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  1. *alarm goes off and as it does i roll over in bed and turn it off*
    " uuugh crap it's time for school already...."
    * i slouch out of my bed and look into the audience breaking the fourth wall*
    " i live in a city of abnormal creatures and beings. There are werewolves,vampires,elves,golems,witches, basically anything paranormal or opposite of the norm is here. But outta all the scary things one is scarier than anything, Stoker Highschool for The Abnormal. Im Wyatt Sutherfield and Im a Werewolf *chuckles* yeah i know not very special. Well come with me on this adventure through highschool and experience love, hate , drama, and anything youd basically find in highschool."
    *opens the highschool door*
    " Follow me *smiles*"
    ------- Lochlan here hope you like my idea! Anyone may join at anytime. Ill update anyone who gets llost.
    By the way if you want help developing your character i would be much obliged to help guys and gals ;3. Peace,
    Love Loki!
  2. Mei suddenly popped out when Wyatt opened the door.


    Mei stared at him, waiting for his reaction.

    Shimei/Mei Bedfordshire, someone (or two?), who seems to change from time to time. She was seen constantly, or perhaps not constantly, drinking something..... in any case, in any...case... who knows.

    "If you're not surprised, then, pretend to be..!!"
  3. jack knocked on the front door.

    whenever jack was around places tended to feel warmer

    jack bradford was wyatts good friend. he showed up every morning to get wyatt up for school.
  4. Mei then looked at Jack who just came right next to Wyatt.
    "You should pretend to..!"
    Mei protested.
  5. jack looked at mei
    "what are you talking about?"
  6. Mei felt bit ashamed and bit her lower lip, with slight pout, trying to suppress her feelings of shame,

    "h-hmp, nothing, I forgot it now..."

    She then quickly walked towards her sit and sat down. still a bit pouty, she looked outside through the window.
  7. jack looked at mei.
    "oh yea'
    he reached into his bag and pulled out a bag of candy.
    "here you go mei"
    he tossed the bag to mei.
  8. Mei's eyes widened and in reflex, she caught the tossed bag of candies. she looked at it and then smiled sheepishly.
    "oh, sankyuu, Jack. You seem nice today."
    Mei smiled excitedly.
  9. jack just looked at mei and smiled
    "im always nice to you"
  10. Mei stared a bit serious.
    "are you?"
    she seems surprised.
    "why i didn't notice?"
  11. jack looked at wyatt
    "your still in bed, get up or well be late for school."
  12. Faelix walked towards the school, his hands in the pocket of his gray sweater. His amber eyes scanned the path in front of him that lead to the high school. He was a werewolf, and as usual in the mornings, he had just got down with his five mile run. He didn't like going to school, but the alpha decided that every one attend school. In his mind, he went over what homework he didn't do, and what homework was actually important and that maybe he should have done.​
  13. Mei sniffed, as if her nose slightly twitched.
    She then tried to eat somd candy~
  14. Jake stood by his locker reading he was a demon he had his mouth covered by a cloth a tattoo could be seen on his left arm his tail swayed a little his eyes redder than blood he was in a black t-shirt and his jeans were almost as black his skin was tan he was humming a within temptation - A Demon's Fate
  15. Faelix made his way into the school with a loud sigh. He hated being here, but it was part of the "law of the pack." Why did the Alpha care so much about being "a proper education"? They were wolves! He shrugged this off and went to his locker.
  16. Jake took out some candy and ate it he saw Felix and waved to him trying to be friendly
  17. Faelix looked over and nodded his head towards the demon, Jake. He grabbed his books and slammed the door before heading towards the other boy, "What's up." He asked, leaning against the lockers.
  18. Megan was walking through the hallways, lost in her own thoughts. She was feeling a bit hungry since the last few days, she couldn't go hunting. Her eyes were switching back and forth between red and her normal electric blue. Although vampires need to blood to survive, they didn't need to drink it everyday. They could last at least a week without feeding but that didn't meant that there wasn't consequences. Though, she could handle the hunger, she knew she needed to find something to eat before she lose control. Human food doesn't satisfied a vampires hunger but at least keeps them in control for awhile. Remembering, she had some snacks in her locker, Megan quickly made her way over there. She could see some boys near her locker, but she passed by them in a hurry. She would say Hi after she gets her hunger under control.
  19. "not much man so how's everything going with you?"
  20. Faelix shrugged, "Nothing much. Same old stuff. Alpha is making us attend school. Never getting my homework done. The usual." He shrugged again. He watched the vampire walk past them in a hurry, and he tilted his head.
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