High School for odd powers

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  1. There are always schools for people with average superpowers and magic, but what about people with abnormal powers? That's where the Seltsam Academy came in. Whether you can sweat soda, grow only your fist to abnormal sizes, make mega-sized snot bubbles, or being able to change the color of anything, it will enroll you.

    On the first day, people are getting used to their classes. For about the first hour though, the students are allowed to wander around, meet New people, and essentially do what they want. The gym is open if anyone wants to show off powers, but outside of the area, please refrain from using powers that can be damaging. Busses drop students off at the front, where they enter. The commons area is packed with people. To the left is the library and a hallway that will lead to the cafeteria (open for breakfast) and behind the cafeteria is the musical hallway with the choir, band, and orchestra rooms, and the auditorium which has a stage. To the left is the gym, the office, the art/wood working/photography/ graphic arts rooms, and the classrooms.

    As of now, it is up to you where you go and how these rooms look, unless precedented before. You can make them as good or as crappy as you want or need.

    I don't mind character things, but if you want, you can incorporate description, power. And history as you go. Otherwise, all that is needed to know is the age and class, gender, basic description (personality, looks, history, species), their power, and if they are a student, teacher, or something else.

    I'll start in the library.

    Mahiru squeezed past the people crowding the hallway. She made a B-line for the library. Being the bookworm she was, this huge library was going to be an adventure. As she stepped into the room, the smell of coffee rubbed past her nose.
    "Oh my gosh! Is there coffee?" She asked the librarian at the semi-circle check-out desk. She smiled and responded, "Yup, it's right over there." She pointed in the corner to a tiny machine. "It costs a dollar for a cup of coffee. Just make it yourself. I have no clue how to use it to tell you the truth."
    Mahiru pulled out a dollar and handed it to the librarian. She went and made her coffee. She put it up to her nose and smelled it.
    "Ahhh.." She sighed. She set it down on a table, then walked to the farthest bookshelf. To test her powers, she closed her eyes. She smelled the air, then directed the scent of her coffee directly to her.
    "Yup, it still works she said, grabbing a manga from the shelf, checking it out, then sat down with her book and coffee.
    "Ewww! Who farted?" Someone said loudly. It smelled EVERYWHERE. Mahiru cringed, and sent the smell away. She took all the smell, grabbed a cup, put it all under the cup upside down, and sat a book on it.
    "So you can control over, eh?" Asked the librarian in a Canadian accent.
    "Yeah. You have a chameleon voice? You can change it to anything you want?" Mahiru asked.
    "Oui." Responded the librarian in a manly-sounding French accent. Mahiru nodded, then sat back down and read.
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  2. A small puppy waltzed into the library. He smells the coffee, and went and sat next to the coffee machine, doing puppy eyes at everyone who walked out
  3. Mahiru wasn't even five pages into her book when she ran out of coffee. She gave a dollar to the librarian, who gave her a dime back because she was reusing her Styrofoam cup. She walked over to the coffee maker and saw the puppy sleeping next to it.
    "Uhm," Mahiru started, "pets aren't allowed on campus, right?"
    "No, not unless it or its owner has powers through it. why?" The librarian asked.
    "Uh, no reason." Mahiru said, hiding the dog behind her back, smiling. When the librarian looked away, Mahiru turned and poked the puppy, trying to wake it up.
  4. The puppy jumped up, and pointed his paw at the coffee, then to himself.
  5. "ah, you want coffee?" Mahiru whispered. she poured a cup, and set it in front of the puppy. "Be careful. it's hot. i don't want you burning your tongue." she winked.
  6. The dogs face lit up with extreme excitement. When the girl put the cup down, the puppy shoved his nose in and sucked all the coffee out. He then bounded into the boys restroom and seconds later, appeared as a dark haired, brown eyed, short boy.
  7. She seriously should have been used to the idea of people turning into animals and vice versa, but it still was beyond her. She smiled, "hello again!"
  8. "Hi" the boy said with a smile. "Sorry about that, I can't control the shapeshift when I'm tired" he explained. "So what do you do?"
  9. 'Cool! A shape-shifter!' Mahiru thought to herself.
    "Well, I uhm..." She thought. "Okay, you coffee in the air, right? Well I can move that smell. Watch... er uh... smell."
    She closed her eyes for a second, then concentrated all the tiny air particles around the boy's nose that made the smell in the air in a single place, still unable to be seen.
    "Now in a second, you'll be smelling that rose over there." She pointed at a rose neatly placed in a vase on the semi-circle desk. She concentrated the smell where the coffee smell had been, but not overwhelming. It was like a breeze had gone by and brought the smell drifting with it.
    "I can control smell. Really, it's just taking miniscule air particles and moving them around. I can't move solid things, they're too big, or atoms, which are too small. I have found floating air particles are easy for me. I can even move things that don't smell, like poison gasses and pollen too."
  10. The boy looked impressed. "That's really cool" he said "does your teacher reckon you could move bigger things after you practice?" He asked, looking interested
  11. "Eeeh, maybe. I've had tons of tutors before, and I don't have the patience or concentration to be precise, nor power and control to move a lot of stuff. I think what I have is a sort of telekinesis, but not really." Mahiru shrugged.
    "The power I have is passed down through the women of my mom's side of the family. So is celiac disease. There isn't any real power through my dad's side of the family, unless you count extreme luck as a power. Is your power hereditary, cursed, given, or what?" Asked Mahiru.
  12. "I was born with it, I think. I woke up one morning really very tired, and because I was tired I took the appearance of a rabid and homeless dog. My parents took me to the pound, not knowing it was me, and I ran away, and came here." He said cheerfully. "And don't go and give me sympathy, because they were adopted parents, and we hated each other" he smiled. "So... What classes do you do besides your special tutor class?" He asked
  13. Mahiru comprehended his situation and understood it. Even though she was told not to, she did feel a bit sorry for asking, but didn't show it.
    "I have 3-D art (advanced), English 2, select choir, history 3 (advanced), geometry (advanced), and science 2. I also have health/physical education. All the classes that are advanced mean I had permission to skip a year. When I leave school, I hope to be going into the entertainment field. My power is pretty useless for anything unless it's for my own benefit. With the entertainment industry, I can reach out to others, whether it be through my voice or my hands. I also had a social studies teacher who thought I was brilliant, so he moved me up a s.s class. I also took an algebra test (I hate algebra and I was bad at it) but I passed the test. Idk how. So I got to skip a few classes and go straight to geometry. I personally don't see myself as smart. Just lucky. Bah, I've gotten off topic. It's a habit. So what about your classes?"
  14. He thought about it for a second, "well, I do advanced chemistry, advanced anatomy and a class to help shapeshifters fit in to the real world without causing a big panic" he said. "I've actually been thinking about being a show magician, with my speciality, turning myself into a dog" he grinned and winked at her. "Oh right, I forgot to tell you, I'm Brian"
  15. "I'm Mihiru." The girl said, dipping her head a little in respect. It was a habit of hers.
    "Sooo... have you made any other friends yet here?"
  16. "Uh... No, not really, I didn't get a roommate in my room. Do you live at home or at the college here?"
  17. "I decided to take a dorm this year. I couldn't stand home life. It was either too boring or too stressful. I was the only true 'sane' one. My one brother has autism and the other had dyslexia and probably a bit of adhd. My mom was okay ish. We had similar personalities that clashed, because we have different . She is a clean freak. My dad is a workaholic, but not by choice. His job as an engineer/electrician take a him everywhere forever. I'm looking forward to sharing a room with someone outside of family" Mahiru explained. "I also heard that the room rooms were being organized by boy-girl-boy-girl this year. I guess hey were trying something new. I see big problems wit that, but whatever." She said.
  18. The boy nodded and hitched up his bag. "I'd better get to class" he said as the bell rang. "I've got anatomy now"