail. He was built and had an attractive muscle structure. "What's your name?" he asked with a small smile.
  20. Seishin looked with interest at the newcomer. She frowned at him and spoke. "How did you know my name? And..." She smiled when she said this, "...why dirt?"
    Before the boy could answer, a teacher came by. "Hey, you all! Get to first period! Unless you want to die before the first day even starts?" The teacher came over and looked over Merl and Nightingale. "You should know better young men. I would've expected more from such talented fighters as yourselves." He walked off.
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